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  1. This is a work in progress thread for installing OS X 10.11 El Capitan on the HP Envy Sleekbook m6-k015dx. I just acquired this second hand. Originally I had purchased another laptop that was fairly well known to be compatible with OS X, but I like a challenge. So I packed that up and gave it to my girlfriend with El Capitan installed and went out and bought this. Specs: - Intel Core i5 4200U 1.66Ghz, 2.6Ghz Turbo Boost - 8Gb 800Mhz DDR3 RAM - Intel HD 4400 Mobile - LED display (1366x768) with touch capabilities - Ethernet (I dont care what, I wont use it) - Intel Centrino Wifi + Bluetooth (Removed and replaced with AW-CEH123h) - Beats audio (IDT HD Audio CODEC) with subwoofer - 500Gb solid-state drive (replaced the 1Tb fusion drive) - Synaptics touchpad (THANK GOD!!!) All this came from the Windows version of lspci. Audio might be a problem because I doubt the subwoofer will ever work. Even in Windows, its very quiet. I doubt the touch screen will ever work in OS X, and thats fine. I know I can make the HD 4400 work with full QE/CI as far as 10.10.2, but beyond that I'm not sure. Some things I've noticed about the machine: - It does not have a WiFi card whitelist, so feel free to drop any WiFi/Bluetooth card in there, as long as its mini half height - Disassembling the machine is very easy. 14 screws on the bottom remove the back plate. Be careful tightening them back up as they will dent the palm rest easily. I found this out the hard way. - The touchscreen works very well, actually. I find it every bit as easy to use as my iPad. - The original power cord that came with it is under recall for being a potential fire hazard. I suggest replacing it for free from HP. You will need to send your old one back, so you will be without a charger for a few days. - You do not have the option of changing to AHCI because the machine is stuck in RAID mode due to the original fusion drive. I'm not sure how this will affect installing OS X, but I doubt it will be much of a challenge. I will not be outlining how you install 10.11 on the machine. I do not care how you do it as long as you use original install media and not a pre-made version. I will not support that. We should all know how to install OS X on our machines by now. I cannot find much on this machine for running OS X. I apologize in advance for the external links, but for posterity I'm going to link what is available already. Threads about this model: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304184-hp-envy-ts-m6-k015dx-yosemite-installation/ Threads about similar models: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283609-guide-hp-pavilion-m6-1045dx-mountain-lion/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290687-wip-hp-envy-17t-j000-quad-haswell-10851091010/ As this progresses I will be updating this post with more/new information for making everything work.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I already purchased a replacement, though. It's a HP Envy that reportedly has been very stable on El Cap, and I got it fairly cheap. That should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. I may still fix the 3520, but mostly I'll pull the SSD and drop it in my ageing desktop for some quick speed boosts and throw the RAM in my mom's laptop because it only has 2Gb. And lastly, the WiFi card is going in the new one because it comes with an Intel card and won't work. I've never had discrete graphics, so its going to be fun figuring that out.
  3. I've had an idea for a while now that this laptop has some issues. I can confirm it has issues now. Lately it started randomly shutting down for no apparent reason. I've been running OS X for a while now and hadnt booted into Windows in a month or two. So I decided that it might be time for a backup, format, and reinstall. Running Time Machine caused the machine to reboot at random times, so I couldn't use that. So I booted into Windows and started backing up that partition. Well, about 15 minutes in, I noticed temperatures running around 85°C on idle. I looked around at Task Manager and didn't see anything smoking CPU cycles. I figured that thermal paste is probably bad and needs to be replaced. No biggie, time to strip it down, clean it, and replace some paste. So I did just that! It didn't help. I think I waited too long, because it won't run for 15 minutes without just flat out shutting off or doing some funky graphics artifacts. It never overheats anymore, the thermal paste fixed that like it was supposed to. But I think the graphics adaptor burned and is overheating and causing a major crash or forcing a safety shutdown. Both scenarios happen in OS X and Windows. Sadly, I have to call it dead and move on. I'm currently researching a fairly compatible laptop as a replacement. Graphics crash:
  4. I'll give both a try. I've researched both and are comfortable that they work. I've got a good hack going, so I'm hesitant to play with it. From what I read, SonVu2 is based off RehabmanMerge (Stable) with updated Linux source. As long as its not worse than what I have now, I'm definitely up for it. However, I doubt that it will get better, as the 3520's trackpad version only supports edge scrolling, 2/3 finger gestures, single/double finger taps, and tap zones. I doubt any amount of software is going to make the touchpad support more than was originally intended. Best I can hope for is that tap-clicks get better initially. That way we don't have to adjust "FingerZ" in VoodooPS2Controller.prefpane. If it works, great! If I can, I'll update the guide for 10.11 and better trackpad support. If it doesn't, oh well. I'm out built-in touchpad/keyboard support for a minute while I swap out kexts. Thanks for the heads up, Jake Lo. I know a lot of your rigs have the same trackpad (or a revision of) so if you can recommend it, I'm alright trying it.
  5. I can't help you with Bluetooth. I don't know which card you have to give you the instructions. I have the Azurewave AW-CE123H working flawlessly with both Bluetooth and Wifi. Works great with my iPad, even. Microphone jack CAN work. Install the audio kext from the thread below. You'll find it in the Extra.zip file. (VoodooHDA with patched nodes for our device.) Internal microphone will never work, probably. HDMI sound is fixed in my DSDT. You can find that in the thread below, also in the Extra.zip file. If our 3520's are that different (Compare lspci output from thread below with yours), then post your native DSDT and I'll patch it for you. I've also patched brightness, HD 3000, display sleep, and media keys. I have not used Dr. Hurt's trackpad kext, so I cannot comment on that. I have no idea how it reacts with my machine, or know any way to fix it. I'm using this: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2545-new-touchpad-driver-for-e6520-alps/. The RehabmanMerge.zip has a VoodooPS2controller.prefpane file in it. Double click it after installing the Stable kext also inside the RehabmanMerge.zip file. Set "FingerZ" to max. Tap-clicks will settle down and become normal. You can then set 3-finger gestures in System Preferences, enable 2-finger scrolling, or use side-scrolling. (Side-scrolling is enabled all the time. There is no setting for it.) My DSDT, Extra, and guide: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6392-dell-inspiron-3520-i3-2370m-hd3000-i5-3210m-hd4000-mountain-lionmavericks/
  6. Simply amazing that you figured that out. Seriously, I'm at a loss as to how or why you would even try that, but apparently you did and it worked. Wow. I truly am blown away.
  7. Are you using my DSDT? I have not gone through and updated the DSDT for El Cap, but it shouldn't need much for it to work correctly. It probably doesn't need anything, but I like to be sure. Also, my DSDT is automatically patched for HD3000 on 7 series, so graphics work without any enabler and on native kexts. (Its also patched for sleep, brightness keys, and other Fn keys.) Built-in microphone will never work. I've tried patching AppleHDA for our card, but I could not make built-in microphone work. Nor could anyone else on other forums. Several have tried though. You can plug in an external microphone to the microphone jack and it will work. Its very quiet but it does work. Be sure to select the proper microphone in System preferences. If you have issues with touchpad clicks, install VoodooPS2 preference pane and set fingerZ to the max. That will calm it down. So far, no amount of plist mods have made the fingerZ settings stick, so you must open that prefpane and max out fingerZ every reboot. Annoying, but tolerable. The LAN kext that JakeLo posted is the exact ethernet kext I am using. I have no idea why its not working for you. Try reinstalling it with Kext Utility to /S/L/E. I'd be interested in your Clover setup, as I've still yet to move over to Clover. I'm still on Chameleon. Can you please send me a compressed copy?
  8. I'm still using this machine happily with Yosemite, however I'd be willing to update to El Cap and help you figure it out. For wifi, unhide /System/Library/Extensions in El Cap, use Kext Utility to install these kexts into /S/L/E and reboot. Wifi should work after that. Wifi kexts: https://mega.nz/#!2JMm2RAJ!JDPhopjaU4O64T4hrDPuiPJQ1UousKqiC4BEl4zo1bc Edit: JakeLo's method looks much cleaner. I'd give that a shot if you've ever done any DSDT editing.
  9. Niresh has their own support website. Please use their forums for support for their software. Creating a vanilla installer is very easy, with Jake Lo's Clover config. I mean, he's basically done the hard part for ya.
  10. Read this fully before diving in, but this will get you past it: http://dogber1.blogspot.com/2009/05/table-of-reverse-engineered-bios.html
  11. The power button/light should be flashing. That means its sleeping and not hibernating. In fact, I just left my lid open and used the Apple menu to sleep (not hibernate) the machine. I needed to push the power button to wake the machine up. The keyboard and trackpad aren't working, nor is my USB mouse. I had to reboot to fix it. This doesn't occur with lid close sleep. Very odd. Seems pushing the power button to wake my machine causes my the same issue as hibernation. No USB/trackpad/keyboard. Are you using VoodooPS2 for ALPS?
  12. The problem is that the mouse/touchpad/keyboard doesnt come back after hibernation. My Inspiron 3520 does the same thing. Mine is even worse in that all USB dies after hibernation. This doesn't occur after normal sleep. Disable hibernation via pmset. The machine will never hibernate then. (Use power button to wake it up.) It will only sleep. (Use space bar to wakwe it up.)
  13. Thanks Bronx. I though JakeLo meant single user mode, but I had to have it clarified for the OP. Sometimes people accept the fact that they know the software and assume that others do too. Unfortunately I don't have (much) experience with Clover yet. I have Yosemite booting on a legacy machine with Chameleon from an installer I don't care to mention, but its not stable.
  14. I have the same motherboard and a very similar CPU, the i5-4440. I've had similar problems with this setup and as such have just set it up as a Linux server for all of my Apple (and non-Apple lol) devices.
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