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  1. What about adding this patch in Kernel and Kext Patches ? Name : AppleUSBXHCIPCI Find : 83BD74FF FFFF10 Replace : 83BD74FF FFFF1F Comment : 10.12 change 15 port limit to 20
  2. As you can see in the screenshot, it's the NVIDIA model . Intel's X3100 is unsupported on Sierra so I hope you get the right model if you plan to install it. Also, make sure the CPU is Penryn otherwise you'll be stuck at El Capitan 10.11. Mine is a T9300 for instance.
  3. Maybe this one ? VoodooTSCSync.kext I'm surprised you need this though. Usually, this kext is used on AMD Systems. Never heard it was on Dell Dxxx !
  4. Cool ! Actually, this is the same exact CLOVER_Sierra.zip than the one I posted in post #74 .
  5. Well it looks like the problem is with your hard disk to me… disk2s2 I/O error Will work with Enoch, won't work with Clover . As I already said here, Clover won't boot at all with a MacBookPro5,1 profile on Sierra. I suspect it reads some files that Enoch doesn't and unless these files are modified, Clover won't boot Sierra. Fusion17au at InsanelyMac may have a solution though. I didn't tried myself but it may works :
  6. Strange… OK, let's try something : Re-install Clover on the USB pen and replace these 2 folders by the ones from CLOVER_Sierra.zip : • ACPI/patched • Kexts/Other Ad of course, config.plist. I'm not sure the CLOVERX64.efi is really up to date and maybe it's an old version that doesn't work anymore. If I'm correct, there were changes in Sierra DB2/3 that made Clover unable to load and inject kexts.
  7. No, you shouldn't and it (should) be OK as it. From the screenshot you posted, my read is that you have a problem with the infamous "still waiting for root device" error. Usually, this happens when something's wrong with USB. So if you didn't changed anything in the CLOVER_Sierra.zip, I think it's because you're using the wrong port. I'm pretty sure that during the install process, the only one that works is the upper right-hand side. Have you tried it ?
  8. @Tuurbo : Did you modified the config.plist in any way to suit your needs ? Especially the SMBios ?
  9. Last time I had to "cook" it was in december. So far, so good. But again, it's not a permanent fix so I've got my fingers crossed Bon appétit !
  10. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ! I have the same issue on mine. One solution is to bake the mobo. It's not a permanent fix but it has been working pretty good for me so far. First, make sure you disassembly entirely the D830. Here's a good video : Don't forget any part including CPU, RAM additional cards, plastic caches etc. and clean the graphics chip too ! Then put the mobo into your Owen for about 5/7 min at 200° Celsius maximum (do the conversion if needed). Good luck !
  11. Yes it should if you only use Enoch . If you use Clover, you can't go back to MBP5,1 SMBios once Sierra is installed because it will use the boot.efi (contrary to Enoch) and say : "This version of Mac OS X is not supported" (see this post at InsanelyMac). I guess the limitation is hard-coded right in the boot.efi file so unless we find a way to patch it "on the fly", the only solution is to use a MBP7,1 SMbios or fake the board-id of the MBP5,1. So I wanted to avoid confusion with one Extra_Sierra.zip using MBP5,1 and another Clover_Sierra.zip using MBP7,1. Also, I wanted to simplify installation since using the later doesn't require the user to do anything particular. Finally, I also made a new USB_Injector.kext that works with MBP7,1. Note that it's easy to make one that works with both SMBioses but again, I wanted to make it simple.
  12. Hello guys ! Post #9 Updated for macOS 10.12 Sierra support on eligible D830 models (see [uPDATE 3]) ! Enjoy !
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