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  1. Do you happen to be running latest opencore on this hack? I have the same machine and id love to give it a try on mine..
  2. Great info @tanya, I'll give it a try on my machines and report back..
  3. Are you using HDMI or Display port? I own the SFF version and i can't seem to get it to boot fully without having to unplug and plugging back the hdmi into the display port vice versa.
  4. @dobes99 Are you experiencing any weird issues with the mouse/trackpad at all after this? Like click and drag, right click and gestures working?
  5. I have a ton of those AR5B93 modules and i've tried everything i could to get one to work but it just simply won't detect any wireless networks. Aren't those supposed to have bluetooth as well?
  6. i too have an optiplex 3046 and i've been having a hard time getting MacOS installer to boot.. Can never reach the install screen and always greet with this for end result. I've tried 10.13.6 and 10.14.6 to know result.
  7. Is the battery syncing issue still a problem? I experienced it with Mojave so I reverted back to High Sierra, even though it still exist but not as much as it does in Mojave.
  8. Could you please recommend any of those PCI e adapters that come with a low profile bracket? I'd prefer something dual band.
  9. Ahhh i see.. Do you suppose version 4392 will do the trick? Im still having a hard time getting the usb installer to work.. I must've used 4 different dmg files.. I can't seem to find my retail 10.6.3 disc so now im facing the trial and errors of installing on this old but trusty d420. I used to have a nice D420 a few yrs ago and Herve helped me patch it to get everything working.. I donated that laptop to a family member of mine in the west indies and they messed it up. I wish i made a copy of that partition. -------—-—-------------'>>>>>>>>>>>Update F
  10. Usually I get too anxious and end up finding my answers afterwards. I've managed to install the msata but now in the process of creating the USB installer. Would I be able to use clover on this machine instead of chameleon?
  11. Wow, it's been a while since i've been active on here. I've acquired another d420 and want to know if it's possible to use an msata on that machine. I've already got the adapter from the zip connector.
  12. Crazy thing is i thought i was the only one facing that issue on my E7440 running Mojave. I had Sierra running on this machine prior to doing a fresh install due to having to switch to another SSD.. I even tried older battery kext and the problem still persists..Hope you will be able to find the solution to this problem. Also if i might add, i love the gestures on the trackpad, however, it feels too sensitive when doing two finger scrolling.
  13. I'm on the same boat as you Dude786. I've got 2 Toshiba laptops with 1st gen intel hd graphics Arandale and I was able to get Yosemite to install just fine and same for sierra. But upon reboot from usb installer, select the mac partition and I keep facing the same blank white screen. I think I know what's causing the issue though, on the thread on IM there's a section for kext to patch you have to include in the config.plist for either Yosemite, El capitan. Didn't see one for Sierra though, but I assume you could put apply those kexts to patch and see where that gets you. I haven't tried it
  14. @donaldant any more info on the progress with your E6330? I've just acquired one which would be coming in the mail on Friday with a bad screen and also a screen replacement. Could possibly use and learn from your experience in order to get mine working as well.
  15. What have you done so far which led you to no working sound? I have the 790 optiplex myself and it has the same codec as yours and i managed to get sound working by using AppleALC kext and editing the DSDT to have the correct layout. Although sound works, but only through the front headphone jack, the back speakers jack doesn't seem to output any sound through the speakers.
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