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  1. Yes , but sometimes starts a really annoying high pitch sound from connected speakers and cpu stays at 100% until I reboot.
  2. I have replaced also the display with an IPS one and the new one is very bright, so i use it with brightness below medium. I think it is possible by injecting manual values to pnlf. Never bothered with that though. How about the audio I was asking before ? Do you use cocdecommander.kext? If not , do you have audio working from external speakers after sleep?
  3. These are statements found in the dsdt. It is something like the osi to xosi patch.
  4. @Next Oneuse SSDT-OCWork-dell.aml. delete SSDT-BCKM_DELL.aml and acpi patch BRT6 to BRTX SSDT-OCWork-dell.aml.zip
  5. I'll take a look at your efi and let you know. For the trackpad .. if you have followed my bios modding guide on github and changed the default value for it , there is no need for any patch.
  6. @Next One, you should be able to use only Brightnesskeys.kext for F11+F12. Upload your entire efi if you like me to take a look. Or better use this : https://github.com/utopia-team/opencore-debug/releases/tag/0.6.8 and upload the results. By the way , does your audio work without codeccommander.kext ? Do you have audio from external speakers even after sleep? @Jake Lo, I see that on your 5510/7510 you use both SSDT-EC-USBX,aml and ecdv to ec patch. Is there a reason for this? I mean could one use only the aml and have ec and ecdv device?
  7. I have a Dell 5570 which uses alc256 as yours. I mean system mic , I don't have system mic with alcid=14.
  8. @jantestmac, do you have mic working with alcid=14 ?
  9. I did. But acpi errors still the same. debug_23083.zip
  10. Can someone help me solve some acpi errors , like : Thanks in advance debug_16093.zip
  11. Can someone help me to patch battery on my laptop (Dell 5570)? In dsdt there are BAT0 and BAT1. I've read the guide but it is too complicated for me. Could someone help me? Battery percentage droping suddenly from 40-45% to 5-6% and it is driving me crazy. Here are the debug files if someone will. Thanks in advance. debug.zip
  12. Thank you my friend. Just to be sure (sorry but my English i not too good)... I open the dsl you sent me and it error free. I save it as aml. I decompile again aml to dsl. I open dsl and the error is still there. Is that normal?
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