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  1. With lily and friends I can build kexts like lilu and whatevergreen , but it gives me error with latest voodooi2c commits, which I need most.
  2. Could someone compile latest voodooi2c and voodooi2chid , for me? I don't know how to do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  3. I need to change my signature. My system is Kabylake-R , not coffeelake. Tried and see no difference , but maybe there is and I don't see it.
  4. @Jake Lo, for Intel UHD620 which platformid is more suitable ? 0x591b or 0x5916 ? Is there any advantage over the other ?
  5. kostas54

    SUCCESS Mojave on Dell 5570 and High Sierra on E6420

    Enjoy your new laptop.
  6. @Jake Lo, don't spent your time. Screenshot I sent shows that is the new Apple way. When macOs shows batter 100% , IOReg shows it is not and agrees with coconut. Could you , please , take a look at my hotpatch to see if you find any errors or if you would add anything ? hotpatch.zip
  7. No , I'm using virtualsmc and smcbattery kexts. Something interesting , which could be the reason for this problem is that , as I said before , when I use hot patch I don't get raw values. But I tried again with a dsdt static patch and battery percentage is the same both for coconut and macOS and raw value are back. Something missing from ACPI hotpatch ?
  8. Ok, solved the "lid opening" problem. Apart from the vattery readings , everything seems fine. But I'm not an expert and hotpach is very tricky. @Jake Lo , I need your help and time for one more time. Can you look at my config to see if there are any errors with hotpatching , errors in logs etc ? Thank you in advance. debug_1628.zip
  9. I don't have these "raw" entries.
  10. Started hotpatching from the scratch and everything working fine , except this lid opening thing.
  11. @Jake Lo , I'm facing another problem. When lid close and reopen system reboot. Can you take a look? Maybe something wrong with my hotpatch? debug_8975.zip
  12. It's not just between macos and coconut. Bios also agrees with coconut. On my previous dell 3542 laptop didn't have this problem. On both HS and Mojave. Biggest problem is that if you want to optimise battery life and unplug when macos says it's fully charged , then actually battery needs additional 15-20min to fuly charged.
  13. So , it is not my laptop or my own config. Hope you figure it out.