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  1. I don't think RTC fix is needed. Have you checked that your MPro5,1 smbios is up to date (Boot-ROM-Version: I think it is in "about this Mac") In clover configurator you can see a Date for the Bios , it should say something like 2019, not 2010. If not choose a random different smbios; and then MPro5,1 again and this will be "renewed". (Note your serial if you like to keep it)
  2. So here goes the T3500 Pack: I took a different approach to minimize effort and only use ssdt, no more DSDT, try attached EFI Folders. ( I added HDEF to DSDT but it did not help and voodoo seems to work better without, as HDA does not load) Only using //Patched: SSDT_LPC.aml to get "pci8086,3a18" loaded for PM/AppleLPC.kext. EFI Folder Voodoo: Sound works, sleep/wake works. EFI Folder ALC : Sound shows icons and values in sysprefs (and AppleHDA is loaded, see pic), but does not actually play sound. (I tried to resolve sound but apparently it is not that simple - at least I couldn't. Lots of info on ALC / AD1984A / Mojave being a problem.) Sleep/wake works too. Hardware is T3500 w W3680 cpu, GB Aorus AMD RX570, ASMedia Sata3 Card w/ 2 SSDs, a TP-Link wifi card , and 24 Gig Ram. I will continue to play with the settings in the plist checkboxes to minimize as much as possible. If you find there are useless settings (or important ones missing) in the config.plist please share your knowledge here. Give it a try...(EFI is from clover r4911/Mojave 10.14.6) Good luck T3500 pack.zip
  3. Hi dm4n, sure I can do that, but first I have to get Audio sorted as I am trying to move away from voodoohda and use Lilu/AppleAlc and Mojave. The T3500 has AD1984A codec but I have the issue that with AppleALC the devices are seen but still no sound is played from them. (Headphones and Lineout, clover Inject 11/13/44) (I`d like to figure this out because then sleep appears to work well, which is buggy with voodoo) The codec has been added to ALC recently but there seems to be some problem with injection in the latest versions, and I have found no solution to it yet. I have no HDEF in my DSDT, so if somebody has a tip on how to add this in I`d like to try. Maybe Hervé has a hint, as AD1984A seems to be common in similar machines like the Optiplex series: 780/760 has AD1984A 755 has AD1984 T3500 has AD1984A would this make sense ? Device (HDEF) { Name (_ADR, 0x001B0000) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x08) { "built-in", Buffer (One) { 0x00 }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x1C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "PinConfigurations", Buffer (Zero) {}, "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-1" } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } For the BIOS reset Problem I think it could be: CMOS Battery Clover not at 4911 (I use this) Mojave not at .6 version SMBIOS not updated for MP5,1 for the newer BIOS definition (use Cloverconfigurator)
  4. I clocked the T3500/W3680 up to 4,17Ghz, and I believe it does effect performance/rendering, so far no instabilities or dropouts - we`ll see. The values I tested are: 3.33 (Stock), 4.17 and 4.4 Ghz (just for a try). I`ll see how stable this is @ 4.17 now. 3.33 Ghz Geekbench3 14.500 Cinema 4D 1673pts 4.17 Ghz Geekbench3 18.000 Cinema 4D 2088pts 4.4 Ghz Geekbench 3 19.000 Cinema 4D 2231pts (as "about this Macs" tops out at 4.3Ghz cinema shows the remaining 0.1Ghz here...funny) For 4.17Ghz set clover/CPU "Bus speed kHz" to 166660, that's all. (Base Multipler for W3680 is 25, I had no effect trying to add the "bus ratio" flag) No luck with other smbios`s also, (Performance down 50%; same with iMac 14/15/17/18 and MP6.1 incl. ssdt for GFX1) Try at your own risk - don't forget to strap a 80 or 90mm fan onto the CPU cooler beforehand ! (This seems to be a good idea anyway, even for stock speed). If you have a different processor this value will not work !! Find out your FSB-multiplier and calculate it...(and find out if your CPU is "unlocked" in the first place !!!) So much for that experiment; does not turn it into a intel Platinum 8186 but its (as always) just for the fun of it (and seems to reduce some render time too...) Thx Next
  5. Thanks Hervé, I really don't care about Geekbench or "about this Mac" numbers, just looking if I can improve rendering speed a bit. Thanks for the link and I`ll try out some more options as mentioned. MP6,1 should work for Catalina but I have struggled getting it to boot due to the GFX1/blackscreen issue. (also: Nvidia...) I`ll try adding an extra ssdt for GFX injection for the T3500 to fix that for MP6,1. Thx
  6. Thanks Hervé, yes its only FSB so far, but it seems to work first try, and for the whole system. ( I ran a render test file and it went from 52seconds (Stock 3.33ghz) down to 35 seconds (at around 4,2ghz). That would be quite an improvement for my work, as I was already thinking about buying a new machine; but I have to say I really love the T3500. Do you have knowledge about the other settings available, like : busratio=xx undervolt step min/max multiplier ? (And the smbios for Catalina ?) Thx Next
  7. I always thought there was no way to overclock the Xeon due to locked msr in Bios, but tonight I found I can ramp up my W3680 to over 4,2 Ghz just using clover. This seems to improve rendering times by some 25-30% ! (Geekbench3 bump from 14000 to over 17000). I`ll strap an extra fan onto the cpu and do some testing. I never thought this was possible - has anybody tried this too ? If it doesn't fry it this will be a solid upgrade for zero Bucks (well, a fan...) and Mojave 10.15.6 seems to work really well with the T3500. For Catalina we might need a different smbios one day (using MP 5.1 still here); has anybody had success using something else ? - all I tried (MP 6.1, iMac 13-14 etc.) made my Geekbench drop to 6000 Points. Best, Next
  8. There is a new version of the BCM5722D kext (v2.3.6) on insanelymac. And Ethernet now works after sleep.
  9. Sleep works perfect now - tested on two machines with Xeon W3680, GT640 and GTX760. The only downside to it is that after wake up the NIC does not work anymore. I know thats a common problem (BCM5722D.kext, v 2.3.5) but unfortunately I dont know how to fix this in DSDT, which would make sense as all T3500 seem to have the same NIC. Has anybody been able to solve this ?
  10. Great, pasting the "HACK" part from the DSDT posted in Post 12 into my DSDT makes instant wakeup work. (I have a W3680 and Geforce card) Also when booting clover from a CF Card using the internal card reader and setting "Flexdrive allow boot" in Bios A17 I noticed the "usb did not eject properly" error is gone. I have a second T3500 I will test with and report back. Thanks a lot for the sleep fix.
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