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Dell Inspiron 5570, i5-8250U, UHD620, Catalina

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This model has pretty good battery life (thanks to stevezheng cpufriend script), but the screen is not very good.

It supports a ssd and nvme drive for dual boot hds which is nice.

Not working:

Headphones (but internal speakers and hdmi tv work )

sd reader

fn11/12 brightness keys (set brightness in sys prefs)

wifi (add a dw1560)

ONLY USE FOLDER IF YOU HAVE 8250U CPU ! (if not delete cpufriend and "provider" from "other")

appleps2controller used for trackpad (I tried to make a minimal setup, but I don't seem to have all the ssdts right)

inspiron 5570 8250u.png

CLOVER insp5570.zip

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I have now transitioned to BigSur using OC 6.7.

Everything works fine except the brightness hotkeys; in Catalina I used BRT6 SSDT and XOSI patch method - in BigSur I have dropped the XOSI patch for GPIO.SSDT.

Unfortunately I had no luck with "Brightnesskeys.kext"; is there a recommendation to fix this for f11/f12 without karabiner or other app ?


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That did not work; but its due to my mistake; I went back and checked the old EFI, and the ssdt I used was "SSDT-BKeyBRT6-Dell.aml" with XOSI-patch, not BRT6.


I tried to merge the values but could not fix it (lacking skills...), please see attached ssdt.


If you don't have the time that's fine - I can use the brightness slider from the menu of course - its more a "nice to have" now...


Thanks again


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re f11 f12 brightness-keys:


I finally found that I don't need SSDT-GPIO, and found another way to enable f11-f12 brightness keys.

This is based on SSDT-BCKM from tctien342 on GitHub ,so credits to tctien342;

he has commented:

// make BRT6 to be called on Darwin

// call chain: _Q66 -> NEVT -> SMIE -> SMEE -> EV5 -> BRT6

// in SMEE, EV5 is called only when OSID >= 0x20, and OSID:

// if ACOS == 0: init ACOS based on OS version

// return ACOS

// hence set ACOS >= 0x20 can do the trick, and this trick affects less methods than _OSI renaming patch


I am not an expert and deleted some lines I felt I did not need, but this works on the 5570 and 5770 Inspiron; maybe you want to take a look as this could work on other Dell Laptops as well.


My EFI setup using OC 6.7. and everything appears to work fine:



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These "previous" methods have worked for my E7250 and E7450 and Catalina. (but not on the Inspiron)

I don't know why you have to point at those again - I have no intention to take credit for anything or get into some sort of competition.

Thanks for your support, and I hope someone using the Inspiron 5570/5770 can make use of this.



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