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  1. Is it right and enough for OC 0.6.1. It boots a bit slowly
  2. @Jake Lo Do these yellow warnings need to be fixed? OpenCore config.plist Sanity Checker.webarchive.zip
  3. @Jake Lo Although SecureBootModel was Default, it booted. Is there any special settings for Latitude? I've had some yellow warnings on OC sanity checker.
  4. @Jake Lo Have you updated OpenCore to 0.6.1 on your Latitude? Are there any further settings for Latitudes compared to 0.6.0?
  5. After rebuilding kextcache and rebooting, it could sleep pretty well. There's only Handoff issue right now. Anyway thank you so much
  6. I've set BT to Internal but Handoff is still unavailable and sleeping is unstable
  7. @Jake Lo Of course. Sometimes it sleeps but sometimes it doesn't
  8. @Jake Lo I set all my ports to the correct states but when I export they're all Internal. I think this is a Hackintool's issue. I didn't realize that. Thank you. Btw, my laptop wakes up instantly. How can I fix that?
  9. "Import from iPhone" works well but I don't know how to activate Handoff.
  10. I've just deleted CodecCommander in L/E and sound works.
  11. I have exported my USBPorts.kext but it's still Internal at all.
  12. @Jake Lo Hey, I have some issues. When I use Fn + Insert, my laptop turns off I'm using an UHS-III card with v2.3 but the speed is pretty low
  13. @Jake Lo it boots but I have some questions. - As my laptop has quad core, will it be better with smbios MacBookPro13,2 or MacBookPro13,3? - Is those kexts necessary for Catalina? I doesn’t have those in CKO
  14. @Jake Lo Can you check and improve my converted EFI OC?
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