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  1. @Hervé I tried clearing NVRAM but it still gives me shutdown error dialog. I got logs from Hackintool logs.zip
  2. @Hervé Thanks, I turned automatic login on and everything is fine. I have no issues with iGPU. Is there any differences between those id? I removed PlatformInfo. Is SSDT-EC-USBX necessary if I already have USBPorts.kext?
  3. @Jake Lo Yes, I tried enabling verbose mode‌ but it's hanging up after the verbose stage
  4. @Jake Lo Can you help me with my config.plist? It boots 5 times slower when compared to Big Sur. config.plist.zip
  5. @Hervé I removed ECDV to EC patch but it can’t boot now. And how can I do with HPET? config.plist.zip About framebuffer layout, I see 0x191B0000 match HD 530 in Hackintool I updated kext to the version in https://github.com/dortania/build-repo/releases. Do I need to add those boot-args
  6. @Bronxteck I tried resetting NVRAM at OC picker but the issue is still there @Hervé Can you check my config.plist above if there's an option that makes my laptop take a long time to boot?
  7. @Hervé Do you have this problem on Monterey? Besides, mine has very long boot time. config.plist.zip
  8. @Hervé Is there a way to use this Bluetooth dongle temporarily until that problem is solved? If I remember correctly, this dongle is fully compatible with Catalina
  9. My laptop failed to boot while updating to macOS Monterey version. I don't know why when I disabled BrcmBluetoothInjector in config.plist it can boot normally. How can i use bluetooth without this problem? I'm using Latitude E5470 with HD 530 and my wifi card is DW1820A.
  10. Is it right and enough for OC 0.6.1. It boots a bit slowly
  11. @Jake Lo Do these yellow warnings need to be fixed? OpenCore config.plist Sanity Checker.webarchive.zip
  12. @Jake Lo Although SecureBootModel was Default, it booted. Is there any special settings for Latitude? I've had some yellow warnings on OC sanity checker.
  13. @Jake Lo Have you updated OpenCore to 0.6.1 on your Latitude? Are there any further settings for Latitudes compared to 0.6.0?
  14. After rebuilding kextcache and rebooting, it could sleep pretty well. There's only Handoff issue right now. Anyway thank you so much
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