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  1. @BuyeZi I haven't found any solution yet.
  2. @Hervé Can I put CodecCommander in EFI/OC/Kexts? I don't want to interfere with L/E. Besides, what is the best value for csr-active-config if I just need to install and use 3rd party apps without affecting the system and features like Software Update
  3. It works like a charm when I choose Internal Microphone but I want to make use of my headphone's microphone for better noise cancellation. I'm using id 11 with AppleALC. Is this normal?
  4. @Hervé I tried clearing NVRAM but it still gives me shutdown error dialog. I got logs from Hackintool logs.zip
  5. @Hervé Thanks, I turned automatic login on and everything is fine. I have no issues with iGPU. Is there any differences between those id? I removed PlatformInfo. Is SSDT-EC-USBX necessary if I already have USBPorts.kext?
  6. @Jake Lo Yes, I tried enabling verbose mode‌ but it's hanging up after the verbose stage
  7. @Jake Lo Can you help me with my config.plist? It boots 5 times slower when compared to Big Sur. config.plist.zip
  8. @Hervé I removed ECDV to EC patch but it can’t boot now. And how can I do with HPET? config.plist.zip About framebuffer layout, I see 0x191B0000 match HD 530 in Hackintool I updated kext to the version in https://github.com/dortania/build-repo/releases. Do I need to add those boot-args
  9. @Bronxteck I tried resetting NVRAM at OC picker but the issue is still there @Hervé Can you check my config.plist above if there's an option that makes my laptop take a long time to boot?
  10. @Hervé Do you have this problem on Monterey? Besides, mine has very long boot time. config.plist.zip
  11. @Hervé Is there a way to use this Bluetooth dongle temporarily until that problem is solved? If I remember correctly, this dongle is fully compatible with Catalina
  12. My laptop failed to boot while updating to macOS Monterey version. I don't know why when I disabled BrcmBluetoothInjector in config.plist it can boot normally. How can i use bluetooth without this problem? I'm using Latitude E5470 with HD 530 and my wifi card is DW1820A.
  13. Is it right and enough for OC 0.6.1. It boots a bit slowly
  14. @Jake Lo Do these yellow warnings need to be fixed? OpenCore config.plist Sanity Checker.webarchive.zip
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