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Bluetooth Firmware Uploader


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Hello everyone,

Little background information about firmware patch from linux:


After hardware reset, some BCM and Atheros Bluetooth adapters obtain their initial firmware from OTPROM chip. Although some of the devices have an OTPROM that contains required firmware, but it is found that these devices would not have HFP/HSP support and other things unless a upgraded firmware is loaded.

Once this initial firmware is running, the firmware can be further upgraded over HCI interface with the files provided by Broadcom and Atheros.


I've developed this kext to update the firmware needed for those Atheros AR3012 and Broadcom Bluetooth devices to work with all functionalities that hardware supposed to do. Also integrated support for the Atheros bluetooth AR3011 (from old kext by mac4mat) with some improvements/fixes in my kext to make a single solution for bluetooth.



Send me your system log file from /var/log, ioreg file saved using IORegistryExplorer app v2.1 and Sys info saved from the app System Information (found in Utilities) in File menu.


My kext is only meant to patch the firmware of the bluetooth devices, but the performance of the bluetooth mostly depends on Apple bluetooth drivers. However, i've provided plist option to choose different firmwares in order to test for any improvements.
And Atheros Bluetooth uses Apple Generic bluetooth drivers, so you will not get the option for turning bluetooth on/off and you can only power on/off using Fn key if exists (which works in some machines like Asus).

If you have any pairing or connect issues then try to delete the file "com.apple.Bluetooth.plist" from /Library/Preferences and reboot. Also try to remove Bluetooth PAN from network prefpane interfaces list and see.


To receive files from other bluetooth devices (like Mobiles), enable the option "Bluetooth Sharing" in System Preferences->Sharing.


Want to know why you can't pair iPhone? Read here


Your Combo card WiFi hardware is detected and working, but Bluetooth hardware was not detected in ioreg and not working ? Read this post (Credits: tomwho)



Following are the Bluetooth cards supported by my kext:
Atheros AR5B195 Combo (AR9285 Wifi + AR3011 Bluetooth) 
Atheros AR5B197 Combo (AR9287 Wifi + AR3011 Bluetooth)
Other Atheros AR3011 cards with ids list below
Atheros WB225 Combo (AR9485 Wifi(doesn't work) + AR3012 Bluetooth)
Other Atheros AR3012 cards with ids list below

Atheros AR3011 30 sec delay fix (or) after sleep issues patch: (Should be working in 10.9.1+)

Enter the following two commands in terminal and reboot:

sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x0F\x85\x07\x01|\x0F\x84\x07\x01|g' /System/Library/Extensions/IOBluetoothFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/

For Clover, add this to kext patches instead:

Name: IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport
Find: 0F850701
Replace: 0F840701
Comment: Fix Bluetooth 30 seconds delay patch

Credits to TimeWalker for the patch idea.




BCM4352 WiFi 5Ghz access is now working (Credit goes to SKVO fromapplife.ru. For complete details on making this WiFI card work, follow this thread: BCM4352 WiFi


BROADCOM WiFi/BT Combo cards Bluetooth:

Broadcom BCM4352 Combo

Broadcom BCM4360 Combo

Broadcom BCM43162 Combo

Broadcom BCM4313 Combo (Not all cards need Update)


BROADCOM USB/Integrated Bluetooth:

Asus BT-400 USB Bluetooth

Belkin 20702 USB Bluetooth

USB Dongles with 20702A1 Bluetooth (Delock, IOGear etc.,)

HP BRCM1043 Integrated Bluetooth (found in HP Elite Notebooks)
Supported Bluetooth Vendor and Product ID: (Few device ids below work only from v2.8)
VID: 13d3  PID: 3404 (Azurewave 4352)

VID: 13d3  PID: 3413 (Azurewave 4360)

VID: 13d3  PID: 3418 (Azurewave 4352)

VID: 13d3  PID: 3435 (Azurewave 4352)

VID: 13d3  PID: 3456 (Azurewave 4352)

VID: 0b05  PID: 17cb (Asus USB)
VID: 0b05  PID: 17cf  (Asus 4352)
VID: 0b05  PID: 180a  (Asus 4360)


VID: 050d  PID: 065a (Belkin) 


VID: 13d3  PID: 3411 (Dell Alienware 4352)

VID: 413c  PID: 8143 (Dell DW1550 4352)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 216f (Dell DW1560 4352 NGFF)


VID: 0a5c  PID: 21e1 (HP Elite NB)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 21fb (HP 4352)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 216b (HP 4352 NGFF)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 216e (HP BCM43162 NGFF)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 21fd  (Generic 4352)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 21de (4352)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 22be (4352/4360)


VID: 04ca  PID: 200a (LiteOn 4352)

VID: 04ca  PID: 200b (LiteOn 4352)
VID: 04ca  PID: 200c (LiteOn 4352)

VID: 04ca  PID: 200f (LiteOn 4352)


VID: 0a5c  PID: 21e6 (ThinkPad NB)

VID: 0489  PID: e079 (Lenovo BCM43162 NGFF)

VID: 0489  PID: e07a (Lenovo NGFF)

VID: 0930  PID: 0223 (Toshiba NGFF)

VID: 0930  PID: 0221 (Toshiba)

VID: 0a5c  PID: 21e8 (Dongles Delock, IOGear etc.,)
VID: 0489  PID: e032 (BCM4313)

VID: 03f0  PID: 311d

VID: 0489 PID: e027

VID: 0489 PID: e02c

VID: 0489 PID: e03d
VID: 0930 PID: 0215

VID: 0b05 PID: 179c

VID: 0cf3  PID: 3000

VID: 0cf3  PID: 3002
VID: 0cf3  PID: 3005

VID: 13d3 PID: 3304

VID: 04f2 PID: aff1  

VID: 04ca  PID: 3002


VID: 0489 PID: e056

VID: 0489 PID: e036

VID: 0489 PID: e03c

VID: 0489 PID: e078

VID: 04ca PID: 3005

VID: 04ca PID: 3006

VID: 0cf3  PID: 311d

VID: 0cf3  PID: 0036

VID: 0cf3  PID: 3004

VID: 0cf3  PID: 3010

VID: 0cf3  PID: e004

VID: 13d3 PID: 3362
VID: 13d3 PID: 3402

VID: 13d3 PID: 3474

 VID: 0b05 PID: 17d0


Kext Customization:
You can customize the kext for choosing firmware by editing the file "info.plist" located inside my kext "BTFirmwareUploader.kext/Contents/".
Go to the section "IOKitPersonalities" and edit the entry which has your vendor and device id values.
Atheros AR3011 and AR3012 BT:
You can choose firmware from either linux (or) windows. (Linux firmware is recommended mostly)

  • For Linux firmware, edit the plist entry "Use Linux fw" to Yes (or) true. )
  • For the Windows firmware, edit the plist entry "Use Linux fw" to No (or) false for both AR3011 & AR3012.
  • For AR3011, you can also choose three firmwares from windows by editing the plist entry "Windows fw" to the values 0-2. Value '0' is the most recent firmware. [Note: Only Windows firmware 1 supports Fn key toggle for BT Off/on in Asus]

Broadcom  BT:
Firmware to use:

  • You can choose either firmware which is meant for that specific device (or) higher version available so far by editing the plist entry "DeviceSpecificFw" to Yes/No (or) true/false.
  • You can abort (or) ignore subsequent firmware updates if the last update was failed by editing the plist entry "AbortOnFwUpdFail" to Yes/No (or) true/false. This is optional and its meant only in case if any system needed update process to continue even if last update was failed for success.(Available from v3.0.5)


If you have an Atheros AR3011/AR3012 and Broadcom BCM20702Ax BT which is not working (or) your card Vendor and Product ID are not listed above in the supported list, then PM me about your card details so i can add support to your card. You can also try yourself to add support by editing plist with the following details on your own risk, so its recommended to contact me for support.
You need to edit the following details from plist by editing existing BCM entry (or) adding an BCM entry using the existing BCM entry values to your bluetooth: (v2.6 or later)

  • BTController - Depending on your card, the Value should be AR3011, AR3012, BCMCOMBO (WiFi / BT combo card) and BCMSTDAL (BT only card).
  • idProduct - Enter the decimal value of your product ID
  • idVendor - Enter the decimal value of your vendor ID


Plist files which are needed to edit: 

"BTFirmwareUploader.kext/Contents/Info.plist" and


 From v3.0:




How to install:

1) Remove any patched kexts (or) Bluetooth enablers installed for Bluetooth and use Apple vanilla Bluetooth kext.

2) Install my kext (BTFirmwareUploader.kext) using your favorite kext installers to /System/Library/Extensions. (Don't install my kext through E/E (or) clover injection).



​Atheros BT is supported from 10.6.8 or later
Broadcom BT is supported from 10.8.5 or later 
NOTE for 10.11: If you have any problems with my kext firmware update for Broadcom BT in 10.11 then use only "BluetoothDevBroadcomInjector.kext" instead which is just an injector to load Apple BT driver.



Change Log: 

Update: v3.1 5 Released (Legacy version is for 10.10 or lower)

  • Added support for new device
  • ​Supports for 10.6.8
  • ​Fixed legacy version which was not working 
  • Some Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Update: v3.1 (Legacy version is for 10.10 or lower)

  • Updated non-device specific firmware version to latest available
  • Added support new devices (check the updated list)
  • Improved 10.11 support
  • Some Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Update: v3.0.5 Released

  • Fixed a major bug affecting Atheros Bluetooth
  • Improved 10.11 support
  • Added a plist option for Broadcom Bluetooth to abort update process on fail (Optional)
  • Some Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Update: v3.0

  • Updated support for 10.11 using new SDK and USB API (you have to use kext compiled for 10.11)
  • Made several Improvements and optimizations
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Update: v2.8.7

  • Added OS X detection to prevent/solve issues in 10.11
  • Fixed some bugs and made few improvements

Update: v2.8.5

  • Fixed a major bug affecting some asus systems with KP
  • Fixed issues related to firmware not getting updated sometimes
  • Fixed some bugs in Atheros firmware update
  • Added few new Atheros AR3012 bluetooth device ids to supported list
  • Some improvements and code optimizations

Update: v2.8

  • Updated firmware for some devices and higher version option
  • Added support for some new devices
  • Improvements to upload process time which finishes quicker now as i've reduced the time needed by doing more beta tests so works better
  • Some minor bug fixes and optimizations

Update: v2.7 

  • Updated firmware for some devices and higher version option
  • Added support for some new devices
  • Fixes a bug when dual booting from windows which breaks BT
  • Fixed a bug in BluetoothDevInfo kext injection and renamed the kext name
  • Removed unnecessary "UpdAfterSleep" option from plist
  • Some minor bug fixes and optimizations

Update: v2.6

  • Added support for new Broadcom bluetooth devices
  • Added support for new Atheros bluetooth devices
  • Updated kext to use firmware specific to the Broadcom BT devices
  • Removed unnecessary patch for HP BT (PID:21e3)
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Optimized code

Update: v2.5.2 Final

  • Added support for two Broadcom bluetooth devices from HP(VID: 0a5c  PID: 21e3/PID: 21e1)
  • Fixed a minor bug in BluetoothDevInfo kext

Update: v2.5 Final

  • Added plist option "UseStandaloneFw" to choose standalone firmware meant for BT only cards like Asus BT-400.
  • Added support for two new BCM4352 BT (Dell alienware BCM4352 combo)
  • Fixed device reset error bugs
  • Some minor bug fixes and optimizations

Update: v2.4

  • ​Added support for two new AR3011 BT(VID: 0489 PID: e02c and VID: 0930 PID: 0215)
  • Added support for two new BCM4352 BT (HP and NGFF Toshiba)
  • Added support for new AR3012 BT (VID: 0cf3 PID: 311d)
  • Minor optimizations

Update: v2.3

  • Improved performance of upload
  • ​Fixed issues related to BCM
  • Fixed issues related to firmware update after sleep
  • Updated Broadcom firmware to new version
  • Added LiteOn BCM4352 and an AR3011(PID: e027) card 
  • Moved bluetooth info to a plugin kext located inside the PlugIns folder
  • Optimized code

Update: v2.1

  • Added fully working support for AR3012
  • Updated new firmware in Broadcom
  • Added Dell DW 1550 BCM 94352HMB card and AR3012 card ID's
  • Fixed an issue with AR3011 bluetooth
  • Optimized code

Update: v2beta

  • Added experimental support for AR3012(still in testing phase)
  • Added firmware option for Broadcom and updated to new firmware
  • Added new firmware for Atheros
  • Added Asus BCM4352 card support
  • Fixed an issue with AR3011 bluetooth which is failing for some cards like (dev:0x3000 & 0x179c)
  • Apple bluetooth kext patch is not needed for Broadcom bluetooth anymore

Update: v1.5

  • Added more Atheros Bluetooth devices (VEN:0cf3, DEV:3000,3002,3005)
  • Fixed an issue with Atheros AR3011 Bluetooth after sleep
  • Fixed an issue with Broadcom Bluetooth which prevented successful system boot without -v flag

First release: v1.3

  • Enables Bluetooth in the new ac Broadcom BCM4352 card
  • Added support for AR3011 from old kext(credits: mac4mat)
  • Fixes an issue for AR3011 with the old uploader kext which is breaking during reboots in Asus Notebooks
  • Added options to choose firmware for Atheros Bluetooth in the plist

For any support, PM me in forums.
Note: Don't mirror my kext please, just provide the link for my post. 
Credits:  Leon for providing the opportunity & testing the kext, donators who helped to get me a card for the development, mac4mat (tonycrapx) for the AR3011 source and laloch(archlinux) for the ideas of Broadcom card
PS: I've worked very hard in this and need your support , so I request you to consider a small donation if possible which helps me and allows to spend more time on this for future updates.

Thanks for the support.














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Ok, I've been looking at this thread and the original one for the bcd 4352.


For the bluetooth, do I use the v1.3 here or the 1.2 on the other thread? (https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2767-broadcom-80211-ac-wifi-and-bluetooth-combo-card-for-osx/)

Also, do I need to have the bluetooth kext patched or not? (there's some conflicting information)

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Ok, I've been looking at this thread and the original one for the bcd 4352.


For the bluetooth, do I use the v1.3 here or the 1.2 on the other thread? (https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2767-broadcom-80211-ac-wifi-and-bluetooth-combo-card-for-osx/)

Also, do I need to have the bluetooth kext patched or not? (there's some conflicting information)


If you use v1.2 from that post then you don't need any patched Bluetooth kexts so you can use default vanilla bluetooth kext, but we found a issue with this which is bluetooth is not working after sleep.


If you use v1.3 from this post then you have to patch Bluetooth kext according that post details and this one works after sleep as well.

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