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  1. Just an update to share as I promised few days ago. I am still working on it, and might need an extra week or 2 to share some news as i have issues with my development environment. Thanks
  2. I see, Mostly it has to do with USB3.0 device. Give a try with this kext in USB: https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-usb-inject-all/downloads/
  3. Try any of these as your issue is related to USB. 1) Set USB3.0 ports in your bios to legacy mode. 2) Use USB2.0 USB device instead of USB3.0 3) Try to plug USB in USB2.0 ports you have
  4. Seems like very new laptop, I am not used to latest OS X versions for a while as I am still using Yosemite, but I want to give you some pointers to get started. For audio, strange as I see AppleHDA loaded successfully in ioreg with all controls. Do you see audio output devices in System preferences ? Is it just no audio coming but ports are detected ? Can you try these patches, files and experiment a bit from ALC kext by comparing? https://github.com/Mirone/AppleHDAPatcher/tree/master/Patches/Laptop/ALC235 About sleep, you can see your laptop going into full sleep (like blinking led etc.,) ? After sleep do you see Keyboard caps or nums lock working ? Does fans run ? Do you have any USB devices connected like WiFi card as I see a device in ioreg ? Try without that and see. About backlight, does it work without installing any drivers in windows ? does it work in bios ? I might be able to take a look at this if it has ACPI support as I have a driver for lenovo for controlling some ACPI features.
  5. Just another 1-2 weeks, and you will have updates from me sure. I am working on it as I have some issues with my dev environment right now to finish. Thanks for the patience.
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  7. There is no update yet. Unfortunately I did not update to latest OS X yet due to my work requirments, and also been away from OS X for long time. Just recently began to get back on my projects and working on them, but I have nothing to share yet. I will post updates too my projects as soon as I have something, and hoping its very soon (if my life gives me some room). Thanks and please wait for some time. PS: I will try to take a quick look by this month end if its simple fix, so keep turned to my thread and remind me in a week or two
  8. Are you using patched DSDT from old bios ? sometimes it could be the reason. As per your logs, I see there were some kernel panics from the network kext "ALXEthernet". Try to remove this and test. How did you patch DSDT ? What patches you applied ?
  9. Seems like your KP is from LAN kext ALXEtherxxx. Try to remove this for now in order test and see the issue. I have applied fixes for the Sleep wake up in this for USB devices. Give a try and let me know. If you have issues again then share me with logs like ioreg, kernel log, and wake reason etc., DSDT_Sleep_Wake_fixed.aml
  10. Can you boot with debug=0x100 flag and see the kernel panic screen and send it t us here ? Clover default reboots on KP. Ok, it needs to _PRW methods from the your mentioned devices to be removed to prevent that unwanted wake ups. Try to do that or send me DSDT, and I will try apply patch.
  11. We cant see such a change log from Apple.
  12. Wow! Really big and long change log
  13. Hi @Allan! Welcome to the crew! Would you come and join us in skype chat also ? I wanna know your ideas and skills that have to help our community forward, as I am really looking for some people to work along with me as i have a vision for this.
  14. @catmater Take a look at this link for WiFi: I would suggest you to get Broadcom BCM4352 card for good support. I will take a look at your files later today and see whats wrong.
  15. Try attached DSDT in ACPI->Patched In clover, and see if you can boot with it. Also tell me what works and what not. What happens when you try to sleep ? I need to see your ioreg file, so use IORegistryExplorer app v2.1 to save one from file menu and attach in next post along with your Clover folder. DSDT.aml
  16. Let me do a quick patch for testing the DSDT as it needs that for proper sleep. @Jake Lo What patches you included in the DSDT ?
  17. Can you send us your dumped DSDT and SSDT files from clover F4? Also your ioreg file saved using IORegExplorer app v2.1. Which OS X version you are using right now ?
  18. Hi everyone, We would like to get your feedback on our site revamp. Please let us know through the poll. Thanks OSXL
  19. It has been fixed. You can check the thread now.
  20. Thanks for reporting. We will look into that and update you asp. EDIT: Next time try to submit your bug from "Report->Website site bug" from Site menu which can help us to track them easily.
  21. I will update my driver to support, so PM me for beta test (will share details). I will start development from next month as I am finally able to sort out my personal matters after very long time which allows me to spend on my projects again and hopefully nothing big comes again (I am sure there is none anymore than can bother me ). PS: I might be active mostly during weekends.
  22. Not all virus engines detects a backdoor: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/896c863de42f4ec63a53657ecc5cfbcc780ac60149564e1be40e3899851571bb/detection Our way of using scripts inside this installer could be the reason its warning with a back door, but we can assure you that there is nothing wrong in the installer we are installing anything other than EDP app files. You can look into our source already from source forge and even for this installer inside the app resources. We are looking at better ways to install already, but our project is on hold last few months due to our busy personal life. You can expect a better version and frequent updates from us very soon. Thanks for reporting, and let us know if you still have any questions.
  23. Hey, Thanks for reporting a workaround. I have not been active since an year due to persona life matters, and I wanted to update support my kext but could not find enough time (even for my other projects). I will be looking at my kext very soon and will try to post an update by the end of this month (if possible) or next month for sure. Patiences is required as I would like refactor my kext a bit and will try to make it open source after a while when I am confident it. EMlyDinESH
  24. @all, Please my first post for update. Soon, I will share a way to for you to submit your issues and feedback to me instead of just posting it here which is hard to track and help you.
  25. What is your OS X version ? Please PM me for beta tests, so I can send you debug version.
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