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  1. I have managed to fix it with the kext you gave and putting the usb drive in the combo port now it is installing. But it gives back a kernel panic afterwards when i want te start up gagain Kernel Extension in backtrace com.apple.drvier..AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement can i safely rm it trough the installers terminal or do i need to force the driver not to get loaded
  2. This laptop has no 3.0 ports 3 2.0 ports 1 is an combo port with esata. i dont have usb 2.0 drives any more, this is my only laptop with 2.0 only ports and dont use it verry often. tought to convert it to be an hackmacbook air because in small and light.
  3. Hello, I tried installing osx sierra on my E6220 with the following specs Intel Core i3 2330m 4GB ddr3 1333 ram 256GB samsung ssd pny usb 3.0 32gb usb flash drive created by the guide here. also used a clompletly new 32 gb drive created with same guide. Its post with the sierra guide Usb created on an running imac with high sierra with the base installer from the store witch should be version 10.12.6 Used the kernel version 10.12.6 and patched aicpum kext from here the problem is that it hangs at still waiting for root device with booth usb drives Bios has been reset to factory defaults and sata mode is ahci mode. what can i do to fix this. atached all files that the guid refers to. Vanilla_kernel_10.12.6.zip Patched_AICPUPM_10.12.6.zip E6220_i5-2520M_HD3000_Sie-Pack.zip
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