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  1. You're worth your weight in gold Jake! Tell me you accept donations somewhere? It's working and I'm good.
  2. I so badly wanted that to work, but I'm still not seeing intel in there and my graphics is showing "Display 7 mb" Attached another problem reporting log. debug_20901.zip
  3. Appstore, downloaded from a VM of high sierra on my main PC (vmworkstation player)
  4. if I understand your question, I created the installer through your guide and had some issues. I then put the ZIP you included in this post to get it to boot into the install. Then I followed the post install steps of putting the folders from USB into the macOS HDD.
  5. I did not remove anything from /L/E or /S/L/E. Everything was put into the system from the ZIP you posted earlier in this thread, from my USB install drive after installing macOS. I've attached a screenshot of something odd I saw in verbose when I last booted about the GPU
  6. I still have no QE/CI. The screenshot of my graphics is the same after removing the fakeID (which was put there in an effort to resolve, after watching some YT vids.)
  7. The USBPowerE7450 was outside of the other folder. I moved it over and repaired permissions. I also removed that fakeID, saved config and restarted. I get the same error. New debug attached. debug_17761.zip
  8. Evening Jake & everyone. I've spent the better part of the day today trying to fix my graphics issue to no avail. Any help is appreciated. I've attached a screenshot of my graphics that is showing 7MB VRAM total. I do not have QE/CI at the moment. Everything else seems to be working fine aside from this. Problem reporting files are attached. debug_24056.zip
  9. Nice! I'm installed and working mostly ok. I just have no sound at the moment or WiFI (Need to install a supported card). I'll mess around with the sound tomorrow, unless you know a quick fix. Thanks SO much for your help Jake. Much appreciated!
  10. I used the latest clover from yesterday. Attached is my compressed CLOVER folder. CLOVER.zip
  11. Hi Guys! I'm back trying to hack a Dell E7450 Broadwell i5 (intel graphics) and am having issues even getting started. I've done this before, but this one is giving me headaches. I install Clover (4617) onto a 64GB USB stick according to the instructions. Please the proper generic EFI folder in the proper location as well as the HS bootpacks (running latest A19 bios, so I used those files), LILU, Intel Patch (as opposed to messing with the BIOS) and the HSFPlus.efi file. I can boot to the initial screen where you choose to enter Clover boot. It runs through a whole bunch of stuff and then for about 1/8th of a second shows the apple logo and a progress bar, then exits to a black screen. It goes no further. The computer still has the WIFI light on and if I press a button my USB stick will flash as if it's being accessed. The computer seems to be on, just no picture. Any thoughts here? What files do you need? I didn't see anything in "Problem Reporting" or FAQ that could help with getting you what you need to point me in the right direction.
  12. I appreciate you helping out with this. A bit embarrassed that I obviously missed a step which caused it, but thankful you were willing to put in the time to assist. Thanks again!
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