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  1. Thank you, I ran the pack... Googled away after getting the errors, looked at clover as some virsions look like they have issues, updated clover to latest, rebuilt and its booted... Waisted days on it, thank you so much, now to xcode
  2. Thank you.. System specs attached, intel HD 5500 grathics, 2x 8GB of ram, clover 4813. Booting that pack gives me IGPU graphics driver failed to load could not reg with framebuffer driver and appleACPICPU kextd stall.. This is the pack I tried and it installed but was not booting, will leave it wo finish boot now and see if any diffrent. Update: After running kext pack, IGPU graphics driver failed to load could not reg with framebuffer driver appleACPICPU kextd stall Resetting IOCataloge IOConsoleusers time (0) 8->0, lin 0, lik 1 IOConsoleusers gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs0, now 0, sm8x8 and just sits there, no kp.
  3. Hi, Been trying to install Mojave on e7250 i5 (5500), kp pic and specs attached. Been going round and round with out luck, any help would be apreciated.
  4. Ok I got it to boot but get error macos could not be installed OSinstallm.pkg is missing! Any idea how to fix?
  5. I dont have a mac, I made the clover img, replaced Config and ACPI/Patched, but AppleHDA_ALC293.kext is not loading when loading other kext! All I can work out is im not adding AppleHDA_ALC293.kext correct in windows!
  6. Please can you share your clover folder with replace Config and ACPI/Patched etc as I have not mac to add kext patches! Thank you!!
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