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  1. Well, I did a new High Sierra installation, without formatting my Sierra drive. So I've kept all my stuff, settings ... And everything is perfectly working. Thanks again. Van_Axl
  2. Thank you. It now boots on my usb stick. I’m trying to install High Sierra right now. I’ll keep you posted.
  3. Hi Jake, Thx for your help. I've tried both boot packs : E7450_HD5500_Only_A17_HS.zip & E7450_Disable840M_A17_HS.zip With each time folders & files removed (ACPI\ , kext\, and config.plist ) from EFI partition, before copying files. But result is the same. I attach the clover folder, after F4. hope this helps.
  4. I had just updated my bios, and I forgot to change ma signature (now done). So I attached the end of the boot process
  5. Hi Jake, I'm trying to make a new install for High Sierra on my E7250 (bios A17, FullHD intel 5500 display, i5), but for the moment I still can not boot with My Usb HighSierra stick. I did this stick with this post : https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-xps-clover-guide/&do=findComment&comment=74275 I've changed the EFI USB folder to the correct boot pack from here : https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-xps-clover-guide/&do=findComment&comment=74275 I used the 5500 only pack as the 7250 has only one graphic board. But then while booting on my USB installer , in verbose mode, I got something like a kernel panic just when trying to boot. What step do I need to follow to troubleshoot ? Thank you, Van_Axl
  6. Many thanks Jake. I tried those files, and it is now working.
  7. Hi Jake, I'm in the same situation, I lost the brightness control after updating to 10.12.4. I've tried to apply your bootpack, but is seems that it did not change anything on this. does the files aplly for E7250 laptop too ? When hitting Fn + F11/F12, I see the apple brightness + or - , but nothing changes. I installed the brightness small app, describes on the first page, and this works. Thank for your help. Van_Axl
  8. I've made some progress about my stability issue. It seems to be more a HD5500 issue, because it finally crashes when I use external displays. If I work only with the laptop display, everything is working fine. But when the laptop is on my desk, I use 2 external displays (1 HDMI + 1 DP) and here comes the issue. I first though that it was a hibernation issue, but in fact crashes occur when it tries to switch on or off the display. It may also crash if I work in "laptop" mode, and if I plugged a hdmi display. I'm wondering if the ig-platform-id if correct for my config i5-U5300/HD5500. In the Jake's guide, the config.plist has ig-platform-id = 0x16260006 Google gave me another one : 0x16160002. I've tried this one but not sure if the config.pst value is not overload by the DSDT, because result is the same. @m1nkeh We have same hardware, do yo have issues with external displays ? Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi All, I'm now using this laptop since couple of days. I've also received my DW1560 wifi card, which works great with Jake's guide. But I must say that even if everything is working now, I have some stability issues, with the standby/hibernate mode. It can just simply crash the system instead of going into hibernation. And then when I switch back on the laptop it may not start (see attached file), I may loose my audio card ! I've noticed that to have back the sound & system to normal state, I must switch off & on several times. I can not say if this is linked to the wifi card change. How can I troubleshoot what is making the hibernation crashing ? is there a log file I can check ? Thx, Van_Axl
  10. Yes ... correct. I now have audio, just after some reboots. Great. So I tried to plug my HDMI TV, but no device detected in audio output pref. Thanks for your fast help anyway. Van_axl
  11. Sorry for being late to reply, I was struggling to re-install from scratch, but with dual boot Windows 10. So my dual boot is now ready. So I've tried to new guide from Jake, I would say that a lot is covered. There is just one thing : I have no sound. I've followed the guide, and I did not remove the vanilla AppleHDA from SLE, is it correct ? So here is what is working fine : - Webcam - close lid go to sleep / open the lid wakes - Power & CPU : i don't remember how to check if every thing is fine with cpu (states ...) any advise ? the ssdtPRGen default script will not recognise the CPU, so you that guide : https://www.firewolf.science/2015/04/unofficial-ssdtprgen-sh-v15-7-beta3-with-broadwell-cpus-support/ - Ethernet : I now use the one from Jake IntelMausiEthernet.kext , I do not see the difference with Intel1000e ... - HDMI & DP are working fine. - touchpad & keyboard is working fine with voodooPS2controller (click, 2 fingers click for right click, 2 fingers scroll). But it is not recognised in PrefPane. - Wifi : I have realised that my old bcm94352 was not m.2 ( but mini PCIe).. so I will need to find a new one. It seems hard to find that BCM94352 DW1560 in m.2 format (delivered in France) is there another one which works also fine, and OOB ? Otherwise, I'll need to wait for an eBay good opportunity. What is not working : - no audio card detected - no hdmi audio neither that's pretty all. So of course, any advise for audio will be appreciated (I may switch back to voodooHDA for the moment) Thx Van_Axl
  12. Hi Everyone, I'd like to try to install El Capitan into my new E7250 - i5 - FullHD - bios A07 I'm at the beginning of the process, I would like to create a working USB installation stick. With the one I've done, it was starting to load the MacOS installation, but I had a crash when loading, about framebuffer stuff (it was rebooting so quickly that it was difficult to read everything). So from what I understood in the different pages of this post, I needed the DVMT "patch" to have the correct memory amount. So I did that. But Now I have a kernel panic just after clover boot. Maybe the files in my USB stick are not fine. Can you please share your kext, dsdt, config, ... that i 'll add into my usb install drive to run the El Capitan installation ? Ty for your help. Van_Axl Edit : So finally after switching on my brain (and a lot a different tests), I realised that I had no FakeSMC.kext in my USB drive. So now I installed successfully El Capitan, will now play with the different components to see if everything is working
  13. Hi all, Could someone provide the vanilla libCLVMIGILPlugin.dylib , because I did patch it without making a backup first. I have same full screen issue, and I'd like to try Jake fix. Thank you Van_Axl
  14. I have the same issue. From what I've figured out, sometimes when going into sleep mode, it just failed or crash, then the laptop is rebooting, but it won't boot anymore : it is tucked at the middle of the progress bar with the apple logo. I've tried to boot with the recovery clover disk, then repair permission, then it seems ( not sure this will work every time) that if I next boot with -f -v, it will work ! I'm not sure which kext is causing my sleep issue. I know that the sound (appleHDA 267) is not working perfectly, sometimes I have headphone sound after a fresh boot, sometimes not, .... I still have in my config.plist the 3 kext patches, do I have to keep that ?
  15. Hi, Now using my E7240 on 10.10.1 for couple of days, I can confirm your points 2) and 3). The main issue with audio is when sleeping for a long period. Then audio speaker will not work after waking up. Same for headphone, the white noise is back. I may need to sleep again, or to reboot in order to have audio working. I'm using the AppleHDA v267.
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