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  1. hmm.. can't say i've really tried to use external displays to be honest... was back at the start of this thread i gave it a go and it was crashing all over the place. the most recent dsdt and config, not given it a whirl but i do get significantly less gfx issues with El Capitan. that aside, i've now installed encrypted Win 10 on this machine as i needed it for work will keep an eye on clover dev though, hopefully one day FileVault2 will be an option
  2. Is hardware level encryption possible with this drive?
  3. ah ok, i'll probably skip #5 then, as i do not have an i7
  4. hmm.. there's a good chunk of stuff in there that i personally would like more explanation about... 1. What is IntelMausiEthernet.kext, is it instead of IntelE1000e.kext. How does it differ? 2. Is EAPDFix.kext something to do with Audio? 3. How does BrcmPatchRAM2.kext differ from BrcmPatchRAM.kext ? 4. ACPIPoller, is this required for batterymanager stuff to work correctly? I'll give this ApplePS2Controller a whirl... I assume your trackpad works? Other things that I'm not certain about, because (i guess) i have a different CPU, i have to include a random bit of clover config that i don't really understand "New Way", in order to not get a KP... what does this section do? <key>CPU</key> <dict> <key>Type</key> <string>0x0706</string> </dict> Also, when i attempt to execute ddstPRGen.sh i get an error about the CPU not being recognised that i don't really know how to get past.... any tips there? I'll upload a picture when i get time. Ty.
  5. @van_axl - did you get your trackpad working, and do you have power saving sorted out? these are two areas i am still struggling with. i have the EXACT machine that you do. Ty.
  6. does anyone have touchpad working? grr
  7. install going a treat.. just verifying that the DSDT works etc... i STILL do not have keyboard / touchpad on boot for the installation, and it really annoys me that i have to plug in an external kb and mouse. i put the ApplePS2Controller.kext in the "Other" folder, as i do with all the others.... the only thing that i can think is that it needs to be in the 10.11 folder... grr Or maybe i've got an old version?? The ALPS one seems to work ok...
  8. nice one ty, ApplePS2Controller... i honestly still don't know if i'm using the latest one on that, no amount of googling allows me to locate it from the horses mouth - my trackpad works fine though so that's all good
  9. Nice, the main thing i'm interested in is the i5-5300u so this should work fine, ive got the touch screen and feel so-so about it tbh gf is away this weekend, so now i can get my geek on! what was the final list of *.kexts that you used? - i really want to stop using Vietnam Tool, and i feel it's a bit erm... "blackbox" ty!
  10. yeah but that launches the efi of the disk right? not your usb?
  11. well, you've got a couple of options: 1) insert the usb into a windows machine, and you'll see the EFI partition by default 2) run "defaults write com.apple.DiskUtility DUDebugMenuEnabled 1" in ther terminal (with diskutil closed) then launch diskutil and select show all partitions from on of the menus (i forget which), then just right click your EFI partition, and click "mount" 3) run clover configurator, and in the interface choose "mount EFI" - not 100% on this one though Personally #2 is my preferred option Good luck!
  12. oh right, cool. can either of you humour me and let me see the latest config.plist (and DSDT) that you ended up with in a new download so that i can compare with my own now that you've cast your expert eye over it Jake? Ty,
  13. hmm.. are you sure? He says that FakeSMC is in his 10.11 folder here -> https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7844-e7250/page-11&do=findComment&comment=54030 @dstrukt, i notice you've got the i5 CPU, same as me (is yours touchscreen?). I also had this error, but can't recall off hand how i fixed it... i do remember have to step through the config.plist line by line to see what the offending line was though I post about it here -> https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7844-e7250/page-8&do=findComment&comment=52008 This is probably down to Jake having an i7 machine and thinking about it a bit more i might have stopped using a DSDT completely because I've not been doing this long enough to dump and patch my own DSDT... Of course, this could be a complete red herring though, looks like this is something i need to double-check
  14. this thread is now basically replicating exactly what i went through a few months ago, steep learning curve of pain Got there in the end though (minus SSDT) @dstrukt good luck!
  15. random question alert: can i install OS X on an SD card, and boot from it?
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