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  1. Just for anyone interested in doing this: I managed to fit a BCM94360CS2 with PCI-E adapter in the WWAN slot of the e7440. I had to replace the original antenna's (which I think had U.FL connectors) by 2 MHF4 antenna's to get it working. Works perfectly out of the box , be sure to enable WWAN + Bluetooth in the bios though.
  2. Thanks Hervé! Changing the SMBIOS ProductName to MacBookPro11,1 did the trick. It now works perfectly!
  3. Hello guys, I am very happy about my E7440 running High Sierra, however I experience an issue while connected to two external monitors. I connect using the HDMI port and a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter. This works great, but when the screen is locked, or when the system goes to sleep, the system crashes and shuts down. Without any external monitors connected this problem does not occur. I am using the bootpack from the Clover guide along with Lilu.kext, Shiki.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext. After reading this topic, I was thinking that this might have something to do with my current SMBIOS ProductName (MacBookAir6,2) or with the current VRAM amount (1536MB). I tried looking up the error in system.log, without any luck. Is this a known problem, and would changing the VRAM or ProductName solve this problem? Thanks!
  4. Thank you, setting it to ANSI fixed the issue with ~. The alt and windows key are still switched, however I like it this way as on MacBooks the command key is also next to the spacebar.
  5. Thank you for your replies. When I looked through my config.plist, I found out that there already is a FakeID IntelGFX 0x04128086. I also found multiple AppleIntelFramebufferAzul patches which probably should be removed. I have included the full EFI folder if you would like to have a look. Can you tell me what should be removed? In Jake Lo's Kexts/Other/LE folder I found a AppleBacklightInjector.kext which probably also should be included. Would it be possible to check the EFI folder of Jake Lo from a usb stick or secondary hard drive, without removing my current EFI files? Thank you for your time. Edit I tried Jake Lo's EFI folder, and everything works perfectly. Thank you so much! Except for some reason the alt + windows key have switched. (Switched by replacing the alt and windows key on the keyboard ) and the tilde sign cannot be entered with the leftmost key. Instead a § is entered.
  6. Thank you for your reply Hervé, I have used the E7440 bootpack from the Clover Guide with a replaced VoodooPS2Controller from Dr Hurt. In my EFI kexts there are two files listed similar to the ones you mentioned: FakePCIID.kext and FakePCII_HD4600_HD4400.kext. Are you suggesting to replace them by FakePCIID + FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics kext's from the latest release of RehabMan's OS-X-Fake-PCI-ID? And can I then safely remove IntelBacklight.kext? I am relatively new to patching, therefore I am not sure if my DSDT from the bootpack contains the patches you mentioned. Can I find this out by unpacking my DSDT using MaciASL? Thank you for all your help.
  7. After I upgraded to Sierra 10.12.4 yesterday, brightness is not working anymore. Instead the brighness is at the maximum value. Changing the brightness with Fn+F3 and Fn+Insert shows apple's brightness indicator changing, however without effect. I tried installing Rehabman's latest IntelBacklight.kext on my EFI partition, without luck unfortunately. What are the steps I should take in order to fix the brightness in Sierra 10.12.4? Thanks!
  8. Instead of using /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/VoodooPS2Controller.kext you should use ApplePS2Controller.kext. This worked with me!
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