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  1. I had just flash the bios vesion to a08 which you used and it didn't work too
  2. It changed nothing ,it boot black screen again I had just reinstall Serrie with my efi that from your guid and it woked well and susscessful to desktop whatever how much times I restart the os I just relacing your new version of Ps2 kext then rebuild cache reboot with -v shows some words for about two seconds then screen become more and more dake till to be black screen this is my efi filesEFI.zip
  3. I've tryed many times and boot-files but all of them worked well in installing but boot black screen after build cache I just guess maybe about the bios version,mine is the latest version who could tell me what version of bios you use with your e7440 working well in 10.12
  4. but after rebuild it booted black screen , i tried to no add to le or sle ,then rebuild , it boot black screen too I only could run safe model to desktop but in safe model you could do nothing to chang the system
  5. the -v only showed for one ro two seconds then screen wend darker till to be black screen
  6. i use efi files from Jake Lo‘s guid and replaced VoodooPS2Controller.kext to fit for Sierra it installed well and successful to the desktop but if I repair permission and rebuild cache it booted black screen and reboot after serveral seconds
  7. how to? I tried flash the bios it changed nothing
  8. oh yeah It works well now another problem is everytime I boot the system there is a error warning like this it means that the computer was powerd off because fo some problem how to fix it?
  9. I have jusr tried it and it changed none. Also I tried set cpu=1 no useful either
  10. Now I just only use kextã€dsdt&config from this post https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-el-capitan-clover-guide/ still reboot after showed "system uptime in nanoseconds:3065925482 wich bios are you using? I used A16 and just up to A17 now
  11. I did with App store upgrade and successfully upgrade except alc292 but while I power off then power on it again the system didn't work as the pic shows
  12. the same problem it didn't work I had tried re-install 10.11.3 all things went well if I update to 10.11.4 it hapend again
  13. still be the same reboot after system uptime...... clover was updated to 3368 tried boot with caches and without caches here is my config config.plist.zip
  14. clover version r3330 all kexts and config are form here it worked well in 10.11.3 while after updated to 10.11.4 system boot to system uptime in nanoseconds:XXXXXXX then reboot my hardware cpu:i7 4600u ram:8g hhd: 256g sata-ssd &256g msata-ssd wireless&bluetooth :bcm94352hmb 1920*1080 ips
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