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  1. I have been running my Dell Optiplex 760 great (with Sleep still not working), but have been having this annoying issue with very poor reliability and performance when connection to Windows shares. It can take a second to connect, or it can never connect and just sit there...if connected, if trying to transfer large file, generally it will not finish and either disconnect or just sit there. I have done network tests while this is happening and there is nothing wrong with the network no problem (ping works the entire time). I am running 10.8.1 (about to try 10.8.2). I don't recall having this issue before. Just curious to see if this has happened to someone else. I have also noticed that Finder gets unresponsive while having the connection problems. I wish it was a network issue, but quite sure it isn't. Alan
  2. Thank again, and to agree with you, I am ALL ALL ALL about trying to get a complete system working to add to EDP. I am about 95% working on the Optiplex 760, the only 2 things not working is sleep and also the speech issue. I can dictate (ML), do Facetime, etc. but using the speech to control the system (the little round esc button), I bring it up, hit the esc key to speek, but nothing registers. I would expect to see something "light up" on the disc icon, but nothing. I've tried "Empty trash" for example, but nothing. Now, back to the Vostro 1500. I have issues with the card reader...AppleSDHC (I think) works, but cannot format the card or read it. I do see it in disc manager, but again, cannot format a card. The sleep enabler works perfect. The main issue is audio. All I get is static, but I know it hears me because. like testing in Facebook, I hear "louder" static when I talk. This worked for me ONLY once, and cannot for the life of me figure out what is not working. I removed the AppleSDHC kext, but nothing changed. I need help trying to get voice working. Playing iTunes songs works perfect...speakers are perfect.
  3. I am currently running Lion 10.7.2 after working many hours trying to get ML installed on it with no luck. I have just about everything working on this Vostro 1500, but the internal (and external for that matter) just don't work correctly. When I go to the sound section "Speech" and Voice Recognition, I go to calibrate the Microphone (Digital) entry and when I speak, I see the meter move, so I know it hear me, but anything like using speech recognition to FaceTime, it just doen't work, and if it does, it is 95% static. These are my installed kext files currently in /Extra/Extensions/ AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext BCM5722D.kext FakeSMC.kext IOATAFamily.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Patched_10.7_AppleRTC.kext VoodooTSCSync.kext kextlist.txt lspcidrv.kext I already have redone this laption twice because of a bad kext setup, so it is time to ask. Please let me know if there is a way to get this internal mic working.
  4. I got audio (speakers) working...yippie. I am still having issues with getting the internal mic working correctly, the SDcard reader and the trackpad (I am really beginning to believe that the trackpad just isn't supported on this model like some of the Macs are not as well). I have a very dumb question, but I have to ask. When I make a change to the /Extra (like adding a kext), I run kext wizard on the /Extra directory, get out, run myHack and run the full myFix and then reboot. Why is there an option when running the kext wizard to check the /system/Library/Extension directory? Just adding the kext in the /Extra directory and then running the pre-mentioned tools, isn't the S/L/E updated as well? At this stage, any stupid question may result in something I am missing. While trying to get the audio working correctly, I found a tool called HDA Wizard to make the AppleHDA.kext. Have you heard of it?
  5. Hello Herve, Great news. Using Lion (not ML) and the D630 Low Res (Low Res is a must) I got the Vostro 1500 running at about 95%. Wifi, etc. all work, graphics look great. I can see 2 issues I am going to have to get nailed down. Sound does not work at all, and a very strange, and hard to explain mouse/trackpad issues. Most of the time, the left mouse button does not work, but the right one does when I enable the trackpad's clicking features. Take it off and the mouse works normal. Also, I cannot get the sound to work. So far that is all I can see that doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello Herve, To be honest, I am kinda going by knowing what the kext does (Audio, Video, mouse, etc) and testing each one, but it seems the combination is hard to find a complete working one. Going in blind, well, agreed on the partly blind. I think I am going to take your advise and go to Lion. So if understood, get the "package" from D630 Bootpack, delete the DSDT from /Extra and give it a go? OK. I have Lion OS from my MacMini, no problem. Do I just use myHack to make a LION version instead of a Mountain Lion ? Is it basically that simple? I did use the "ioreg -lw0 > Vostro1500.ioreg" tool to dump the information to a file...I did attach it for what it is worth. I have no how to analyse this. Alan ps. Please be patient...I truly am kinda blind, just diligent it trying to get things to work...hey, I got the 760 working with no experience.
  7. Just to add a simple thought....I simply was adding/removing .kext files one by one, that is it. I didn't mess with any of the DSDT stuff, and from what I just read, it looks difficult...but will try to learn it.
  8. Oh boy Herve, That's a lot to try and understand. Right off the bat, I don't want to give up yet. Graphics performance is not critical, just want it working. I can say I at one time had this system up and running with ML only to have an annoying freeze not to long after the desktop came up. Everything worked, wifi, mouse, etc. My big question to you is will you assist me in my endeavors tp continue to get this working? I have to idea where to start with what you were mentioning about Windows. Yes, it will still run windows no problem. I had to install Windows just to update the BIOS If I had to go the LION route, I would prefer that than going back to Windows. I am quite persistant. I have never used a DSDT before, so I will have to learn about that first. All I have done is with EDP and OSXLatitude way ... myHack, EDP, /EXTRA, etc. I though the DSDT way of doing things was another way other than OSXLatitude's. I will look at Olarila's site. Now, I truly have NO idea what you mean by getting a table from Windows, could you explain? Thanks SO much for your assistance...I think I can be persistant enough to at least get the basics working on this laptop. Alan
  9. Definitely ML. I got it working on 2 other Dell's (Optiplex 755 and 760). I actually got ML up and running but it would freeze on me within 10 seconds...so very close. Now, if Safe Mode works perfect, I just have to figure out the kext files I think, I just don't know which one or what to look for with the recycling of the authentication (my previous post).
  10. I have been at the point where safe mode boots perfect and also runs perfect, but when I try to boot up normal, in vervose mode I see a recycle over and over and think it has something to do with authentication, as far as I could tell from scouring the net, because I see a file com.apple.coreservices.appleid.authentication and com.logmein.logmeinguiagentatlogin among about 5 other com.apple.launchdb... files, and it just repeats over and over, about every 15 seconds. Could I send a syslog file? Just confused at this point.
  11. Thank you so very much for your reply. When you say "dsdt", I have heard of it, I just don't know what or how to use it. I only really know the /Extra and the myHack way (osxlatitude and EDP). I do see a dsdt.aml file from the files I got from a similar system, but don't know anything about it. Perhaps you would assist? I will give LogMeIn access into my system while it is running in safe mode perfectly.
  12. I know I am not getting a whole lot of help here, but worth a shot...I am booting -v - f and am stumped to figure out what these messages mean in the bootup verbose logs... AppleSMBusPCI failed to get ACPI path for provider AppleBlueToothHCI failed to get ACPI path form provider IOBluetoothHCIControllerSetConfigState calling register service (***it hangs here for a very long time) ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin - timeout ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin: failed to locate SMC driver ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin - Warning LPC device initialization failed: C-State power management not initialized AppleBlueToothHCIControllerUSBTransport[configPM] [ERROR] waited 30 seconds and still did not get the commandWakeUP() notification IOBluetoothHCIControllerSetConfigState calling register service I got so close, with Lion up and running, WIFI working, but almost system hang within 10 seconds. I know so many people have got just 10.7 working, but I am working hard on getting MountainLion working. Please any help getting this working would be so so very much appreciated.
  13. Adam, I am not trying to be anything but someone that will try to help. I gave you everything I had that got my Optiplex 760 working, you have a 960. OSXLATITUDE uses their own way of installing, using EDP. Please know I am not dissing you at all, I just don't know how to help you. I don't have a 960 to test with.
  14. Adam, I'd help you more if you ran the osxlatitude (myHack) installation. I don't know iFail at all. Getting things working here are to help out fellow OSXLATITUDE folks.
  15. Adam, The 760, compared to the other Dell's I have messed with, is a fairly easy beast. The only thing I don't have working is "sleep". Attached are my .kext files. It took a while to get all this working, but here is what I would recommend you do (I can't recall if I had to made any changes to BIOS, I don't think I did) 1. Get your USB done (myHack) 2. Install Kext Wizard and Chameleon Wizard 3. Install all my attached kext files NOTE: When installing MacOS using myHack USB, you can opt to use your own /Extra. Just extract the attached file, put it in a directory and point to it when it asks you. You should be good to go. This system so far is ROCK SOLID. Hope this helps. Alan Extra - Optiplex 760 ML.zip
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