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  1. I got DW1395 in the end. Could you attach both Kext files?
  2. Thats really strange.. I have checked in windows and I cant see any bluetooth under devices. It is enabled in bios,wifi/BT switch works fine but BT is not showing under device manager. I get that on both d820 so wondering if BT is optional maybe? Update, I took it apart and found out that BT module is not there. Must have optional in this model. Which card is better DW1395 or DW1390?
  3. Yeah I have radio enabled but not sure what model is that. Where do I find model? Also just found 2 wireless cards dell DW1395 and DW1390 at my local pc shop. Will those work well with my D820?
  4. Im on 1.7.4 and run update via Apple menu and I get kernel panic during install. Ive noticed that it KP on security update but installed other updates. Re run update with only security update and its working fine now Last question.. Should bluetooth be working on this machine? When I go to system info, there is nothing under BT section.
  5. No problem, left my laptop at work, will do it first thing in the moring.
  6. Tried it and not working for me. I have tried many other things and cant get hdd detected in installer. Only iFail v7 boots to setup and detect hdd but get KP after install. Im going to give up on this one I think or come back to it when Im bored.
  7. It did the trick All isses resolved. Now ive got perfectly working dual boot Lion/Win7. Ive used DSDT from D620 and it fixed the problem with booting to black screen:) I have noticed that trackpad is a bit flaky at times but that something im gonna look into. I have one more question. How safe is to update OSx? is there any perffered way? Ive done update on my other d820 and get KP now. Many thanks for help
  8. Hello, Ive installed Chameleon Wizard and reinstalled all boot loaders up to latest one and its the same.
  9. HI, Had first go on ML install and I can get to installer without any switches but Hdd is not detected. I didnt use any bootpacks and used generic Extra. Tried with -x but still no hdd. Any idea how to get it working? Cheers,
  10. Everything is working, just booting issue with black screen. Im going to install chameleon wizard and try to update boot file.
  11. I have attached system report file. sys info 2.zip
  12. Ive installed lion on my other D820 and its exactly the same issue. Booting to black screen and to get it working got to close and reopen the lid. As with the other d820 once EDP is installed and run I get black screen on boot. Any ideas what to do? Also is it safe to run update on os?
  13. Work keeps me very busy today. I will try again when I get home and report back.
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