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  1. I have a D630 with Mountain Lion which is working very well for me. I'm just wondering, If I was to update through the app store update to Mavericks is that going to break all of the things I worked so hard to get up and running?
  2. Ha, no I'm from the west! I gave up on the 5930G because it was too much trouble to be messing with it. I'm going to wait for someone else to do all the hard work and try again later! But now I've gone and put ML on my D630 and I'm going to dual boot with Win 7. I used the EDP (really cool software, makes it so easy) and everything is running well, except for a couple of issues. 1. I have no bluetooth. 2. It says that my graphics card is the 8400M GS 128MB but I think it's a Quadro. Is there a fix for these? Also, I'm using the USB as a bootloader but I'd like to install chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) instead of Chameleon because I prefer the look of it. Will that cause any issue? And finally, when I go and install Windows 7 I'm worried that it will screw with the GUID setting and change it to MBR. What's the story there?
  3. I decided to install Mountain Lion on my 5930G using unifail. It recognizes my graphics card properly and I got the n+ USB adapter working again with the ralink kext for wifi. Still have no sound or sleep and can't login to iCloud or App Store. The laptops LCD is bust so I have it connected to the tv via HDMI cable. I am trying to find and install different kexts to get everything working and this means a lot of restarting the laptop. Is there anyway I can get the laptop to reboot using the keyboard if it freezes during osx boot? Its constantly freezing during boot and not reporting any errors in verbose, it's driving me crazy walking back and fourth every 5 seconds to hold down the power button. My Phoenix BIOS is a piece of crap, has no useful features whatsoever in it to achieve this.
  4. Yes that is what it's reporting, but I'm not actually on ML yet I'm on 10.7.4 and it's a D630 as opposed to D620.
  5. I got my spare belkin wireless n+ adapter working so now I have the internet. But I've been researching for 2 days trying to get sound, bluetooth, graphics, card reader working and everything I have tried has not worked. It still thinks I have the nVidia Quadro NVS 110M EFI 256 MB that was in the dell d630 even though it realized itself that the processor has changed. I'm wondering if I would be better off installing Mountain Lion from scratch on the acer? Is it not possible to get someone else's installer image for a 5930g with all kexts built into it, or to get a copy of their extra folder and just paste it over what I have already? I would have thought these would be easy to find online!
  6. You're a genius bronx. It booted. What does DSDT=0 actually do? It's missing wifi and sound, and I guess there is a better kext for the graphics? NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512MB GDDR3 Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100 (abgn) Realtek ALC888
  7. Is it possible to get OSX working on the Aspire 5930? I had it up and running on my D630. I'm guessing that simply putting the hard drive from that into the Aspire won't even boot?
  8. There is a link to the appleacpiplatform.kext that you are looking for on the previous page of this thread about half way down (page 15). As for running myfix, just double click on myhack in Applications folder, choose "myFix" from the dropdown menu, choose the root drive which will be "/", and then choose "Full".
  9. That's what I did in the end. There is probably something that would fix it but it's not a big deal. Have been using Lion for a few days now on my D630. All is still going well! If I wanted to update to Mountain Lion in a couple of months time would it be possible through apples Software Updater or would that just break everything that I have had to get working?
  10. Yep, just did a full myFix and reboot... Still there
  11. I installed AppleACPIPlatform.kext and SleepEnabler.kext using kext helper and now everything is almost perfect. Very fast boot with no boot flags and sleep/wake working flawlessly. The only thing thats bothering me is the bluetooth continuously looking for a keyboard... I have ApplePS2Keyboard.kext installed on the volume and the keyboard actually works perfectly. Anyway to make Lion realize that it works?
  12. Great, thanks JawhnL5! I did all of that and my boot time is gone from about an hour to exactly 40 seconds and was booting without using any flags. I also had screwed up my BIOS setting which I have sorted out now too. I still don't quite trust it though, I've had to boot in safe mode again since because my screen went to sleep but I disabled that in the System Preferences now. I'm not sure if I trust it with my files yet but it seems to run very smoothly. Where would I find sleepnabler.kext and the PS2 Keyboard kext ? Other than that it's all working, even the biometric reader and speedstep support. Yes I think I have the correct AppleACPIPlatform.kext that JawhnL5 gave me but I'll do a search on here to be sure. It did install on MBR. I think it was me that was causing the problems and not that but I have reformatted to GUID now anyway. As for Chameleon, I didn't understand what that was before, but I get it now. I'm new to all this but I'm learning fast. I think I might just use my D630 for Lion now and use my 5930G for Win 7. Edit: Stuck in safe boot again. Will try injecting the snow leopard acpi platform kext!!
  13. I have Master Boot Record as my map scheme. Does this mean I should start all over again ? That will mean that i'll have to format my Windows 7 partition also? I managed to boot in again without safe mode and ran EDP and did a myFix, Nothing has changed though. Still have a very slow boot (a whole hour) and its still looking for a keyboard. The install that I'm using on the USB is actually 10.7.4 already so I'm already up to date that way. Again thanks for all the help. I'd never have gotten this far otherwise...
  14. Actually I still have problems... Booting into OS X is stalling at the same place as it was on the USB stick (see picture 1). It eventually moves on to "[PCI configuration begin]" after around 20 minutes and does another bit before giving up (see picture 2). Also the keyboard is still not being detected. Any fix for these?
  15. Thanks for all the help JawhnL5. It's ok now, I managed to boot it. I ran myFix on the partition too. I now have a working install of 10.7.4. Everything seems to be working: Sound Wifi Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (The keyboard works fine but OS X keeps telling me i don't have one and searching for one with bluetooth) nVidia Card (1440x900 Resolution) Sleep (Sleep works although it is very slow to wake back up after and gives an error message saying that the disk was improperly ejected) Also, booting into OS X is extremely slow (like up to 30minutes). Is that normal? Now I need to know how I can have a boot loader to ask me whether I want to boot Windows 7 or OS X when I power on the laptop. Is there a way to achieve this? Other than that, I am really impressed with how fast and smooth everything seems to be running after it actually boots. I've never used a mac so looking forward to playing around with it. If I like it then I will definitely be purchasing the license from the app store.
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