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  1. Haha, yeah it is hard to know if anything is happening as long as HWMonitor doesn't show any clock speed changes. I'm also annoyed with Dell and their fan control. From time to time the fan doesn't stop, even when the system is cool enough. This happens under any OS. Rather than fixing this Dell has added a reset for the thermal/fan controls (Fn+Z). I'd much rather have them fix it in a bios and maybe even put the temperature trip points in the DSDT like others do such as HP. On those DTSDs you can actually change the temperatures/fan speeds. Oh well Another thing you can try is to disable all the p/c-state generating being done by the bootloader. After doing that here I got a lot more speedsteps. Before it was either running at the lowest or highest speeds. Be sure to remove nullcpupowermanagement too.
  2. That is the right section, you need to use 6,2 version in smbios.plist in /Extra then it should detect it and log changes. Or maybe your device id is different than mine. Another thing that may be related is me changing smbios version in fakesmc to the 6,2 one found on apple.com as outlined in the performance tutorial. DSDT seems interesting too, you are further than I am, I also make it up as I go along It could just be psychological but after getting speedstep to work properly (sometimes one core runs at 13x and one at 11x) it is much cooler. I'm not 100% sure GPU G-states are working correctly but that could be just a HWMonitor issue. The AGPM values could be tweaked if needed. I haven't noticed any reduced graphics performance. The only thing that has reduced is the temperature, not buy much but every little helps. Sleep or audio of displayport are not yet in my way but would be nice to get working. For now I am aiming to get the laptop as cool and quiet as under windows. If only Dell didn't hide their fan control so well...
  3. There is no HD audio device listed in the volume settings/output devices here. Esata works but hot swapping doesn't. Can't fully eject the device. Not via diskutil too. So you would need a reboot if you want to use another esata device. Removing c/p-state generation options from chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded)/chameleon seems to have improved the speedstepping a lot, since the 6,2 mbp has the same cpu I figured we don't need any riff-raff. I see much more steps passing by now, system seems cooler too. Still haven't been able to get the gpu clock to work. Edit: With some help of google and our Chinese friends, I've added the following to the mbp 6,2 entry to AGPMs Info.plist, HWMonitor still doesn't show any changes, but the system.log does and things seem to run cooler, the fan actually shuts off from time to time. The 110 values are used to prevent state 3 which we don't have. We only have 3 power states, Apple uses 4. To enable logging be sure you have the logcontrol key set to 1.
  4. I can confirm the display port works sans the audio over it. Can't get the nvidia hd audio device to work, it shows in lspci. But displayport -> hdmi works fine. Got my laptop connected to my tv @ 1920x1080 without any troubles.
  5. I have removed it here, doesn't make any difference unfortunately. Update: Found this post to be very informative. I can't find any entry for our nvidia (0a6c) in AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext And creating an entry is much too daunting for me! It does explain why the GPUs p-states are not working though. They are defined there if I understand it correctly. The entry for the 6,2 MBP might be interesting but I wouldn't know what to do other than adding a device matching very closely to one from a mac as I can't seem to find any macbook with a GPU based on this GT218. Pressing Fn + Z resets the thermal/fan stuff, which will help when the fans don't shut off anymore (happens on other latitudes too). For those with a rebranded wifi card I had to keep the original IOPCIFamily.kext and not use the one from the S/L/E folder in the 10.8.4 zip file. Otherwise wifi won't work unless you also use the modified Broadcom43XXFamilyrev2.kext.
  6. Going to do that now. One problem I have is with HWMonitor, it just quits after a few seconds/minutes, always. No errors or anything, it just disappears. I've tried old versions and newer, running the latest now. Do you have any pointers in testing the CPU/GPU clocks/temps to see if speedstep is working other than using hwmonitor? I noticed under Windows my nvidia runs anywhere between 150-600mhz, under OSX it always runs at 400mhz. Lets hope fakesmc/smbios will help a bit. Update: I've set my model to 6,2 (was 8,1) as it's the only one with the 520M CPU. Edited FakeSMC Info.plist with new SMC (MBP61.0057.B0F (EFI 2.6) 1.58f17 (SMC 1.7)). When just running Safari CPU runs between 45-65C, GPU around 60-70C. I don't think HWMonitor is very accurate as the temps sometimes jump up and down by 10C. Fan is nearly always on. Also do we keep NullCPUPowermanagement.kext or not? I don't notice any difference in performance or temps with or without it. GPU clock is still 'stuck' at 400mhz. This could possible cause the extra heat as it is warming up the cooling system/heatpipes inside. Does anyone have a working variable clock speeds on the 3100M? Sorry about all the questions. Tried SMC version of a MBP with a 320M GPU as it's closest to what we have, also did not make any difference. Clock is still stuck at 400mhz. I will wait for other people to report on their temps and clock speed.
  7. I've been experimenting with SSDTs for the past days but I can't seem to get the laptop any cooler, the fan is pretty much on all the time even when idling. I'm wondering if anyone else has this too? I've applied a copper mod and AS5 which made the laptop much cooler when running Windows/Linux (fans stay off unless the CPU/GPU gets a lot of load) but no change when running OSX. Could this have todo with DTST instead of SSDT? I think somewhere something is running at max speed rather than applying a variable speed. But my knowledge is limited here. I wouldn't mind chipping in with a donation to get a proper DSDT patch for our E6410s if that would help with speedstep/sleep/temps.
  8. I've extracted the dsdt from the A14 bios ran fixes and applied the patch found from olarila.com, it boots fine with both. I'm also using my fixed dsdt in Windows without issues. Not noticing any difference between the one found in this thread and my own. Speedstep and sleep don't work properly for me too. Both CPU and GPU. I did rebrand my wireless card which is nice because it pretty much always works now. I will test from generic sandy bridge i5 ssdt files and if those fail generate my own to try and get speedstep to work.
  9. Awesome, can't believe I missed that bit in there! Thank you for pointing it out. Replaced airportd and wifi worked instantly! Lovely. The kext errors don't really seem to break anything as far I can tell, just noticed them when troubleshooting my wifi foes. As for the CPU, I've seen in other places AppleIntelCPU kext should display turboboost speed and some other details on load. I\ll try disabling it for now in the bios and see if that lowers the temps. My fan is on all the time at low rpm, under other OSs the fan doesn't kick in until the GPU reaches 70c or CPU reaches 80c, most of the time the fan is completely off. Maybe this has more todo with dsdt than the power management... I've also added the new trackpad kexts and removed all the old ps2 stuff laying about, this sorted out some kext errors. It is still not able to use the caches, not sure why this happens. The 2 finger scrolling works much better than with the Dell drivers under Windows Update: After a few hours of fiddling I didn't manage to sort out the caches, they are not even created, no cache files in the usual places at all. I'm also having troubles enabling trim, tried it via myhack which causes booting up to hang. Tried with trim enabler & chameleon ssd optimizer, both say patch is active but trim is not enabled both in the trim enabler app and in the system profiler. I've also applied the patch via the terminal all to no avail. I went as far as I could within my abilities and could google up. Will give it another go some time later. Trim works in Lion for me. Update 2: Figured out why trim patching didn't work for me. It needs to patch the IOAHCIBlockStorage kext file inside IOAHCIFamily which somehow went wrong. Used myHack to patch an original 10.8.4 IOAHCIFamily kext and moved the blockstorage kext inside the version from the 10.8.4 zip file and that made trim work. Update 3: If it isn't a malfunctioning FakeSMC/HWMonitor combination, I think I know what is causing the heat-up. According to HWMonitor the GPU is always running at 400MHz core/memory clock speeds. In Windows those clock speeds fluctuate between 135MHz-600MHz .The shader clock speed and voltage change in Windows too but I have no means to check if that happens in OSX. I will do a copper mod on the GPU but it would be nice to get the fluctuation clock speeds to work. If that is possible at all. Any tips would be appreciated.
  10. I'm looking for the search function. I can only find a site wide search. Nothing for the forums, or per section/thread. Am I missing some big search button or is there no forum search functionality yet? Hehe, ok I found that I can click on the big icvon top right and it allows me to search the forums too. It seems to depend on where I am on the site. On some pages there is just a link to "http://www.osxlatitude.com/?s=". No text field, on other pages it links me to a full search page with options to search in the forums, site etc.. This will work though
  11. First post, and first let me say thanks for this guide. I followed it to the letter and got a semi working hackingtosh. I used a 10.8.4 installer from the iTunes store as starting point. Then made the installer with the 10.8 zip file as mentioned in the guide for 10.8.4 starters. I'm having a few issues though. After the install I installed the Extra and S/L/E kexts with Kextwizard as per guide. I have a few strange issues: - Wifi, I have a Dell DW1510 (BCM94322HM8L), it sees wifi networks but can not join any of them, it gives an error right after entering the password when its trying to connect. A small grey triangle with connection failed nothing more verbose. I'm getting a lot of errors related to several airport kexts on boot up too. The logs say no password was entered when connecting to a wifi, I did enter a password. There's also a load of kexts that don't want to load due to unresolved dependencies and some are being refused. No bootcaches are made too, I even tried to manually create them and it still boots loading all extensions (kextcache -v 1 -a i386 -a x86_64 -m /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /System/Library/Extensions). I've ran several full myfixes form the installer to no avail. Does someone know howto sort these extension troubles out? Logs are here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=nhF84NfC Audio, wired networking, and most other stuff works fine. Just the wireless and those errors. Speedstep doesn't seem to work properly as well. Laptop runs twice as hot as under Linux or Windows. Seems the multipliers are not right; cpu running at higher frequencies than needed. Hope anyone can shine some light on my issues. I will update my post if solve some stuff myself. Hopefully this may help others.
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