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  1. Chris

    Thanks all !

    A great community here. I can't believe I've been lurking on and off here, since 2010 on this platform and back when OSX Latitude wasn't even called that and it was a mailing list. Good times....and we're all getting older. Nice to see newbies. Chris
  2. Just updated to 10.9.2 on my Latitude D630 and it works without a problem. Latitude D630, BIOS A17, C2D T7500 2.2GHz, 2Go DDR2-667, nVidia Quadro NVS 135M, 1280x800
  3. Just to follow up on this thread for anyone else out there getting this error. I've now installed, removed and reinstalled various versions of OSX (10.8.4 and 10.9) on my D630 and for some reason, I get this error every time I run EDP for the first time. If I remove EDP and reinstall, it works. Also to answer my own question about EDP above, it does appear that the end of the EDP process is the donation request...the machine does not reboot, the page does seem to refresh, but there's no clear indication that the EDP has completed, but when I cancel out of EDP and reboot I do have a working system.
  4. Thanks Bronxteck, I installed voodoohda 2.8.1 with KextHelper b7 and I have sound. The touchpad works reasonably, but it could be better. Do you know by chance which kext I should install for the touchpad? Thanks...if I can optimize the touchpad, I'll be done. EDIT: actually the trackpad is working ok. So no need to add another kext. Anyone coming here with problems regarding EDP finishing on the D630 can definitely contact me. My machine may not be optimized, but it works.
  5. So I installed 10.8.4 and it's actually less usable than 10.9, the trackpad jumps all over the place. But I did manage to run EDP and it also seems to hang on Step 6. ALTHOUGH, I was looking at the screenshots in the instructions and it seems like Step 6 is the final step...and it does end with the donation request. Is this correct? So I'm going to reinstall 10.9 and then install Chameleon. I have a basically usable system except for the fact that I have no sound. Can someone tell me what the basic kext is for sound for the D630? Shouldn't I be able to manually install that single kext to get sound since EDP doesn't seem to be working for me? Thanks.
  6. Just completely reinstalled 10.9 and still get the same problem at Step 6. I did discover something else odd, however. If I'm reading the instructions correctly, after I install OSX using myHack (but before the Apple configuration stage, time zone and Apple ID, etc.), the computer should boot up on its own, without the USB. Mine does not do this, I need the USB to boot. So perhaps the problem is not with EDP but with the installer?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have a bluetooth card. I don't have an Intel wifi, I replaced it with a Dell 'osx' compatible wifi. I first disabled it, that didn't work. Then completely removed it, which didn't work either. I'm still stuck on Step 6. I'm going to try to install 10.8 and see if that works. Chris
  8. OK new thread here, since iMick helped me through my problem of getting EDP started at all (redownload EDP, reinstall, redownload EDP, reinstall). Now EDP starts but appears to stop at Step 6 myFix, at the point the request for donations appears (unless this is a hint? I thought it was done and rebooted but Chameleon is clearly not installed, so I'm thinking EDP isn't quite finished yet....I've left it now nearly an hour. The page keeps refreshing but there's no sign of advancing beyond Step 6. Thanks, Chris I have the nVidia version of D630.
  9. I'm not yet out of the woods, but at least I don't get the above error any more. So we can close this thread. To summarize, I uninstalled EDP (an older version apparently from about two weeks ago), reinstalled EDP and it did not work--same error. I uninstalled (the new) EDP and redownloaded and reinstalled and it worked. At the moment I've run EDP again because I think I stopped the process to early. I got to Step 6 where there is a request for donations for myfix. I thought it was done so I rebooted, but Chameleon wasn't installed and I needed to boot from USB. Once in the system, it didn't seem like everything was working properly. So now I've rerun EDP again, it's at Step 6 and appears to have stopped, but I'll let it run and see what happens. Is it absolutely clear when the EDP process is complete, does the machine reboot? Thanks iMick, for your help. Chris
  10. Just redownloaded and installed again....seems to be working now.....it's asking me if I want to configure EDP, which never happened before...
  11. Same error after reinstall, except that "bin" follows "class cfol Extra folder now has an EDP folder, which is empty
  12. Thanks for any help you can offer. I got my 'information' about the ISP/SVN issue from this thread: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2875-solved-error-on-d630-ml-install-with-edp5-cant-get-class-docf-etc/?hl=%2Bclass+%2Bdocf Can't seem to get the screenshot to work (mouse is very jumpy in the 'pre-EDP' state), but the contents of Extra are: Extensions\ RemovedExtensions\ Themes\ DSDT.aml org.chameleon.Boot.plist org.chameleon.Boot.plist.plist smbios.plist No edptool.command. EDIT: reinstalling EDP now....I'll post again once that's done
  13. All, I'm still getting the infamous 'Can't get <class docf> "edptool.command" of <class cfol> "extra" of <class sdsk> of application "finder"' error when I try to run EDP 5. I have learned from another thread here that this probably means that my ISP is blocking SVN connections. Mr Freckles managed to use his cell phone connection to download. I have tried my own cell phone connection and still get the error. Earlier this week, I was in the US and tried the following wifi hotspots: Barnes and Noble 3 McDonalds 2 Panera Bread Washington-Dulles airport wifi I'm now in Europe and tried: Frankfurt airport wifi 2 McDonalds 2 other internet cafes None of the above locations allowed EDP to work. I got the same error every time. I don't think calling some massive ISP is going to get me anywhere, so does anyone know if there's some level of configuration that I can do at the level of my 'box'? Or does anyone have any idea of any public wifi in either France or Germany where EDP does actually work? Thanks, Chris
  14. Not sure I would label this thread as 'solved'. I'm getting this error too and not everyone has access to a secondary internet connection with which to make the EDP5 download work. Is there a manual way (even if tedious) of making EDP5 work for those of us in this situation? Thanks, Chris EDIT: Could we not post 'snapshots' of extra folders next to the model names on the compatibility chart? That way, at least people would have 'a working version' even if it wasn't the latest and the greatest? As long as I'm asking this, can someone who has a D630 working with 10.9 send me a zip of their working Extra folder via private message or upload a link?
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