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  1. Thanks Herve. Didn't know about the lack of turboboost, but should be fast enough. The e7240 is really nice. Text a bit small on screen, but sharp and you get used to it. I wanted to compare it to the Full HD on the 14" e7440. It's just for writing, translating, blogging, so don't need lots of power. Found one with the i3, 8GB RAM, SSD and good battery for around £250, so seems a good price.
  2. Just a quick question about installing OSX on an e7440 with i3 1.70 processor. Will it work okay, like with the i5 and i7 processors? Only asking because have good deal to buy one cheap and I really like the Full HD display, a great hackintosh laptop. Don't think Apple have any i3 notebooks, so wondering if there might be any problems. Thanks.
  3. I didn't upgrade Clover, but I maybe solved the problem. At Clover screen I added option "disable display timeout" or something like that (don't remember now) and it booted up okay. I also added the patched Audio kext to /L/E because I lost audio at reboot, and now sound works fine. Quick question: do the Clover options at boot screen remain, or do they reset at next reboot? I mean, when I selected "disable display timeout", does it go back to "enable" at the next boot?
  4. Thanks Bronxtech. I rebuild kernel cache with: sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / Not sure if that's the right command or need something more. Anyway, no change. Still get black screen. If I don't do anything and just hit boot at Clover, I get the Apple logo, then screen goes black right away. I can boot in safe mode.
  5. Hi all. Have El Capitan installed via Clover on my e7240 / i5-4300 1.9 / Bios A10 / Full HD with touchscreen, and it was running great for about 2 weeks. I installed the Dr.Hurt modified touchpad driver and it was working well too. Today the pointer froze and I rebooted from the Apple menu via touchscreen. On reboot to Clover window, I proceeded as normal, the computer started to boot, got the Apple logo, then screen went black. I don't know if the boot continues behind the black screen but there is battery light activity. I booted from Clover in Safe Mode, get the verbose screen, which seems okay, then the screen gets a page of strings for about 5 minutes with: sandbox dlrhelper (18) system policy: allow (0) file-write-unlink PK/install sandbox manager system software/901ec4be-9121-4414-bf89-bced73fbd74c.sandbox/root/applications/safari.app/Contents/Resources/ (and then all the different languages) And then a page of strings (still continuing), always starting with: sandbox dlrhelper (18) system policy: allow (0) file-write-unlink PK/install sandbox manager system software/901ec4be-9121-4414-bf89-bced73fbd74c.sandbox/root/system/library/privateframeworks/ (etc.) ================= Any help greatly appreciated. P.S. update: boot finally completed after about 15 minutes, with screen artefacts at end of boot. Booted to desktop in Safe Boot, the screen flashed for a few seconds, then desktop appeared and it seems okay. Now that I am at desktop I hope I can make any necessary changes. Where should I begin? Thanks.
  6. Yes, it's weird. Have to say that the MBPro works perfectly though. The only problems I've had are when trying to create the USB pen.
  7. Jake. Tried that version 5 by kfiatos and it works pretty well! Can't get 3 fingered dragging to work, but no big problem. Scrolling is smooth, 1 finger tap and drag is good, a few other gestures work okay. All in all, great job.
  8. Serious problem here. Trying to create El Capitan USB installer for Dell e6230, following Herve's guide with Enoch. Though the first part is the same as Jake Lo's guide with Clover. It's now 4 different times that I had this problem, working on my 2009 Macbook Pro with El Capitan, where the desktop goes black and then the computer freezes, and I have to force restart. - first time, mounting BaseSystem.dmg - the other 3 times, when copying Packages to the USB drive I've redownloaded the El Capitan install app, in case it had been corrupted. I've tried different USB drives. I've never had this problem with other times to create a USB installer, but if I remember maybe that was creating installers for Yosemite and Mavericks. I have created El Capitan installers, but I don't remember if it was on this Mac, a 2009 Macbook Pro running El Capitan. P.S. in my sig I have an e6230 with El Capitan, so obviously I succeeded before to install it. I don't have that USB pen anymore though. Strange. Unless I created that first USB on a different Mac.
  9. I got this great little notebook up and working with El Capitan using Jake Lo's Clover guide. Many thanks to Jake. Needed two goes at it, but the second time worked great. First time I messed something up with a new SSDT and could boot only to black screen. Anyway, quick question. With the first install, I using Jake's e7440 bootpack, I had a working touchpad but no 2-finger scrolling. Scrolling worked with 1 finger on right side of touchpad. After second install, no scrolling. Can tap to click though. I have an ALPS touchpad. Do you recommend the "Refined ALPS touchpad driver" from Dr. Hurt in another thread? Some people reported it worked okay, others said they still didn't get scrolling. Or other alternatives? Thanks. P.S. really love this machine. First time I had a touchscreen ultrabook. Didn't know if I would use or like the touchscreen, but am starting to like it a lot. The Full HD resolution is perfect. It's the model with i5-4300 1.9 processor. P.P.S. Oh, forgot to ask re. dual booting with Windows 10. When I formatted the disk before installing El Capitan, I created a 2nd 40GB MS-DOS, where I'd like to install Windows 10 for very occasional use (with 1 app not running on Mac). I've made other dual boots machines, but I used Herve's Enoch install method for the Mac OS and it was really easy to format the 2nd partition and install Windows like it was just a normal PC.
  10. Hi scram69, Could you explain about how you go into Dell BIOS following Windows install and re-select CloverEFI.X64? I installed El Capitan on a e6230 using Jake's Clover guide and it went okay. I installed - or tried to install - Windows 7 on a 2nd partition, formatted from Windows 7 installer. Install seemed to complete, but on reboot, from Clover menu, if I choose Boot Windows from Legacy HD4, it says no bootable device. It also says this if I try to boot from the Windows 7 installer on USB pen. Any help much appreciated. P.S. I just see that you said you partitioned drive in STEP 2.7 of Jake's guide. I made the MS-DOS partition using Disk Utility in El Capitan. Is that a problem?
  11. Sorry. Anyway, as is often said in threads, please check the site before asking questions others have asked before. I did that, but - my fault - I didn't fully understand all the steps. These are probably second nature for you guys and I can understand that you get impatient with people. But I'm no expert and I really really appreciate what you guys do here. And I have donated, a sign of my gratitude for all your work. Money is tight (otherwise I'd donate more!!!), and I have a very limited budget for even an old Dell, so even if my worries were unnecessary, I just wanted to be sure about the right steps to take and in the right order, before proceeding. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks Jake. I just saw at the Dell site that A03 is not available. Just A02 and then from A06 up. Starting with A02 you get a message that the update will remove some features, etc., but I assume it's still okay in 2016.
  13. Okay, but as I wrote, I tried with A06 too. Which is below A12. It wasn't totally clear, at least to me, that you HAD to go back up to A11. I will downgrade and upgrade ASAP. Hope that that's the only problem. As usual, thanks.
  14. Have an e6230 with i5-3320M 2.6 processor. Created the USB installer following Herve's guide with Enoch. Like Herve said in another thread, I removed the ssdt.aml from root because it is for the 3340M processor, and I used NullCPUPowermanagement kext instead of AppleIntelCPU. I am using the Bios settings recommended here on the site. When I try to boot from the USB drive, using flags -f-v, the boot goes okay up until the final seconds. The progress bar gets to the end, but at that point: (1) I get the screen artefacts and (2) the boot stops. I have had the screen artefacts on boot in the past, but only for a few seconds and the boot finished okay. I have tried different USB drives but I get the same result. I downgraded the Bios from A14 to A12, then to A11, then to A06, but no change. I have searched the site but can't find any specific solution. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I just wanted to add my experience, if it can help. I installed El Capitan on my e6220 using Herve's Enoch based installation method. All ok. I read on forums that installing Windows 10 after OS X was a bit complicated, you needed Clover, etc. I always had perfect dual boots with Mavericks and Windows 7, which was easy. Install Mavericks, update, fine tune, create MS-DOS partition under Mavericks, boot from Windows 7 USB stick, install, update. Then boot from OS X USB installer, complete startup on Mavericks disk, then install Chameleon. (as usual, many thanks to Herve, etc. for their great guides). With El Capitan and Windows 10, I did something similar. But instead of installing Windows 10 right away, I installed Windows 7, as above, then upgraded to Windows 10. Very smooth and relatively fast over wifi. Then I installed Enoch on my El Capitan partition, and now I have perfect dual boot. Requires the extra step of upgrading from Windows 7, but works well.
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