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  1. Apologies though I'm just hoping for a way to shut it down if installing a windows partition and going to that to shut down will help I'd like to try that
  2. Will dual booting and closing with a windows partition help , I know it's a bit long winded but it's my other halfs computer at her place and she is reluctant to pull the plug on the computer!.
  3. Sorry I was referring to the DSDT file that I altered myself , I presumed that was damaged Herve , not the one in the boot pack, sorry for any confusion
  4. I had a thought about how to shut the machine down rather than pull the plug?, if I make the system dual boot, I could go to the windows partition and shut the machine down? Do you think this would work please?. There used to be an area on here around 12 months ago with reference to dual and triple booting the system after installation of OSX and EDP but I can't locate it , any pointers please to were it is nowadays.
  5. Can I ask will updating EDP or installing EDP and running through a new build re install the damaged dsdt.aml ?, or will copying the original untouched dsdt.aml to the Extra folder be sufficient Herve?, Thanks as I currently have the machine back to how it was originally, does the bios automatically default to the dsdt.aml in extras on boot up.
  6. have read that the motherboard is model HX555 online don't know who manufactured it though?, how do you check which motherboard you have have loomed in Bios and it doesn't say?, my computer are the Ultra Small Form Factor ones?, Dell made three sizes of these machines , large , small form factor and , ultra small. Perhaps that's why the gigabyte shutdown didn't work?. How do you find out what MB is in the machine . Apologies for not being that good on this but we all have to start somewhere.
  7. Apologies , how do you manually call on the new file through Chameleon please, how do I access Chameleon?, will it reboot the system to see of the new file works or something else, as I say I'm not that spruced up on these things. And can you name this new dSDT anything you like?. Do you need to use the <> when typing in the name I'm new to this and don't know how to access the Chameleon settings and options, thanks for any help I'm taking this slowly as I'm a newbie.
  8. Sorry Herve I didn't realise that but I did manage to get the dsdt back via the method I'd improvised thankfully , still have the no shutdown though
  9. Hopefully someone will have answer to this lack of shutdown issue
  10. I managed to get the computer back to how it was before by removing the hard disk , placing it in my mac pro and downloading the dsdt again out of the boot pack and replacing the dsdt which had been altered to included the gigabyte shut down boy that was a close one, still won't power off though
  11. Here is a pic of what's on my screen The 755 won't fire up at all now, all I installed was the gigabyte shutdown patch via the DSDT program as mentioned . How can I boot up the computer ,,didn't expect this to happen to be honest as I thought the patch was for shut down and nothing else.
  12. I'm getting kernel panics and everything now ,
  13. Have just installed the gigabyte shut down and now my mac won't get past the start up screen it has a no entry sign or something about the mac logo please help!, all my music files are on the drive
  14. 1. Copied the appleACPIPlatform Kext into Kext Utility and let it install the kext it proceeded to over write the previous kext, must have been exactly the same, as it renamed it appleACPIPlatform kext.bak The system still doesn't shutdown at all it's currently been on a white screen for an hour, that's the only issue it not shutting down, you mention the DSDT (the Gigabyte shutdown patch available wih DSDTEditor where do you get this from please? Will that sort this problem out ie, all I need to be able to do is shut the computer down , everything else works perfectly. I try to press the on button and shut it down that way by holding it in for a few seconds but all it does is reboot the system, so I'm forced into pulling the plug
  15. I'll try that later on today thanks for all your help, basically the computer doesn't shut down at all without having to pull the plug from the mains!, if you press and hold the button on the front of the desktop to shut it off it just reboots again , on shutdown OSX lion closes to. White screen , I waited for 10 mins and it still wouldn't shut down.
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