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  1. Testing an upgrade of






    10.11 DP1




    H77tn Motherboard

    Core i7 [unknown]

    8GB Ram [2x4GB]

    60GB ssd KingSton

    added  Laptop HDDs :


    80GB Fujitsu

    500GB Toshiba

    320GB ST320LM001


    will try and post back - if this is in the wrong place plz dont delete jus shifty if you can to the correct place . :D

  2. hi again i know this is now an old thread but would my 1600 MHz Ddr 3 ram be the problem ?


    i know about the 2 ways of changing rez didnt know i could try natit will try this an post back


    also got no sound :(


    1st edit

    OMG OMG OMG 10.9.2 came along and fixed my ress prob out by itself ??? DC3217BY 10.9.2 ress is okay just not sound yet ..



    thanks again for helping.... mental



    2nd edit

    right i added a "intelframebufferCapri.kext" and lost my ress aka it didnt fit to the tv however i got the sound back... this file does two things and need either patching two times or fixing two times

  3. Hi ive used my hack 331 to get everything working on my nuc as stated in the title its a BY version not the IYE version


    EVERYTHING IS WORKING NOW and i have updated to 10.9.1


    however my screen ress will not change how on earth do i change it ? - because of cut offs on my TV


    obviously sys preffs and displays yeah but thats at 1080P


    as its at 1080p the display is cut off can ne 1 help with this ?? - what i mean is that the top menu bar isnt there its cut off and i can still clik on the menus however its difficult ...


    only options i have to connect are : thunder and hdmi but i believe i'll need some type of audio out put from thunder or ill loose audio :/


    i got sound working via dsdt and capri from osx 86


    [Link] ............   http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3641-hdmi-sound-nuc-dc3217by-bios-rev-42-hd4000/


    also it says bios 42 in the link im on bios 48 from the start to help solve cooling probs PLUS its not in the original case


    wifi for those that need to know is a dell wi1515 pcie half mini  seen as ( Qualcomm Athros AR928x Wireless Network adapter PCI Express) - workin ootb / out of the box


    god please help ive been into my tv's menu and moved the Horizontal and vertical options and that still ends up with cut offs here an there


    cheers .

  4. okay i created the my hack disk copied over the extra pack thing and it worked ... hung alittle in places but i have used to boot up -v -f



    then when i got up to a screen before the languages it asked me about a bluetooth keyboard :S ? i dont have one so i carefully pressed space bar untill it went ..


    i then formatted in guid and install mac. it went fine then i rebooted and tried just the internal hdd that failed so i tried booting from my pen drive to boot up to the new install that worked so when at then desktop i copied from the installer then boot pack extra folder over the installed one i then rebooted and now im doing / trying windows 7 SP1 as we speak but before copying the extra over i delete the current one from the internal hdd, then modded the new one with chameleon wizard so that it didnt use -v and so that i had legacy logo ...


    will post back

    its all working but windows 7 boot loader is on top of thechameleon boot loader please someone help windows 7 is the only thing booting unless i boot from my usb and select osx that way i have the latest stable gparted can anyone help ? it says boot partition is efi do i need to do this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/22844-how-to-setting-your-partition-active-using-fdisk-in-macosx/


    yes i had to do the above i now have osx an win 7 installed on 1 500gb hdd cheers guys an girls thanks again !!


    success !! just need the edp or what not .


    wifi is AR5418 and AR242x kexts i believe are needed here :/

  5. hi guys an girls


    im going bonkers here now as its not working...


    im on a Dell Precision M4300

    3GB Ram


    500GB HDD - 2 MBR partitions of exactly half the drive


    1 for win 7 hp and 1 for osx


    i have looked about but none has posted how they have booted the installer up


    i have read that people say or believe this: "The M4300 really is like a D830 with a more professional GPU; that's about the only difference. So, easy and nice Hackintosh with the right CPU."




    but i cannot get to the installer screen with mavericks 10.9 app store. i dont mind trying 10.8.x tho ill try that and post back mean time can others help me out abit ?? where am i going wrong

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