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  1. Testing an upgrade of






    10.11 DP1




    H77tn Motherboard

    Core i7 [unknown]

    8GB Ram [2x4GB]

    60GB ssd KingSton

    added  Laptop HDDs :


    80GB Fujitsu

    500GB Toshiba

    320GB ST320LM001


    will try and post back - if this is in the wrong place plz dont delete jus shifty if you can to the correct place . :D

  2. okay i created the my hack disk copied over the extra pack thing and it worked ... hung alittle in places but i have used to boot up -v -f



    then when i got up to a screen before the languages it asked me about a bluetooth keyboard :S ? i dont have one so i carefully pressed space bar untill it went ..


    i then formatted in guid and install mac. it went fine then i rebooted and tried just the internal hdd that failed so i tried booting from my pen drive to boot up to the new install that worked so when at then desktop i copied from the installer then boot pack extra folder over the installed one i then rebooted and now im doing / trying windows 7 SP1 as we speak but before copying the extra over i delete the current one from the internal hdd, then modded the new one with chameleon wizard so that it didnt use -v and so that i had legacy logo ...


    will post back

    its all working but windows 7 boot loader is on top of thechameleon boot loader please someone help windows 7 is the only thing booting unless i boot from my usb and select osx that way i have the latest stable gparted can anyone help ? it says boot partition is efi do i need to do this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/22844-how-to-setting-your-partition-active-using-fdisk-in-macosx/


    yes i had to do the above i now have osx an win 7 installed on 1 500gb hdd cheers guys an girls thanks again !!


    success !! just need the edp or what not .


    wifi is AR5418 and AR242x kexts i believe are needed here :/

  3. hi guys an girls


    im going bonkers here now as its not working...


    im on a Dell Precision M4300

    3GB Ram


    500GB HDD - 2 MBR partitions of exactly half the drive


    1 for win 7 hp and 1 for osx


    i have looked about but none has posted how they have booted the installer up


    i have read that people say or believe this: "The M4300 really is like a D830 with a more professional GPU; that's about the only difference. So, easy and nice Hackintosh with the right CPU."




    but i cannot get to the installer screen with mavericks 10.9 app store. i dont mind trying 10.8.x tho ill try that and post back mean time can others help me out abit ?? where am i going wrong

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