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  1. Hello Rosnoun I'd be interested in knowing both how you installed Yosemite on your x201, and any results on your attemps with myHack 3. I haven't tried on my side yet, as I am waiting for myHack 4 to come out to try, but I'd be interested in following up the progress you make. Good luck !
  2. my latest extra folder... it works for me, though i can tell from experience that I shouldn't guarantee that it would work for everyone... there is a certain amount of luck in making it work, in finding the right sequence to make it work. Enjoy Extra.zip
  3. Success !! But clearly, this is a matter of pure blind incredible luck, more than of art or science. I have tried a million combination, including : - changing to a different USB drive, just in case - using the method described in the link provided by jake above (which basically is to go get the InstallESD inside the Install maverick app) - re-creating install drives from ML installed on the x201 rather than the one I had on virtualbox - trying with combinations of the Extra folder that worked on ML, and the Extra folder provided by Jake - erasing/re-partitioning the USB drive several times, and restarting from scratch... - applying myFix each time And at some point, it went through ! I was pretty much amazed that it did, I was ready to give up. That last build that did it was made on a fresh (re-partitionned, erased) 60gig USB drive, the one that worked for ML (I had another 40gig USB drive, but for some reasons, boot never finished with that one), with the InstallESD.dmg inside the install maverick app, build with myHack on my x201 ML build and not on virtualbox, and with the Extra folder that I had on ML. After the installation was made, I erased the extension folder in Extra, and replaced it with the extensions provided by Jake, applied myFix, rebooted, and voilà ! (and made an image copy, just in case. I'm so happy it works I'm not ready to try any other method any time soon !) Clearly, there is more to just applying blindly the step by step procedure described on the website, but I would be unable to provide a procedure myself. It's really a matter of trying every possible combination you could think of, and then try them again, in a different order just in case, and then again, and again... until it works. So i've got an almost fully functional Maverick on my x201 now ! QE/CI is enabled, i have audio, keyboard and trackpoint are working, ... I'm only waiting for my Wifi dongle to test that as well, but there is no reason it shouldn't work Thank you guys, very much
  4. Hello bronxtech I made a fresh installer : erased disk, freshly downloaded maverick installer app, ran myHack to create the boot disk, again to install the extras, and myfix for good measure. And I get that error message. There is a long log associated with the error message, I can't make sense of it but maybe that could help you ? Maay
  5. Hello Jake Thank you for your proposed boot pack. I've tried it, and here's the result with the boot pack as is, installed on a fresh Maverick installer USB disk and with myFix applied as well. I boot with -v flag, messages go listed on the screen as usual, and then there's a rather long pause (couple of minutes ?) before the screen goes into graphic mode. There again a rather long pause with only the mouse cursor showing, and then I end up on the language selection screen. When I press the arrow to go the next screen, i get several seconds later the message "the OS X installation couldn't be completed". Note to Bronxteck, this message comes before any disk selection screen, nothing is installed on the hard drive at this point. I have tried to go through the log to understand what was stopping the installation, but this is chinese to me and nothing obvious showed up. I have tried to change the .kext, but I either get a system that won't go into graphic mode at all (or maybe after a very long time), or halts anyway on that same error message. None of the combination i've tried (applying myFix each time) has given any better results that this. I tried the .bak you have sent, but it is actually slightly worse, as I get a graphic mode screen, but split in four, with improper resolution apparently. How should I proceed from there ?
  6. Update : I've tried installation of Maverick with the same exact Extra folder i now have on ML, and there is progress. I get a proper language selection screen, none of those garbled screens I had before ! But installation fails right after that with a "The OS X installation couldn't be completed" error message. I'll have to dig a bit further to get going, but I'll do that tomorrow. At least there is hope now ML Update : QE/CI works like a charm on ML
  7. Hello Jake Donation is made, you all deserve it I've reworked my Extra folder, and applied myfix each time. You were right about the audio. Here's the list of kext I now have : AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext AppleHDADisabler.kext AppleIntelE1000e.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext DisplayMergeNub.kext FakeSMC.kext Lenovo-x201s.10.8.5.bt.kext lspcidrv.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Patched_10.7_AppleRTC.kext VoodooHDA.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext I now have an almost fully operational ML build (I'm waiting for my wifi key to solve that last problem) I made three partitions on my HDD of about 100gig each, one is the ML test build (which I'm using now), the second is a full backup copy of the first, and the third is spare. So I could very well test Mav on that third and last partition, or even split it in two to have one test partition for Mav and another for the copy. Now that I have a working ML, I'll try again to install Mav. But if you have a set of kext for me, I'll gladly test them. If you need a dump of my hardware, just let me know. Many thanks ! Maay
  8. Hello Jake Thank you for your questions. Forgive me if I sound a bit naive about this, I'm a real beginner here. I might have done a couple of unorthodox moves with my system. I do have AppleHDA in the System/Library/Extensions folder. I guess that's why I have sound. Don't know how it got there though, nor if it is taken into account during boot or if it resides in a cache that I haven't wiped out. It works, that's all I know. I do have to remind the computer once in a while to use the speakers as output though. For the graphics, I have two lines. One is called "Intel GMA4500" and does not have the "no kext loaded" message. The other line is "Intel HD Graphics", and this one has the "no kext loaded" message. See extract from system_profiler : Intel HD Graphics: Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Total): 64 MB of Shared System Memory Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device ID: 0x2d10 Revision ID: 0x0002 Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Intel GMA4500: Chipset Model: Intel GMA4500 Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Total): 288 MB Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device ID: 0x0046 Revision ID: 0x0002 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1280 x 800 @ 60 Hz Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Built-In: Yes Processor is an intel i5 M560 2.67GHz. For the DVD drive, I could read data, but couldn't read a video DVD directly. But I've solved that, I've installed libdvdcss.pkg, and modified DVDPlayBack with this command found here sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x49\x6E\x74\x65\x72\x6E\x61\x6C|\x45\x78\x74\x65\x72\x6E\x61\x6C|g' /System/Library/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/A/DVDPlayback Now I can read DVDs on my build. VLC doesn't work too well yet though, but that's a minor inconvenience. That's about it for today. If you have any suggestions as to how to proceed, i'm all ears And if you need a system hardware dump of some sort to create a tailor made Extra folder, just let me know. If I need to shed some $$ to support, let me know, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks a lot Maay
  9. Hello Jake, Content of my Extra/Extension folder is now : - AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext - AppleIntelE1000e.kext - AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext - DisplayMergeNub.kext - FakeSMC.kext - Lenovo-x201s.10.8.5.bt.kext - lspcidrv.kext - NullCPUPowerManagement.kext - Patched_10.7_AppleRTC.kext - VoodooPS2Controller.kext To be frank, i'm a bit lost and I am not sure that list is appropriate. But as it is, I can boot and I get most things working, decent video playback, boot time is average, heat is under control, my keyboard and track point are working, I have sound... I can't get the dvd drive to work yet, and it is very possible that this set up is not optimised. But it works, and I really don't know how to improve it on my own. Oh, and boot freeze on a gray screen if I boot with -f flag. That's how far I've got with ML As for the sceenshot, this is indeed what I get, except that for Intel HD Graphics, the line under revision ID says (in french) something like "information of kernel extension : no kext loaded". Not sure what to do with that.
  10. Hello Jake Apparently not. Doesn't show on system profiler. I have two graphic controller showing up, Intel GMA4500, and Intel HD Graphics. And for Intel HG Graphics, it says there is no kext loaded (and no QE/CI listed either) Which is weird because in Extra/Extensions I have : AppleHDA.kext AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsGA.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver.bundle AppleIntelHDGraphicsVADriver.bundle [edit : rebuilding the cache killed my build... my list of kext isn't to be trusted... ( ] oh, and GraphicsEnabler=yes in org.chameleon.boot.plist (Intel HD Graphics don't show up in system profiler if set to =No) Anyway, I've tested a couple of videos and it was fine (mp2, mp4). Games suck (CSR Racing for example) but I wasn't expecting any substantial performance in 3D either. The dvd drive (integrated in the dock station of the laptop) seem buggy, but I haven't fully investigated that yet.
  11. Thank you Bronxteck. Then that settles it : if I want wifi, i'll need a hackintosh compatible wifi usb key. My ML x201 runs fairly well. Boot time is rather long and the machine runs a bit hot, hibernation mode is more like a death mode (the USB ports won't wake up after the machine goes to sleep), wifi doesn't work, and it is not Maverick. But it is definitely usable. Thank you guys. I'll keep you posted if something new pops up, and feel free to ask anything.
  12. err... not really (all it says is that it is PS/2 compatible)... but I have, somehow (don't ask me how, i have no clue...i just played around a bit with EDP , rebooted a couple of times), managed to get the keyboard working, and i have sound now too... so now, i'll need to get wifi working... but that'll be for tomorrow wifi controller is Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN 2x2 HMC WiFi Adapter (Lenovo)
  13. Hello Bronxtech, Jake Yes, making regular images on a separate partition is a sound way to proceed, and i've got into the habit of doing it before any major changes (which is often these days And yes, Jake, i'm running ML on 1280x800 px on my x201, although with a lot to be fixed yet. I am currently struggling to get that keyboard working (only the USB keyboard works so far), and to be frank, i don't really know how to proceed (poking around hasn't proved successful so far). Any ideas ? Thanks Maay
  14. okay, got chameleon working again proceeding with the next steps... (at my own pace, i'm a noob )
  15. Hello Everyone Here's the update of the day. With the file suggested by Jake, and a DSDT suggested by redracer68 on Leon's post about the x201s, I get no further with Mav than yesterday (stuck on the language selection screen if I don't use the extras, and can't get past a bluetooth controller missing message if I do). I am able however to install ML, although not completely. I don't get chameleon on boot (instead i get "boot0:error", and i need to use my usb drive to select the drive to boot from), takes a long time to boot, the keyboard and red dot don't work (need external USB keyboard & mouse), no sound, no wifi, and it breathes hot air like a dragon... and probably a few other things i haven't seen yet. But I basically got ML running. It's not Mav, but it's better than nothing. And if we can get ML to run properly, maybe that will help get Mav running as well... (me crossing my finger) Now, I am afraid to go any further and mess things up further. What do I need to do to get : - chameleon - a working keyboard (red dot i don't care) - wifi - and if possible sound... - and if all goes well, a cooler system I know I should play around with myhack and edp to get that to run, but now that i've got an almost running machine, i'm afraid to tweak blindly... Any step by step procedure around ? Thanks
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