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  1. I am a noob to myHack and for first try with Mavericks it is great the final feature I am trying to restore is HDMI Audio and setting the correct FrameBuffer for my Card. Specs Intel Xeon 5130 2 CPU Dell Bios Intel 5000X Chipset 8GB ECC 667z PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 6870 After install OSX loaded the Card as ATI Radeon 6x series Graphics have since installed ATI Kext package and it displays ATI Radeon HD 6800 Series. Is there away to get HDMI audio from HDMI and the other display ports working correctly. I have tried changing the ATIConfig="x" and still loads duckweed. From other post and forums some cards display exact model and config of the card i.e. 6870
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