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  1. orgixmh

    Strange behavior on wakeup

    Hi, thanks for answer, i tried without success. Problem occurs to every x79 system, after high sierra system wakes but bios entering in infinity loop, reset switch not working and bios output the same debug codes forever (or until shutdown the system). Looks like bios cant wake gpu. The last debug code of sequence is D6 (No console Output devices found). No matter if i use nvidia or amd gpu. Problem seems to affect x79 and x99 systems and only on high sierra. On el Capitan sleep, wake works like a harm.
  2. orgixmh

    Strange behavior on wakeup

    No fix yet, is anyone who can help please?
  3. orgixmh

    Strange behavior on wakeup

    Hello there, yesterday i upgraded my hackintosh with high sierra, most of things works without tweak, only firmware-features added to clover with value "0400000000000000", apfs.efi and nvidia web drivers. Note: firmware-features: 0xe907f537 not works so i used 0400000000000000. Currently working: USB2-> Working USB3 -> i didnt even try, i dont care about usb3. LAN -> Working GPU - > Working (need some manual nvidia kexts installation due to installer bug) PM -> Working (Used same clover patch and ssdt as El Capitan) SOUND -> Working (Used same clover patch and dummy kext with modified layouts as El Capitan) Not working: WAKEUP -> Sleep seems to working, but when i tried to wakeup my system leds on motherboard goes crazy, blinking like hell, 7 digit led display on motherboard looping the same codes and reset button cant reset the motherboard. The only option is to hold power button for 3-5 seconds. I tried change darkwake from 0-9, add method LPS0 to \_SB, LXEN method to \_GPE and method _TTS to \ but nothing change. It is like macOS mess with asus bios. Hackintosh Setup: CPU: 3930k LGA2011 M/B: Asus Rampage IV Formula X79 GPU: MSI GTX750 TI Sleep is very usefull for me, please help. Thanks.