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  1. HI, i need help. my webcam UVC Camera VendorID_1423 ProductID_40980 doesn't work. when i open FaceTime, it doesn't recognize, the camera's led is on,but there isn't video output. in the system preferences the camera is ok, this is the information : UVC Camera VendorID_1423 ProductID_40980. in S/L/E i not found the kext isight or apple isight. is this the problem?
  2. Bruno

    USB 3.0 problem

    Hi Hervè. i tried to remove HPET kext but nothing, the pc shutdown if i install caldigitusb. i tried other kext but they don't work. is there other kext for usb 3.0, maybe old that can i use?
  3. Hi, i have a problem with usb 3.0. when i install CalDigitUSBxHCI the pc doesn't shutdown, but restart only. if i remove this kext the pc shutdown normally. i tried another kext for usb 3.0 GENERICUSBXCHI but usb doesn't work. how can i do?thx in advance
  4. Hi Hervè. i've re-installed OS and i've installed VoodooPstate initially, but now my pc doesn't boot, when i boot there's kernel panic, any string i put to boot, nothing, always kernel panic. have you some ideas?
  5. hi Hervè i tried each files one by one, but nothing, pc doesn't shutdown. but there's a strange thing. when i boot with -v charge the normal things and then there is a written: "voodooPstate warning unloading" , but i haven't installed voodooPstate. how is possible??
  6. Hi Hervè, i'm waiting for dsdt...don't forget me please
  7. sorry if I answer now but I have been busy. I tried to enter the dsdt you sent me, but to no avail, the PC doesnìt shutdown. we can try another dsdt?thx in advance
  8. thx for reply Hervè. i send you my dsdt in attached files, if you can patch it for me, it's better because i'm not very expert to do it. After i can put it in extra and load it from boot option by chameleon?? thx in advace, i'm waiting for reply DSDT.aml.zip
  9. hi, someone can help me please? i can't resolve my problem with shutdown. in chameleon wizard i put generate P-state and C-state, i've installed voodoo P-state from edp tool but nothing, my pc doesn't shutdown.
  10. yes, i tried with cam twist 2.5 and 3.0 but nothing. maybe can i try with cam 3.0+skype 7.5 ver??
  11. hi thx for reply, i am using chameleon boot loader. i can not use dsdt it's very hard for me.
  12. hi, i need help, my pc doesn't shutdown but restart only. i've installed Voodoo P-state form EDP but when mavericks start on the screen i can see : Voodoo P-state unloading [warning]. how can i do??
  13. jake, finally hdmi audio work ...but i have installed the others kext in attached files thx for help me, can i ask you last thing, please? i have a problem with web cam. with cam twist 2.5 the cam it's ok, but when i open Skype (6.19 version) it doesn't work, and Skype doesn't detect cam twist in the preference. how can i solve?! IOAudioFamily.kext.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip
  14. hi jake, i've istalled applepatch 2.5 from EDP, i've run edp selected my model pc and at the kext/driver section i've choose apple path 2.5. EDP has installed this patch into EXTRA/EDP/SNVPACKS/AUDIO/EADPFix, like in attached files. i've installed but it doesn't work. how can i do??
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