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  1. It turns out the fix is actually right on the first page of the site!! http://www.osxlatitude.com/repairing-windows-7-boot-tripple-boot-osx-windows-7-ubuntu/ I now seem to have everything up and running! Install was relatively easy, only other real problem was when making the USB install disk. The first USB key I used, the boot kept getting stuck at the PCI. I switched USB keys, and the second one worked great! it seems a bit strange but it worked ok! time to restore from time machine and see if everything is working!
  2. I used acronis as well, when I restored the image I only restored the C drive - so I unselected the system reserve and the MBR. what's really wierd is if I resotre my image of Lion, then Chameleon will work again. I'm wondering if there is an issue with the Chameleon version??
  3. I am trying to get mountain lion and windows 7 to run off the same drive, but I don't seem to be having any luck. I had previously had lion and win7 on the same disk without any issues, but for some reason chameleon doesn't seem to start properly. This what I did: Wipe drives - create 2 partitions install OSX on partion 1 (including EDP and such) restart - works great, get the chameleon boot loader Restore image of win7 on other partition restart - chameleon opens. Try win7 - no go, disk needs repair. repair using win7 install disk restart - boot0 then into windows...no chameleon. any one have any ideas? it seems the MBR from windows somehow messes with the chameleon. if I boot from the USB install disk I get chameleon, and then I can start OSX no problems.
  4. Hi Rhyker, For the windows setup (which is actually my main use for the D630) I installed windows 7 using just the normal installation. When it installs, by default 2 partitions are created, the C drive, and a 100MB system partition. My main drive is 1TB, so I have allocated 125GB for windows, 75 GB for Time machine and then for the remainder of the space I have formatted it to exfat. The exfat is awesome, because now I can share the storage space between the 2 OS's. It's been a while now, but I initially did have some trouble with the partitions. First, there is a limit of 4 primary partitions per disk, and that includes the 100MB system partition. I've included a screenshot of my drives as seen from windows. Disk0 is the bay drive with OSX. To make the partitions, I did everything in windows, but left the Time Machine space unallocated. Then booted in OSX and made the Time Machine partition to the right type. Hope that helps! I'm personally going to change the setup very soon. As soon as I get my hands on an SSD I think I'll triple boot from the SSD and use the bay drive with the 1TB for storage!
  5. Hi All, I just wanted to let you know I got 10.7.4 up and running on my D630 Nvidia. I struggled a bit with trying the upgrade while on EDP2.2, every time I would upgrade, I would get the black screen problem. (it seems like there is a fix, I just can't find it). Anyways, what i did was to: Install MyHack Utils (My Hack 3.1) updated to EDP 3 Update to 10.7.4 Replace AppleACPIPlatform.kext with the older version Re-run epdtool and do a fresh install. The last step took quite a while in the setting permissions part, but eventually finished! The improvement with EDP 3 is actually really noticeable! Also, the machine seems to be running a lot cooler. Previously the temp was around 50-55 degrees during normal use, and up to 75 when taking a backup. Now it's hovering around 40degrees during normal use. I don't know whether it's the software reporting the wrong temp, or the speedstep emulator is just that much better......anyway, it makes me feel good about it and that's what's important!!
  6. Just wanted to say Hi, and thanks for all the hard work that the OSXL team puts into this site, I like the new look!!! I'm running a D630 Nvidia, with 4gb, I have a bit of a weird setup going I guess. Since this is my only computer, I took a bit of a different approach to the Hackintosh. I have windows running on my main disk, with OSXL running on a drive in the caddy. Took a while to get setup, but now I think it's awesome!! on the windows disk I have 4 partitions (2 for windows, but I suppose no one here is interested in those) and then one for common storage with a ex-fat format, and one for time machine. I have to say, that i really like having the dual boot. It's nice to have basically "both" my computers with me where ever I go! I've run into a bit of a problem updating to 10.7.4, some sort of IRQ problem......but that's a post for a different area. For now, I've left the system at 10.7, and I have to say, it's great!! I used to run OSX as a VM on this same machine, but it was so slow, it was hardly useable. having OSX on it's own partition has completely changed the experience. Does anyone think it's worth the upgrade to 8GB of ram? Would that make it even faster?? My guess is not, but hey, I'm very very new to this!! thanks again!!
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