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  1. It wouldn't complete a startup today, so I've gone back to Monterey 12.0.1 THANKS for having a look!! EFI copy.zip HackyMacBook Pro.zip
  2. Today starting up, I received this a few times and the above issue once, then it started normal.
  3. Have been using Jake's EFI files (THANKS!!) with no issue until this latest Monterey update. Sometimes I get a successful start, other times it hangs up here: gyms_mbp.lan.ioreg.zip
  4. Thanks ktazn2k! It worked for me too!
  5. Thanks Madmax! I wanted to update, but thought i'd check here first
  6. I'm good now. Don't forget to update EDP before running! I can't seem to get a bluetooth headset to pair. Any thoughts?
  7. Tonight I tried different settings in EDP, but same outcome -- couldn't log in. I noticed the number lock is still on. I tried again, with same EDP settings as before, but this time I replaced that "boot" (Exec file) with the one from ML and everything worked fine.
  8. I also did a new install on a "spare" HDD. Everything went real smooth. I also had to download the developer's software, which by the way, Chameleon Wizard also requires. Anyway, so things went great till I restarted after finishing with EDP. The machine booted fine. I got all the way to the Maverick Log-on and it seems the keyboard wouldn't work. I could point the cursor at the log-on window, select it, but no type would appear. In EDP I selected SMC - 2 (2nd selection in drop-down), PS2 - 2, Audio - 1, Ethernet - Default, WiFi - Not selected and Battery - Voodoo. Everything else I left to the default.
  9. It works! Here's what I did. I loaded my time machine backup. The machine will restart. Using the MyHack pen, I choose the Maverick drive, it said it "cannot find - hit any key" I then select MyHack install. It begins to boot and ends up at the Maverick setup screen. Fill in the information and it will open to the desktop. Open the HDD. I then re-named the existing boot file, boot1, so I could re-name the boot from my old mac, boot. Then threw boot1 in the trash (Keeping my ML boot file) I did the same re-name and trash on the Extra folders (Keeping my ML Extra folder). Ran MyFix (full) and got a KP. Restarted machine and everything works!
  10. I've tried shutting a few things off and I've tried the default. Same outcome. Also, when I select to boot the myhack install disk, rather than going to the install screen, it will go to my Mavericks log in screen.
  11. Just to add my problems to the mix: I have gotten EDP to work and do a build, but when I restart it goes into a loop and says the mach_kernal does not exist.
  12. Madmax, I recently put a 2nd HD bay in my M4300 too. I had been using it in a usb external drive. I had a few problems with it at first. It was able to mount, but when I tried to look at anything on it, I got the "spinning beach ball." I restarted and received an error that there was something wrong with the 2nd bay drive. I shut down completely. Pulled out the bay. Made sure all connections were tight and restarted. Haven't had a problem since. You might just want try a simple check to make sure things are seated properly and try it again. HTH!!
  13. Glad I could help!! It's good to see someone else on here with a M4300! And to the OSXLatitude crew: THANKS a lot!!! My Mountain Lion install was the easiest one yet!
  14. Yes, that is the correct file. I was going to attach mine, but could not also. I opened with Chameleon Wizard (DSDT -- Compile/Extract). It will convert the file to an editable DSDT.dsl(Which I saved to the desktop so I could find it easier). I then opened that in Text Edit. Scroll down, make the correction and save. Close Text Edit. The file should have a Chameleon Wizard Icon. Double click on it and a DSDT.aml file will also appear below it, along with a log. Replace the DSDT.aml in your extra folder with this new one. Be careful not to change anything else!! Hope it works for ya!
  15. Madmax, I too own a M4300 and have struggled with the black screen. I followed some of your posts and tried a few things. I *think* I've finally got rid of it when I did my Mountain Lion install. I edited my DSDT (in our bootpack). From this: "device_type", Buffer (0x0D) { "NVDA,Quadro" }, "model", Buffer (0x18) { "NVIDIA Quadro FX360M" } To this: "device_type", Buffer (0x0D) { "NVDA,Parent" }, "model", Buffer (0x18) { "NVIDIA Quadro FX360M" } So far, so good -- I've yet to have the black screen. HTH!! Good luck!
  16. Pat yourselves on the back -- if a novice, like me, can get OS X Lion working on my machine -- you have done a great job!! THANKS for all your hard work I noticed on the MyHack Guide, he has a "basic troubleshooting" section. Kind of a "if this happens, do this" section. It might eliminate a lot of useless posts. Is it possible to get that here, or is it too broad of a topic?
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