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  1. Okay, I'm not sure where to begin, I purchased Snow leopard from Apple.com, received it in the mail today. (Note: I do not have another Mac, I noticed some people saying you needed one?) I burned ModCD onto a DVD, set my DVD Drive to boot first in the BIOS (Note: I cannot find any setting to change to ACHI, I believe I have a locked BIOS. Version F.21) I let it run, I then swapped it out and put Snow Leopard into the Drive. And Typed "mach_kernel -x -f -v" A bunch of text ran down the screen several times, now once that was finished I pressed continue. Now all I have in front of me is a blank screen. Also my "Caps Lock" has a LED on it which is blinking every few seconds, not sure if that can help with my issue or not. Here are the specs. http://shop.amd.com/us/All/Detail/Notebook/LW468UA!23ABA
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