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  1. Ok I've managed to sort out my USB Booting. Do I have to create this usb stick from my hack on A Mac ?
  2. I can't boot via USB . I'm using a cd drive. How would I do it Via a CD ?
  3. I've tried this method but every time I get to the install mac os x screen it's asking me to repartition the whole drive to GUID. If I did this ...it would erase my xp partition.
  4. How do I create a hybrid mbr using gptsync ? Do I download a program and do it from snow leopard ? I've download this file for mac : rEFIt-0.14 I've installed it and I still get disk error when booting. How would I go to the menu to format the partition to mbr ? I can't see gptsync in the above guides.
  5. Both Partitions are GUID is this right?
  6. I've just installed EDP 2.2 and I'm still getting "Disk Error press any key to restart" The only way I can osx now is too boot from cd D620SLV1.iso which is my boot disk. I've also tried to boot the files from the menu and it still comes up with : "Disk Error press any key to restart"
  7. Do I have to install the whole 2.2 ? even thou it states Lion only ?
  8. Yes I can boot into os x . EDP 2.2 states Lion only. I have Leopard.
  9. I've installed chameleon from this page :http://www.osxlatitude.com/howto-install-osx/ I'm also booting from a external dvd drive not a usb.
  10. I'm currently having issues with Dual Booting OSX Leopard and XP on my D420. After install OSX Snow Leopard from a DVD and partitioning it MS-DOS (FAT). I boot into windows xp via CD .....and select the partition I created then it copies some files to copy over and then it restarts and comes up wit " Disk error " Can any one help me please ? I've followed this guide but it don't work : http://www.osxlatitude.com/dual-boot-osx-windows-made-easy/
  11. Thank you for your help... I've done everything you have stated and it's working fine. The only issues I'm having now is the ethernet not working. Also did you manage to re-brand the broadcom 802.11n version with no issues ? Also would this be compatible with are laptops ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-N-Mini-PCI-Laptop-WiFi-802-11n-300Mbps-Internal-Lan-Card-DUAL-BAND-/160711468470?pt=UK_Computing_NetworkCards_RL&hash=item256b2665b6#ht_3246wt_1396
  12. Let's say this is my first install of OSX Leopard on any PC. I have 2 issues that I would like help on. 1. Track pad don't work. When I first installed Leopard the track pad was working fine it wasn't until I installed EDP Kext Configuration and option : 3 Slices's ApplePS2Controller . After this was installed it stopped working and I had to plug in a USB Mouse. I've tried to re-install EDP Kext Configuration with a different (Keyboard and mouse configuration) but every-time it installs it crashes the OSX. 2. No Wifi or ethernet connection. Do I have to buy a Broadcom Wireless Card ? If so Which one do I have to buy ?
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