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  1. Installed 10.9.2 successfully. Everything seems to work ok, except the Camera. It doesn't show on LSPCI nor does facetime or photo booth recognize it. Does anyone have a KEXT for the cam? Thanks!
  2. Thank you Bronxteck, I was searching for the wrong terms. The first link you sent worked, and I can access secure networks now. THANK YOU!!
  3. Hi Everyone, Running 10.9.1 on Dell Precision M6500. So far with all the help here, I'm able to get everything working, except for one issue. I can't join any WPA2 PSK or other types of secured wireless networks. I have the Dell 1397 (BCM) chip and it does connect to unsecured networks successfully. I'm using the I8011 kext for that. Any suggestions or settings to look at? Thank you!
  4. Thank you for the help! I was able to get Maverick 10.9.1 installed successfully. So far Wifi works, touchpad works, USB 3.0 works. Just have to figure out the sound (to work with the controls) and proper sleep mode so it doesn't wake up after a minute or two.
  5. I have the M6500 with the 580 i5 cpu and FX2800 M6500 as well. I was able to get 10.9.1 installed, and for the most part working. USB 3.0 is good, and ethernet, bluetooth are good. What wireless adapter do you have working? (Dell 13xx series) Do you have the tap working on the touch pad? Which Audio VoodoHDA kext file did you use, and does the scroll/slider work for volume? Thank you!
  6. Thank you Jake Lo, that worked to get the installer up and running. Now after rebooting, I get a KP, CPU Configured incorrectly. No HPETs avaiable. Processor is a Core i5 280M. I've tried the boot flags of -v cpus=1 ForceHPET=Yes and no luck there. Also tried -v -x and -v -f same results.
  7. Hello, I am able to get to the language selection screen. After selecting language, it goes right to the Installation error log. Unfortunately I can't save it. System is a Dell Precision M6500, Core i5 with 4GB ram, Nvidia FX2800M. Used iHack to create 10.9 installation USB stick. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
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