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  1. actually it was a hardware thing turns out it was a loose memory chip that happened after the last time i booted into windows and i got sleep working last on the list startup/shutdown it works 90% of the time flawlessly but then both on startup and shutdown i get the black screen with no hd activity ... only way out is the power button ... and then it boots fine any thoughts
  2. i'm on a similar mission as i have 2 m6300's and the wifes 2008 15" mackbook pro just died so i took a retail 10.9.2 and made a unifail boot using the bootpack for the m4300 dsdt and /e/e ... needed -v -f cpus=1 PCIRootUID=0 and graphicsenabler=no to get it installed ... then multifail with the dsdt from the bootpack so from that point i dug up the sound card, and ethernet kexts and that gave me a 95% functioning machine what is working: sound battery wifi wired ethernet boot and shutdown (most of the time) whats not working: sleep memory shutdown (sometimes have to hold power button down to complete shutdown) my main concern that i'm working on now is: chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) and osx only sees 2gb of memory when the machine has 4gb in it from about this mac and memory info it shows only one memory slot populated when both have 2 gb chips in them windows sees all the memory so its not a hardware issue from what i have read it seems to be either a system definition issue or something like that but i cant seem to find anything on how to set this part up or which one i should be using on this machine anyone have any ideas or pointers for me on this one?
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