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  1. Hello there Sir.. Well - thanks for your post... excuse my stupidity... but what is EDP... please... I want to build/assemble hackintosh machines, for cheaper versions of Mac machines... I believe that this can be done without too much trouble....!! All tests and experiments have shown me that I have a pretty big chance of doing this... (A lot of people would like to have Mac machines, rather than Windows..!!! I just have some small problems... and I looking for any help I can get.. If you interested - you may email me direct sabspence at gmail dot com... Thanking you kindly regards CARDAC
  2. hi there CARDAC here. where do I in this forum, ask two questions, please. 1). how do I make iMessage work on myHack USB installation to hard drive.!! I have installed 10.9.1 2). how do I make my USB HD5000 UVC webcam work on 10.9.1 My Kindest Regards
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