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  1. Thank so much. I'm planning on giving this a shot in the next day or so... so since you updated the tool... to make sure i have this right.. I need to follow the original steps you provided in this post: Posted 19 March 2014 - 10:27 AM I understand about the Wifi & Bluetooth. Hopefully I can find a cheap compatible one on ebay.
  2. Hi, I took a break and I'm going to give this a go from the start tomorrow. I've formatted my drive back to Windows 8.1 and will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for providing that file and all the previous help. Just to clarify, I was able to boot to OSX 10 fine from the hard drive with no USB stick in, by following your steps but wasn't getting certain functionality (no camera, no sound, no usb (usb drives wouldn't show up, usb mouse wouldn't working, no bluetooth. wireless) ) I was able to boot and get on the internet via the ethernet. So got close. Will give this a try tomorrow again.... Thanks
  3. Ok, looks like I get two different Clover Menus' .. .one looks more Mac like.. that's the one that I was seeing below. The other one that is more black and green, when I hit F4 I see the disk light come on. When I try to do Step 13 and create the SSDT Generator, I get an error message I was getting on the inital install: The intsallation failed. The installer enountered an error that caused the installation to faile. Contact the Software Manufacturer for assistance. So when I first did this, I did do step 13, but it gave me the above error....
  4. Ok.. so I start up off of the USB and get to Clover. If i hit F4 button, should I see something? I don't see any print out or confirmation that something is being done?
  5. From your Post #25: I did ALL of the steps, except: This might be the step: 8. Restart, Clover bootloader screen shows up, press F4 (this will dump your dsdt, ssdt) then select "Boot OS X from YourPartition". I restarted, but I don't think I pressed the F4 (to dump my dsdt and ssdt) and just booted from the Mac OS Partion it was installed on. and I think because i didn't do that: 16. Copy /Extra/SSDT.aml in your Mac partition to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched/ (of HDD EFI partition) I was unable to find a SSDT.aml file and: 17. Go to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/origin/, find 2 ssdt*.aml files with header "sensrhub" and "SataTabl" (usually ssdt1.aml and ssdt4.aml), rename them to SSDT-1.aml and SSDT-2.aml, copy to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched/ (of HDD EFI partition) 18. Recheck if config.plist, dsdt.aml, ssdt.aml are placed correctly in EFI partition of internal drive. I don't remember doing 17. and obviously 18 was wrong because the ssdt.aml couldn't be found. .... So do I start from scratch? and follow the instructions correctly? Or is there a way to correct it? Thanks
  6. Ok..I've got a OS 10.9.2 that boots up on my e7440 now. No Wireless (Ethernet works) No Bluetooth (System Report says No Information found) No Sound - (System Report shows Intel High Definition Audio but no sound and volume is grayed out in menu) USB - (System Report says No Information found)
  7. I tried all of these and it didn't work. Then tried combinations of them and it looks like I was already on Through for the boot, so I changed it to minimal. Removed the GenericUSBXHCI and started in Safe Mode. Took those 3 things together and I got an installer. I formatted my drive and I'm installing onto the newly partioned HFS+ format in Phase I, we'll see how it goes. thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks again! Unfortunately, that didn't help. Same thing. I guess it must be something on my bios? Is their anyway to set it back to default? Because I was able to get your method to show me the installer on my first use, but after that it ran into issues. I can see above where it is saying: "Still stating waiting for root device" it is showing: USBF: 0.745 AppleUSBEHCI::UIMInitialize - Error occurred (0x00002be) Can Do the installer on an SD card if you think this is a USB thing? I have an SD card slot on my iMac and on this e7440. Can I use a SD card? I don't have a DVD drive yet, it's on back order, so i can't go that route.
  9. Thanks for the quick response... I had actually redone the entire USB install Disk including the Clover one, starting with a new Partition. But just to make sure, I through away the EFI folder that was on the Installer disk, and re-downloaded and copied and then redownloaded the 7440 files and put the config.plist and still got the same problem.... Checked my BIOS for USB items available that I saw was: USB Configuration: Enable Boot Support (Checked) Enable External USB Port (Checked) and Enable USB3.0 Controller (Checked and Unchecked). It was checked, so I unchecked it but I still get the same problem. Now for what ever reason, I can't boot off of the Mac Installer USB when I had no problems before... Any other ideas? I saw Mac OS X on my computer partially working but now it's having issues, getting back on with this method.. .i'm sure the issue is sitting in front of the computer but just not sure how to solve that!
  10. HI Pokenguyen, Thank you so much for the detailed update. I went ahead and followed your steps and the Clover bootloader came up, and showed me Newly made OS installer USB and the previous installed Mac OS partion. I went ahead and booted up off of the OS installer. When the installer showed up, I launched Disk Utility and took my 500G disk and a 256G partion of HFS+ Journalized and the other I left unformatted for later (hoping to install Windows or Linux later on). This went fine, I then went through the install, pointed it at the HFS+. It finished and I was done with Phase 1. Rebooted to do Phase II and that's where I ran into problems. It wouldn't boot and go to the installer this time. I correctly told it to load up the USB installer but then it does the following: With no -v in the boot flags, it boots to an Apple Logo, then the cursor spins and the Apple Logo disappears and changes to a white square with a red circle and cross through the circle if we start it up with a -v flag in the boot args: It stops here: Waiting on <dict ID="0"<key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict> AppleIntelE1000e(Infor): AppleIntelE1000e:rx = 256, tx = 256 AppleIntelE1000e(Info): AppleIntelE1000e:WOL = 2 Still Waiting for root device Still Waiting on root device .... and that keeps repeating... ---------------------------> So i went ahead and did a whole Windows 8.1 restore, to start from scratch and now I can't even start up off of the USB installer. I still always get to the White Square with a Red Crossed Circle. I've recreated the USB installer as per the Pokenguyen's instructions and now I always get to the Red Circle during the installer boot up. What did I do wrong? Thanks....
  11. Update. I changed when I created the Partition from it being MBR to GUID and it let it install. But now when it starts after the install onto the hard drive , it says it can't find somewhere to boot from if i leave the USB that i created with Mac OS 10.9 on, then it gives me it's BootLoader and I can select the Installer or the Disk that I just installed on. So I must have done something with the MBR patch that was talked about or linked to in this thread. I thought I had done it but will have to double check. What did I do wrong when I had an MBR partitioned HFS+ disk it wouldnt let me install on and with a GUID it worked. No Wifi, but I guess that's to be expected with the Intel Wireless. Sound doesn't seem to be there, but I need to investigate more. Any help is appreciated!
  12. I've got a slightly different setup and the installer won't boot. I followed the myHack instructions and then when I added the Extra's folder after creating the installer. I tried it with Jake's but my system would stop each time with this error (if -v was used to boot the installer): BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 no such file or directory I then went ahead and with the same installer, told it to add kokoory's Extra.zip folder. When I boot up, it seems to get past the BootCacheControl part but goes into a "panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8002dbe2e): Kernal trap at ...... Debugger called: <panic> Backrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address but then it goes and show the kernal version and system model name and system uptime and then stops. My 7440 has: 4th Gen Intel® Core i5-4300U Processor (1.9 GHz, 3M Cache) Intel Integrated HD 4400 Graphics Intel Wireless 7260 Driver 1920 x 1080 What do I need to change in my extra's folder. The kokoory's Extra folder, made the graphics on the startup look nicer and more "Mac like" (probably the 1920 x 1080 setting in it) and it does seem to go further. If don't use the -v it actually boots up to the point of a mouse pointer and I can move it around with the track pad but it doesn't bring up the installer, Inn fact, it eventually just shows a change from white background Apple Logo to just a black screen, and the installer shows up. I'm able to use Disk Utilities to Erase and Partion the drive. So things are looking good. But when I go to install on the newly partioned HFS+ Journalized but NOT case sensitive, it starts and about 2 minutes later gives me this error: "The installer can't prepare the disk for installation. You may need to repair disk using DIsk Utility (which i've tried and says it doesn't need repairing, I tell it to repair it anyways, but same error). And then I have to restart. Kokoory has a MSATA 256G SSD and I have a 512G HHD Is that the problem? Any insight? Thanks...
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