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  1. apparently a combo update is the update from Apple.. do you want me to reinstall 10.6.8 or do i install an earlier one that i know worked? the 10.6.3 is 768mb. 10.6.8 is 1.09 gb. would these be on my computer somewhere, maybe in a temp folder or something? ( i did run onyx though, and it may have cleared out any temp files ) i found 1 blank cd. so i want to use it wisely. i tried plugging the laptop into my router with an ethernet cable and apparently that doesn't work either. i tried a static ip, etc.. what if i just install EDP 1.9 ? ok.. why doesn't a cd, or usb work when i put it in this computer? fat32 usb should work, right? i burned the edp to a cd too, doesn't show up. the computer knows a cd is in there.. it doesn't show up in finder. so, i even realized that one of my usb drives is a bootable knoppix drive.. so i booted from that, and i can't find the hard drive in the laptop.. i am trying the "fix file permissions" in osx.. i pulled the hard drive, put it in my usb -> sata dock, installed macdrive on my computer, copied the 1.9 edp onto the drive, put the drive back, ran edp 1.9 (which was very nice btw, did a lot more than previous versions) but still no wifi.. i have no idea how to delete hardware on a mac. the equivalent of device manager in windows?? now that i have my dock and macdrive, i can download anything, pull the drive, copy it onto it, and go from there.. so do i need to re-download osx 10.6.8, and re-run that? i am an idiot!.. click on airport and click the - sign.... well.. i just deleted all my network devices. my computer is still slow.. i fixed permissions a few times. it still doesn't show the battery indicator, or mount drives when i plug them in.. i am going to disable apple update when i get this working or putting windows 7 on it.. for now i give up. i removed my wireless card i downloaded 10.6.8 and reinstalled it restarted computer then i re-ran EDP 1.9 i ran file permissions repair restarted computer re-added apple airport. no love..
  2. i am coming back full circle again.. i installed updates on my hackintosh again without even thinking.. and now i am on 10.4.8 or something. guess what? my wireless quit working again. i downloaded the 2 newest extra.zip builds.. 1.8 and 1.9 i think. put them on 2 different usb drives, and i can't get either one to show up when i plug them into the computer. i re-ran the 1.4 that is already on there, and it did not bring my wireless back. i enable the wireless, and it just gives up after a few minutes and goes away. why would my usb sticks not work anymore? i guess i have to burn a cd with those extra.zip files on it and hope it works..
  3. in system preferences, when i restart the computer. the brightness goes down about 10%..
  4. everything works now except 1 thing.. my screen brightness is not at 100% after restarting. I saw something on how to fix this once, and can't find it again. its annoying because i have a d620 which is known for having a dim screen, and this makes it more dim..
  5. i managed to fix it by redoing my kexts whatever they are called.. going to ./Extra/rebuild_mkext.command
  6. i went to the greenp0ison website and it showed linux, mac, windows. i have no issues with using my hackintosh to jailbreak i think there were some other issues with 4.x that made me not want to do it.. but its been out long enough that i am sure everything is ironed out by now.
  7. i did the 1.4 since i already had it and my wifi wasn't working.. ran rebuild_mkext.command and it worked. now i can scroll on my touchpad, wireless came back too. but i had to re-disable hibernation because hibernation doesn't work. i see there are possible fixes for that.. i may try them.. for now I am good.,. i put my graphics up to 400mhz but i think it was making the laptop run hotter, so i put it back to 250..
  8. This is what I was looking for.. Thanks Will try that tonight. I let me know if you have any ideas on my wireless not working after 10.6.6
  9. I have the same problem, am going to try rebranding tomorrow.. http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/98753/Rebranding_Broadcom_80211abgn_Cards_as_Airport.html
  10. I hope that works.. I just used winzip and winrar to unzip the file on my PC and it is the same as if i use windows to do so. are you totally sure that the file i am looking for is in that "extra.zip" that i linked to above?
  11. I just double clicked the extra.zip file from firefox downloads and it automatically unzipped into my "downloads" folder. then i renamed the /Extra folder to Extra.old and moved the one I unzipped to the root of my HackintoshHD I did not see edptool.command in there.. but maybe edp.command was and I didn't see it. I have bigger problems now. I installed 10.6.6 update and my wifi is gone now. Any way to get that back? I have the broadcom card. I see in your signature that you are running 10.6.6, so there is hopefully a way to fix this. Also, touchpad now shows up in the preferences, but it says no touchpad is connected. Hopefully I can try replacing /Extra again and looking for anything that ends in .cmd or .command and running it. I downloaded this Extra.zip btw. 30th. November - 2010 - Version 1.4 released http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/a92b0/attachments/0dbea/Extra.zip I just downloaded it on my windows computer and am looking in the zip file.. there is no edp.command or edptool.command in there. rebuild_mkext.command is in there Also, i notice there are 2 main folders in that zip file, which i didn't notice in osx. Extra and _MACOSX So something seems to be missing in the instructions.. looks like i found the solution to the wireless: http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/98753/Rebranding_Broadcom_80211abgn_Cards_as_Airport.html so i had to install my linksys wireless card as "Ralink" to make it work in Windows7 and now i have to change this broadcom to an apple airport.. fun stuff.
  12. I am trying to upgrade /Extra. .. tada.. we are done with first part... Upgrading /Extra... 1. Remove your "/Extra" folder (remember todo a backup) 2. Download the attached extra.zip (yes, from the link above..) and unzip it to /Extra 3. Open up a "Terminal" (Applications/Util.../Terminal) 4. start by typing "sudo su" [ENTER] ... enter your password and hit [ENTER] (yes, without the " ") 5. type: cd /Extra [ENTER] 6. type: ./edptool.command [ENTER] 7. Follow the instructions (READ EVERYTHING) when i get to ./edptool.command it says "No such file or directory" I downloaded a few of the extra.zip files and none of them have that edptool.command file in them. what do i do? I restarted and the touchpad doesn't work.. i am going to try to put back the old extra folder.. i put back the old /Extra folder and touchpad works again.. of course i want the scroll which apparently is part of that modified extra folder..
  13. I am posting from my Hackintosh it took maybe 45 minutes to install. osx install said approx 25 minutes left most of the time.. so yeah, i have a d620 with snowleopard 10.6.3 i am downloading 1gb of updates right now. any may to make multi-touch or side scrolling work on the touchpad? i plugged in my iphone and i do not see it in finder is something missing? usb driver? i was going to copy the pictures of took of the install and post them on the forum
  14. My iPhone is on 3.1.2 with Spirit JB Does anyone know the best way to go about getting it up to 4.x and Jailbroken? I will get it all synced up to my soon to be OSX Dell D620. Upgrade then sync it back I guess. Also, does anyone know how to backup all the data, or most of the data on an iPhone? 3rd party software? Last question there is a g4 mac on the floor next to me. I believe it is called a Quicksilver, looks like this: http://www.applematters.com/assets/images/uploads/old/products/cache/Apple-ppc-G4-2003_300x360.jpg Can I get a $30 Snow Leopard cd and install it on that mac, or is it too old, non-intel, etc.. what can I put on it?
  15. I recently acquired a D620 and ghosted our standard XP image onto it and have been using it for a few weeks. Then I was tasked with upgrading an iMac from 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard. I thought I could just download some updates and get it there, but then realized they have to buy Snow Leopard. But then I realized it was $30 so I figured, why not put this on my D620 so I can experiment. So that is what I am thinking. I want to Dual Boot however. I briefly read a few things and think I know where to start. If someone could give a very basic outline of what to do, I think I can get the specifics down. I have a WD 120gb sitting on the desk next to me. I have a usb to sata dual hard drive dock. I have external usb hard drives I could load an image to I do not have a usb thumbdrive larger than 4 gb.. I can drive to best buy tonight and scoop up the OSX cd for $30. So I think what I want to do is the following: 1. Burn CD made from D620SLV1.iso 1a. ? change bios settings on laptop (Do I need to, and which ones?) 2. Boot from cd, eject, put in SL cd, hit f5 until it works 3. Install OSX and figure out how to give it a 40gb partition (should that be enough?) 4. Whatever else it says in here: http://www.r2x2.com/users/lsb/weblog/1b8db/ 5. ? Boot from Windows 7 DVD, install to a 2nd 40gb partition ? 6. ? What file system should the rest of the drive be? http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive do I make it mac format and put this on the windows partition? is there free software to read mac partition on PC? Thanks in advance Scott
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