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  1. Hello! I was able to boot Mac Os 10.12 with the same kext I was using in El Capitan and dsdt of course except VoodooPs2Controller because it gives me KP. I tried the latest one from https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-voodoo-ps2-controller/downloads It didn't work, also KP. Any ideas ?
  2. I have the same issue on my E6510. But CPU 5 caller. It's strange because I had worked on my laptop on 10.11.4 for some time. And it was working fine. Yesterday I also turn on my notebook and use for some time, restart and the same KP as you have no idea what is going on.
  3. Ok So I have set 133 000 in Clover. And see difference. It's not so smooth like before. Now every core have 1.60GHz at x12 and 931 at x7. When I move pointer on YT videos in 1080p It hangs and the picture is moving like pictures from picture to picture (hanging) and it's not buffering. I've update the Bios to version A16, and dump DSDT by pressing F4 button when clover starts. I have packed the (Origin) folder from Clover and here it is. Yes I have VT enabled. GPU is still running 405MHz instead of 600MHz Core and 800MHz memory. A16E6510CloverDrop.zip
  4. It's Intel Core i7 720qm. I have checked this CPU on Notebookcheck and it have 2500MHz FSB so I have read before that the BUS Speed is FSB/4. Herve I will update my Bios to the latest version and the we will make and patch the dsdt.
  5. My CPU have Front Side Bus - 2500Mhz. Yes I Had removed it, and notice that my CPU is working fine after that. When I have NullCPUPM my CPU was working at 1.72 per core Ok So I had set 625 000KHz Bus speed and notice that my CPU is working at 1.60 GHz/ Ok it drops down DSDT, sound and Gpu left
  6. Nope still 405MHz both. But CPU is working to 1.58GHz instead 1.60 GHz. In one sec was 1.72GHz on every core but it doesn't show again so it can be bug. In AGPM plist - MacbookPro 6,2 I have changed Vendor10deDevice0a29 to Vendor10deDevice0a6c and also nothing changed.
  7. Yes it show as external screen picture And yes I'm using DW1510, I had DW1520 but it wasn't working. And no my GPU is working at 405MHz Core and Memory. SMC compatible I must set to smc-mcp? But what binary key I must use for this card .. ?
  8. I've check it one more time restart is now fixed. Shutdown and audio not working
  9. The Acpiplatform.kext that I've used was the cause of not succesful restartarting and shutting down the system. So I go back to the original one and have no sound..
  10. Ok I will change those things thanks for advice !
  11. So the default one will be enough ? I was using it because it was in bootpack For E6410 El Capitan/ Yosemite on Insanelymac I guess. There aren't many topics about E6510 so I research for E6410 Topics and Install OS X step by step doing a little changes such as resolution etc that I am familiar with.
  12. Yes of course! Sorry my bad Here it is IOREGISTRY.zip
  13. OK here it is Can we create 2 dsdt.aml one compatible with Yosemite and one with EL CAPITAN (cause of changed EHCI) ? Clover Extra.zip
  14. Ok, I've used Chameleon wizard to extract my DSDT and here it is. DSDTRAW.zip
  15. What do you mean by "do extract it off your BIOS" ? "you should change your EHCI device (not the eventual _DSM category) to EHC1 or EHC2." but in this DSDT it's already changed :/ and still not boot Yes I had the problem before with my E6400 and it was booting fine with one USB port but here I tried every(3) port and still hangs "Still waiting for root device.." I save file from IOReg on Yosemite. MacBook Pro.zip
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