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  1. At first, thank you for the guide you put up together. I am preparing to install Yosemite on my e6430, from the Mavericks I am already using. (it will be installed on a new disk, so I will have no problem returning back to the Mavericks installation). I can see in the end of your guide that we need to install the kexts on /S/L/E, not in /E/E. Can't we continue using the kexts in /E/E? I am afraid that this will cause issues with the updates in the future. Thanks again!
  2. At first, since this is my first post here, big congrats for your effort. Really made me install OSX Mavericks (10.9.1) on my E6530. I have followed the instructions here provided by Jake Lo (thanks for that; really made it quite easy). Compared to his system, I have a different version of BIOS (A13) than the one in the guide (A12). Should I reinstalled the earlier version (if this is possible)? Now, with the issues I am facing: 1. I can hear the noise of the fan working all the time. Of course it is not that loud, but is this really what I should expect? 2. I am using the Ext
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