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  1. I found that upgrading to Mountain Lion fixed the problem. Bluetooth consistently fails on wake on every install of Snow Leopard on my D630s.
  2. Just installed ML on a spare HD and the Bluetooth bug is gone! So the issue is with SL. I've done 3 clean installs of SL and the bug is always there. If anyone needs reliable bluetooth I would recommend upgrading to ML.
  3. Thanks - but still no luck. I think I'm just going to have to accept that Bluetooth and wifi will not work on my machines. Frustrating, but I know I'm not the only one with this issue. Perhaps there is some hardware variation in these machines that causes this issue? Who knows... At least the rest of OSX works fine - for which I am very grateful to this website!
  4. Yes - I'd like to try that. Could you attach the file please?
  5. It made no difference at all. I can't think of anything else to try. I've turned "AirPort: Off" in the menu and done 10 sleep/wake cycles and Bluetooth always returns on wake. With "AirPort: On" the problem returns. When you tested sleep/wake on your machines did you have AirPort active?
  6. I can confirm there's no change using A18 Bios. Is there any point in trying your patched kext in S/L/E instead of E/E ?
  7. Thanks for your very detailed response Hervé. I have gone through each of the steps and my configuration is the same as yours. It's good to be able to eliminate bluetooth hardware / firmware issues. This still hasn't fixed the issue unfortunately. I notice from you are using BIOS A18 - I am using A17, I might try upgrading this.
  8. Thanks for sharing that Hervé. I've tried it but it still doesn't solve the problem. MAybe it's because I have the 360 not 350 bluetooth model? My firmware is certainly a higher version than yours at 4315 I've attached my system profiler report bluetooth info.
  9. @Bronxteck I tried swapping the cards around - same result. Thanks for the suggestion though. @Hervé my patched IO80211Family.kext is version 3.2 and the plugins are all different versions to yours. Could you please upload a zipped copy of your IO80211Family.kext ? Fingers crossed...
  10. I think my loss of Bluetooth is probably related to a hardware conflict with my dell DW1395 card https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1844-bluetooth-lost-on-wake-from-sleep/
  11. OK - I've found something significant. I just did a clean install of OSX Snow Leopard / EDP run and tested the Bluetooth on wake. It worked. Because I have dell DW1395 wifi cards in all of my machines I have to patch the IO80211Family.kext before the card is recognised. After getting the wifi working the bluetooth no longer recovers from sleep. So - it looks like a conflict (either hardware or software) with my wifi setup. I'm guessing hardware as having the vanilla IO80211Family.kext present doesn't cause the loss of bluetooth - and the hack simply adds the device ID to a plist file.
  12. It didn't work for me and my D630 (intel and Nvidia models).
  13. Thanks for the info. I tried attaching a usb device on wake from sleep but bluetooth never returned. It is only restored with a system restart.
  14. Here's the info for the problematic optical drive.
  15. Great - thanks for confirming Hervé
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