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  1. Attempted to make a myhack boot disk instead of going the Clover route. I followed in the other thread where the OP had a 5530 with the same CPU as myself (but a larger screen) so I downloaded his Extra folder. I removed his EDP and include folder, copied over the extensions and smbios.plist to the my hack installer. Booting my 5530, I get the same thing happening on the OS X screen. It starts to load the grey Apple screen with the spinning wheel, and then the NO sign appears. No clue where to troubleshoot this now. I made both install disks on my Mac mini running Mavericks.
  2. Hi everyone, I've got a Latitude E5530 here that I can't seem to even get to install Mavericks. I was following the "near vanilla" clover guide for 5X30s but it doesn't work on my machine. I set everything up in the BIOS as instructed and got to the Clover boot screen. Once Clover was booted, I chose the Install OS X Mavericks option, and I would get then Apple grey screen. After a while the Apple logo then changes to a NO sign (circle with slash through it) and the install screen never loads, it just continues to hang at that point in the grey screen. My machine has an i5-3230M, 4GB RAM (going to upgrade), 320gb HD, and HD4000 graphics. EDIT: A10 BIOS, 1366x768 resolution. Any suggestions? I'm not necessarily tied to doing the Clover method, I just want to end up with a native working Mavericks install instead of virtualizing it.
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