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  1. Thanks! just tried, but the laptop hangs shortly after plug in DP and stays white screen. I guess DP does not work.
  2. thanks soooo much. My version is 10.9.2. Also my external LCD is 27" with 2560x1440 resolution
  3. thanks very much. Is there a way to switch between external and internal? I actually am happy to have only one at one time. The fact that Maverick always keep both on makes me nut. So I need to adjust the FB (frambuffer?). I have limited knowledge on this and hopefully you can shed more light. Much appreciated!
  4. I installed maverick on the t410s based on instruction on this website and everything works fine. However, I am using a 27" crossover LCD as external monitor connected to the T410s docking station's Display Port. If boot the t410s, initially the external monitor will be able to show the darwin boot HDD options and the initial screen of OSX booting. However, when it comes to the pint of inputting the password, the external monitor screen goes black and I can see the Display Port got no signal. Is there any way t enable external monitor? Thanks!
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