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  1. SUCCESS - not sure what combination did it, but finally it booted and is installing as I type.
  2. Been a little while but got back to it today. OK fixed the boot issue, the USB wasn't actually being written too. I used the clone DVD and then install MyHack utilities, Extra and Chameleon to the usb afterwards, per instruction in another of my threads. Laptop boots and begins to scroll the various boot messages, then phut black screen. I have tried the following boot flags in isolation and together -x -v PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000 dart=0 Also tried adding -f in Nothing worked, it goes to the black screen within about 6-10 secs. I can see its reading system/library/extensions files then gone. Any tips, and I have spent about an hour scrolling through posts relating to black screen without luck.
  3. tried all available options in BIOS and no luck. Seems the only way would be to create a bootable DVD. is that possible for a MyHack install
  4. I am trying to remap my Logitech Cordless pro ergonomic keyboard to mac key style. Trying to identify which key is actually doing what seems to be awkward. My Alt key seems to be taking the action of Command and vice vera, but when I use system preferances>keyboard>Modifier Keys to change them I get the following weird behaviours. Before change (in Finder) Alt+T opens new tab Win Logo+T takes focus to nearest alphabetical listed folder or file prior to the letter chosen (i.e. if no T file but an S file then it selects the S etc) After swapping the designations in system preferences..... Alt+T closes toolbar Win Logo +T closes toolbar This is weird as now both key combos are doing the same thing and neither does what it is supposed to do. Can anyone explain this behaviour and how to remap correctly so that the Alt key becomes Option and does what the option key is supposed to do and similar for the win logo becoming command. Also my Delete key and all F keys do nothing at all. (No Fn key on this board but I do have 4 keys to the right of space bar -- Alt, Win Logo, a key with a doc logo on it, and ctrl) I am thinking maybe I need a kext for the keyboard. Is there a kext repository somewhere like Linux has repositories of software? Thanks for any help
  5. Anyone know how to force my laptop to boot from the USB. I have gone into BIOS and selected the lexar USB as first boot priority but it fails to boot from the stick and instead comes up with this message The only device that this laptop will accept is the cd/dvd drive. Failing being able to get the USB to boot, is there a way to burn the install image to DVD - I think there are some issues with chameleon trying to do this from a previous thread I read. But if its possible that might be my only course. Thanks
  6. Thank you Herve Yes I am guilty as charged. My apologies. At this moment though there are many things I don't understand about MAC OSx and finding time to laboriously go through a manual online is not a possibility, given the workload I am under. However I will try in future to find other resources to answer these learning issues. I remain grateful for all the help you and others have given me on this journey.
  7. Hi, Just tested my new hackintosh system specifically the graphics card. Attachments show results. I can see that some of the core's have failed, but I don't know what that actually means. Can someone who understand the OpenGL Extensions Viewer please explain if I should be concerned to not. The report is attached as an rft file Thanks OPEN GL Extensions Viewer report.rtf
  8. Hi, I have 32Gb of RAM and an Nvidia Quadro K4000 graphics card, but when rendering a movie the resultant mp4 seems jerky. I am not sure if this is because the graphics card is not working to its capabilities or alternatively the RAM is not being used correctly. Herve pointed me to activity monitor, but when I open it I see a whole host of programs that are taking up RAM but which I don't want actively running. i.e. I have Adobe premier Pro on this machine at present, and Adobe creative cloud installer app is shown as active and taking up 22.4 Mb of RAM, I don't want that app running until I choose to open it. See attachment Originally when I opened Activity Monitor it showed Memory Used as 29.3 GB. After a reboot, the below screen shot showed 4.42GB being used. If I start an app, and then close it later does it still continue to use RAM in the background? I leave my computer on all week, putting the display to sleep each night and only rebooting once a week. In Login items there is only one item ticked and only three in total, iTunes (unticked) Canon Scanner (Ticked) and DropBox (unticked) see 2nd attachment. How do I stop the apps I do not want running all the time in background, from starting up on boot? and can someone explain why the apps shown in activity monitor are not show in login, (I suspect I am having a disconnect in my head over the way MAC OS X shows system information, but I could benefit from clarification) Thanks
  9. Thanks a million guys, I came from the Linux world, having sworn off MS Winblows many years ago, but 4 months ago needed a program (and machine) capable of doing high end video editing. Linux unfortunately doesn't cut it in that department. A friend persuaded me to return to Windows because "Win 8,1 is Amaaaazing" yep he was right, amazingly the same bloated piece of crap just in fancier pants! I suffered a two month nightmare of security, slow system, crashes and finally whilst trying to use their own wizard to create storage spaces an unformatted HDD that refused to be seen by the 'Amaaaaazing' system. Had to use my ubuntu live disc and Gparted to resurrect it. Then a better informed friend said "what about a Hackintosh"? I said "What was that" and so my journey began. It started not so good with Ibeast from tonycrap86 that would only do half a job, then I found this site. After wiping the OS again, and starting afresh with the help of Herve and Jake lo I soon had an up and running Hackintosh. I am very impressed with both the OS and the way you guys are so happy to help novices like me. I donated a little something today, it's not a lot but being unemployed and at an age that no one wants to employ, I don't have much. I hope that its ok. I will be sticking around to learn and hopefully give a little back if able. You guys rock, and this site is firmly in my favourites for ever. Namaste Doug
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