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  1. Yesterday i updated Mojave in full version my lenovo E431 is solid almost everything works ....except usb 3 ...n wifi... sound, graphics, brightenes slider, sleep, sleep when closing lid, i kept it in sleep from yesterday night to today noon it resumes where i stop.all with old DSDT n newly created power-management SSD (rehaban guid)....Using WD SSD 240GB ... I cant solve the USB3 Problem n cant find a suitable wifi card .....lenovo whitelisted bios problem
  2. Yss. It successfully booted in Mojave. But the usb problem is there usb accessories disabled message
  3. no success still KP n restarted same error
  4. rohith

    Dell Vostro 3446 high Sierra

    Ysss.... EDIT hi I solved my issue .... That is related to bios ......I updated it to A14 the latest one now problem solved .... but that kill my sleep n wake .... system sleep well but not wake, need hard reboot .... origin.zip
  5. rohith

    Dell Vostro 3446 high Sierra

    In windows n ubuntu no problem boot normally it happens only in osx...... it is strange all diagnostic test shows no errors .... The steps to which need to boot to HDD from this situation... 1. switch off the lap 2. remove HDD 3. switch on the lap ..... boot hangs.... 4. switch off the lap then twich on lap smothly boot in n says insert boot media message .... 5. switch off connect HDD n swich on system boot in to os ........ and if we restart or shutdown it is again hang in Dell logo shows f2, f12 n stays there n if we hit any of these keys i shows as selected ( brighten) and if we hit alt ctrl delet lap restarts.... all these are only happened with OSX if we instal windows or ubuntu lap perform smoothly without these errors, with same HDD ... The HDD is new one WD 1 TB purchased one 20 days before ..... If the lap enter clover it boots smoothly and perform much better than windows i think...... . Thats why i said "A STRANGE PROBLEM" ... Any idea ????
  6. rohith

    Dell Vostro 3446 high Sierra

    It will not load clover boot option stuck at pre boot DEll screen only in osx Windows and linux load normally without problem ...
  7. Sorry for the delayed replay i tested with the EFI given but failed to boot ACPI error n system rebooted .... boot loop with panic.
  8. rohith

    Dell Vostro 3446 high Sierra

    Dear friends I have a Dell Vostro 3446 the same one mentioned this topic but I have a strange problem after rebooting the installer my system stuck at Dell logo screen with showing F2 Set up and F12 boot Option the progress bar not loading in short system fails boot in to any media (Hdd or USB) but in windows side all perfect system works normally .... system passed all diagnostic test every thing perfect there it is three year old and run El Capitan success fully .... I updated bios from A09 to A12 .... nothing help to solve the problem .... please help me
  9. Help dear friends....I installed Mojave beta 10 in my Lenovo thinkpad E431 intel core i3 3110 2.40 ghz with intel HD 4000 N 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz .. have to solve some issues like usb3 port not working shows "USB ACCESSORIES DENIED ....." Message and keyboard n mouse is not working usb drive or usb hdd ...THE other main problem is touchpad it id working to select click right click etc ... but select a range drag to another location etc not working ...I added extracted files from F4 command n current EFI folder etc here any one help me to finalise the installation LENOVO THINK PAD E431.zip EFI.zip