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  1. Update: So managed to install Mac OS, but got tired of the whole RAID vs AHCI drive setup, so I went ahead and formatted my drive (Samsung 256 SSD) and set up the BIOS to run in AHCI. Ran a combination of -v -x -f GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No PCIRootUID=0/1 With one of these combos I was able to get Mac OS to boot before, but most of the time I would get a Kernel Panic of CPU 0, 1, 2 or 3 errors. This is probably due to the processor, but for the life of me I can't figure out what exactly. It is a i7 4600 I ran through the setup that Jake Lo had using myHack and the updated Extras and SSDT but still nothing. Tried also with just AHCI, Secure Boot off and Legacy. Same error. Tried turning off VT-D, other virtualizations, hyperthreading, setting the processor numbers from auto to 2 and 1, same errors. At this point, I'm stumped. I know when I got it to load before it was trying to read the keyboard as a Bluetooth device, wouldn't connect but keyboard still worked (no big deal) and WiFi didn't work (OEM card, no big deal as Ethernet still worked) Did I miss a step somewhere or am I missing something? I re-ran myHack for the Extras, manually dragged and dropped the updated files that Jake Lo provided. Should I have used myHack to 'move' those in? Should I have ran some myHack check/fix tool? Mac installer image is 10.9.5 if that makes a difference
  2. Ok it is 10.9.4 if that makes any difference
  3. Gotcha, thanks. Also, I used your walkthrough and used the bootpack /extras folder you had on there
  4. Well tried running through just booting by hitting enter, gives me the ebios error, when I try to run through with -v it just stalls out. I'll try with the ne Extra folder you posted and we'll see where it goes. Now I did notice that myHack does ask for whether or not it should set up the compatability for MBR or GPT. I'm playing around with that to see what works best. I'll post once I reset and see what happens. Thank you much for your help so far guys.
  5. So been following the steps and guides for this install. I own a Latitude e7240, full upgraded with the exception of the dedicated graphics card. Had the Mavericks (10.9.6) installer USB made off a Mac Mini using myHack and the updated Extras folder for the e7240/7440 Went into BIOS and changed RAID to AHCI, secure boot off, UEFI to Legacy BIOS Went to boot up (F12), awesome reads the drive, loads the Apple installer. I hit enter screen then just reads EBIOS error. Read some more on here and other forums, ran verbose -v Runs all these lines and then just sits, saying can't connect to Bluetooth I think it was (waiting for a response?) Let it sit overnight, maybe it just took a while. Nope same screen. So read up on EBIOS and from what I gather it is because something else is plugged in? Except nothing is. I'm going to try and re-burn the USB but in a different format, not journaled extended maybe that will make a difference? Any ideas or guides? Dell Latitude E7240 1920 x 1080 P screen WiGmax SIM card slot Touchscreen i7 4600 16 GB Ram Samsung 256 SSD - Currently running Windows 8, partitioned to 64 GB Mac format, 64 GB unallocated space, rest is Windows OS SmartCard reading built in
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