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  1. I did remove the tab thinking that was the problem, it still happens when I go to www.yahoo.com or www.youtube.com and move the mouse around for a few seconds. I installed iwork and ilife and the developer and don't see this issue. I even compiled hello world and didn't see any issues. I'm stumped. I might break down and buy a macbook pro and put the Dell back to XP. Jeff
  2. I did the resetting safari with no luck. but Chrome and FF seem happy. Jeff
  3. I have done all the updates. When I run 10.6.3 I don't have this issue but every time I update the system to 10.6.6 Safari has the same issue only when I go to yahoo.com then move the mouse over the yahoo! button I have reinstalled the system 5+ times. Jeff
  4. I have downloaded FireFox and the system seems happier. I have tried 4 wlan cards: The system came with the Intel which I know doesn't work. So I tried: Broadcom BCM4311KFBG Broadcom BCM4321KFGB and Airport Card for Mac Mini Intel, Mac Book # 661-3890 Replacement Part for Mac Mini Intel, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Pro 17" http://www.mac-pro.com/Airport-Card-for-Mac-Mini-Intel-Mac-Book-661-3890 I'm stumped.
  5. I have a Dell D820 with the Intel Video card. I install OSX from CD and upgraded to 10.6.6 and ran the EDP 1.6 Final pkg. I have two issues, When I launch Safari and select yahoo.com then I move the mouse across top over the yahoo button I get the beach ball of death. The second issue is the WLAN card is still not working but that may be a re-banding issue. Any idea? Jeff
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