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  1. Hello Guys ! Im totally new to the Hackintosh Business and im trying to get OSX running on my Dell Latitude E4200. At the moment there is a Windows 8.1 Partition also ( because i didnt get OSX to run on it yet ). The Software of OSX is no problem cause I already use an 2011 MacBookPro 15" with official Account since the Day i bought it I firts tryed to get OSX on this Netbook with tonycraps Version and always failed on getting into the Installer. ( System Hangs up always on grey bootlogo and also the USB stops to work ). So i landet here where many people already said theyve got OSX running on theyr Dell Notebooks. I hope you guys can give me a simple kick in the right direction because i have no clue where im doing wrong ( actually im trying it with myhack but the only thing i see so far is boot:0 and Windows starts to boot >_>" Tried with OSX 10.9 ) Thanks in advance ^.^ Byteclaw
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