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  1. Hi Will the dell bootpacks / extra folders be coming back soon ? i am after the ones for 745 and 755's ? both lion and mountain lion if there is any ? Blancmaison
  2. actually the myhack was 3.2.8 not 3.8
  3. Hi I have install ml 10.8.4 on a d630 x3100 and also created the other hdd with mlpostfactor when i select the mlpostfactor drive then type the DSDT=/Extra/<dsdt filename> arch=i386 -f the machine goes to the osxlattitude screen with the apple and circle timer but after a minute or so the circle timer freezes , any ideas ? i used the latest myhack 3.8 ?
  4. I have a intel video d630 with 10.7.5 everything works apart from the sound i have ran edp a few times but no joy ? any ideas ??
  5. Hi All seems to be okay , i have dome two things , i recently setup a osx server so i have it set to use the server if available and also it is set to remember the wireless network , the setting to logon to server i have deleted and i deleted the wireless connection , restarted and choose it again and it all seems to work i.e. close the lid and i get internet without wifi of then on. Cheers
  6. I think the card is a 1390 dell one but will check , the wifi symbol is always black connected , but to get it reconnected i have to wifi off then wifi on again , with regards changes i haven't made any that i can think of ? just thought i would post in case others have had the same issue. thanks for for help as usual.
  7. Hi If I close the lid of my laptop then a few seconds later open to resume using it when i go to safari and chrome i get no web page , i have tried pinging in this time and that works ? if i put wifi off then on again i get the web pages back ? previously i am sure it did it straight away looking in network in sys pref under proxies i have *.local, 169.254/16 at the bottom everything else seems okay
  8. Hi I have a d630 with lion and a intel video card just recently when it domes out of hibernation you have to turn wireless off then on to get network access ? i have checked the bios and that seems fine , when i installed osx the bios was 17 i believe it should have been 19 ? any ideas ? Cheers
  9. Hi Tried changing graphics enabler , when it was setup i think it was as yes , tried yes and no but no effect, i tried putting the 950 ket in the extra folder and the normal folder on o/c as well via next wizard but no joy , to be honest the machine is giving me everything i wanted, i wanted something that i could try osx server and it is doing that cheers for your help Herve.
  10. also the asset no of the machine says Q963\Q965\G965 Graphics Controller when you search for drivers on dells web site ?
  11. under graphics displays it says type gpu bus built in vram 64mb vendor intel 0x8086 device id 0x2992 revision 0x0002 kernal extension - no kext loaded then display 1024 by 768 pixel 32 bit i thought it was gma950 from what i read on the dell web site but may be wrong, as it is the usff it is the dvi on the back
  12. the video file i am on about is appleintelgma950.kext , if it is not this file for the usff machine does any one know which will give qe ci ? the machine i have is a usff 745 optiplex 1.8ghz cheers
  13. Got my machine today and managed to get lion on , previously made an installer then used myhack to transfer the 745 bootback to the extra folder also copied the ioata file to the bootback as well , installed ok then choose where the extra folder was to complete the install onto the new machine rebooted then choose verbose for first boot, after initial setup rebooted normally , ethernet has been picked up and video is 1024 by 768 no qe ci yet Question ?? Can you get qe ci to work on these machines ? i did a search and found a gma945 / 950 kext any ideas if this will work ? will try anyway but open to ideas ? / suggestions also set disk mode from normal to legacy, on normal says cannot find root device
  14. Hi As always cheers for the response / help , i know there are a few different kinds of 745 , i had the big tower before and had that running osx it was when i read another post on here and I thought there might be an element of doubt for the usff machine with saying that i have the impression that the hardware is the same on all models ? the one i am getting is ell Optiplex 745, Intel Core 2 6300, 1.86GHz usff, i hope to have osx server on this. I now have a installer disk ready so once i get the machine i will give it a blast , once again cheers. Alan
  15. Hi Has anyone put lion onto a 745 usff ? does it go on okay ? Alan
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