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  1. UPDATE to my UPDATE: After scouring the forums for edited or proper kexts to fix my graphic issues I rolled the dice and decided to just update to 10.8.3. I did a backup of course prior too, once it installed everything is back to normal now and I'm running 10.8.3 just fine with no issues as of this post.
  2. UPDATE: TO get it to finally boot I had to remove the HD from teh laptop and plug it in VIA dongle on another machine running OSX on a VM. Once I had teh HD mounted I then I had to remove the following kexts (0EDP.Kext.zip, dsdt-mariuz.aml.zip,VoodooBattery.kext.zip and VoodooHDA.kext.zip) Now it will boot into OSX as normal but my graphics are a little flaky, I'm assuming this is because I removed a Voodoo kext. What My pan of action now is to Fu mMy hack again and run MyFix, then I'll re-rerun and install the updated Extra's folder...Hopefully all will be back to normal.
  3. Dell E6400 intel Dual core NVIDIA Quadro graphics. OSX 10.8
  4. Gave that a try, still stops at PCI configuration. Help
  5. E6400 will not boot after I installed the DSDT pack and a voodoo kext. Here is the pic of where it stops http://i.imgur.com/eNFAbPm.jpg
  6. let me reiterate, I installed OSX with out any issues using a Set up USB with MyHack and all was good with no issues until I installed EDP and follwed directions to the T. When I got to the configuration screen to enter my systems configuration I chose "18. E6400-6500" After re-boot now I cannot boot anymore and either get a "Turn off system and start again" screen or when I choose -v it just stops at the screen I'm showing above. Again. All was good until I installed the EDP software. Should I've just left "good enough" alone?
  7. Booted off of INstall USB and Ran myFix (Full) Now it just gets stuck at the OSXLatititude boot screen with a "No" symbol above the Icon. Just sit's and spins. Was running fine before, Really not seeing the benefit of installing this EDP software.
  8. After I installed the EDP package and ran the configuration for my model (18. E6400-6500) I can no longer boot my machine anymore. It gives me teh screen "You have to power down your system and turn back on again" Any ideas where it's going wrong? BTW: E6400 OSX 10.8
  9. what about kext beast? will that work? I'm new to this so bare with me.
  10. Great. What mini card actually does work natively?
  11. I've done all of that. Let me specify, this is a DW 1501 not the DW 1510, will this work in my setup?
  12. I'm having trouble getting my E6400 with ML 10.8 to work with the DW 1501 (Broadcom) wifi card. So far everything else works fine only this is not. I've installed the IO80211Family.text but still no go...any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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