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  1. Just an update @Hervé I've managed to get the trackpad working and the system seems to be stable for the most part.. However, WiFi will stop working usually when I reboot the machine, it seems to only work if i switch to Windows and then back to Catalina again. I followed your guide on the 1820A and that has not unfortunately made a difference, in fact, I am running your old Catalina pack so I guess the 1820A should just be working OOB... USB 3 seems to work, the right side port and the first left side port work fine, the one next to the HDMI port seems to be dead though! Anyway, it all seems good for now, I guess until I reboot hahahaha Now, to find JakeLo's guide on the buttons...
  2. That's a fair point! I reverted to using your clover pack again this time.. I managed to get further (on BIOS.aml), successfully installed and booted Catalina, WiFi worked once, and neither does USB 3.0 still... The trackpad worked after updating Lilu, however, it stopped working on the next reboot hahahaha! I think it still KPs on reboot/shutdown, but I think that's something I'll aim to solve at the end Thanks!
  3. Hey @Hervé so I managed to get Catalina booting with a few tweaks, namely it was largely just getting the essential EFI drivers from my E7250's EFI pack and copying those in, since I started to have issues with vboxhfs, and my installer/boot drive wasn't showing up. It does boot, however somehow WiFi has died, USB 3 does not work unfortunately, and the OS kernel panics occasionally. Although I have the same chipset as you (effectively the same laptop anyway minus the CPU), what changes would I have to make to the DSDT if there would be any for my i5 8350u? Thanks!
  4. @Hervé Hey, I tried this out and didn't have too much luck.. The installer KPed on boot the first time, and on the second attempt it got stuck at Still waiting for root device, should I upload my efi partition perhaps? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'll give it a try this evening and let you know how it goes.
  6. Hey guys, after following Herve's guide on the forum for this specific laptop (albeit with an i5 instead of the i7), and using the Catalina pack he graciously provided, I seem to be having quite a few issues even getting to the installer.. Booting via USB2.0 works, when the installer doesn't kernel panic... Booting from USB3.0 gives me the infamous "Still waiting for root device" followed by the no access sign on screen. I know from past experience that USB2 fixes this, so I had to use my phone's USB-C to USB2 adaptor to get this to work hahaha! Now, upon the first successful boot to the installer, I noticed that the keyboard and trackpad had stopped working (confirming that it was still responsive afterwards when I plugged my mouse in to begin the installation anyway). The installation succeeded, however booting into the installation caused a kernel panic every time. To summarise: I have a Latitude 7490 with the i5 8350u CPU Dell 1820A WiFi card (works flawlessly in the macOS installer) I'm using the Catalina pack Herve provided, implemented by dragging the kext, acpi and config.plist files into their locations in the EFI folder USB3.0 boot doesn't work Keyboard and trackpad do not work Kernel panics left right and centre (its been a while so if someone could point me out how to pull the log or stop it from rebooting on panic that would be nice!) I'm using Herve's BIOS settings, on the same BIOS version. Thanks! Humza
  7. Really sorry to bother you again, but could you post a link to that guide so i know what guide you're talking about in particular? Thank you so much for your help.
  8. Yeah that must've been it then. R.E Performance tuning: I've modified the info.plist file in Plist Editor Pro to match the screenshot, only issue is, my systems still laggy, that's mostly because I don't know what values to change it to, HWMonitor shows that the multiplier is at x3.0, and both cores are at 597MHz. The multiplier goes up to x4.0 when Dynamic Acceleration is enabled. Do you know what 6 byte values I have to choose from? I have a T7300, Early 2007 D630. It looks like a Santa Rosa but I'm not sure (I got it about a week ago)
  9. Mountain Lion worked in the end, MyHack kept deleting the DSDT file so I put that in manually and it worked. I've got display working now too, I'm just figuring out performance tuning now. Suggestions?
  10. I've double checked the BIOS settings, they're exactly the same as the one on the pinned post. Any other ideas? Should I try Lion instead?
  11. I've replaced my Intel card with a spare Dell 1397 WiFi card. Will now double-check the BIOS values. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I just read that guide. Though it's going to help me a lot along the way, I haven't gotten anywhere near that step yet I get to about step 3 on Phase 1 and the installer freezes. Sometimes during the installation, sometimes during the Apple logo/verbose boot.
  13. Where is that? I can't find it. Also, how do I enable C-States on the D630?
  14. Okay. I'll delete that kext. Also, I booted using arch=x86_64. Did I do that right?
  15. I have an issue with my D630, with the Crestline X3100 graphics, 1280x800 display. I've changed all my BIOS settings to match someone else's who managed to get OS X to work. I made my OS X installer USB using MyHack, I also used the Extra folder for the Low Res model. Upon booting, its a hit or miss: sometimes the laptop hangs on the Apple logo completely (during a normal boot, no errors in verbose mode either), and sometimes it hangs at the 18 minutes remaining mark during installation, the disk activity is immediately cut off. I used a retail OS X 10.8.5 DMG with MyHack. Any suggestions as to how I can fix the hanging? Thanks so much.
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